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    Lets Talk CFL Episode #68 #IsItNoonYet? Free Agency is this week!!!!

    in Football

    Lets Talk CFL Episode #68 #IsItNoonYet? Free Agency is this week!!!! Who will get signed last minute??? Who has signed???? Who is going??? and Where???? Big names, Andrew Harris, Trevor harris, Ted Laurent, Jason Capicotti, Josh Bourke and many many more... 

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    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to this special edition of the Pan-African Journal hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. The program features our regular PANW report with dispatches on the rapidly developing situation involving the water crisis in Flint; in Chicago a police officer who killed an African American is suing the family saying he suffered trauma as a result of opposition to his actions; the Sudan government is participating in miliary manuevers designed to advance Saudi-GCC objectives in Yemen; South Sudan is hiring 20,000 teachers from the Southern African state of Zimbabwe; and Somalian authorities say that a bomb ripped through a jet plane that killed one person. In the second and third hours we continue our monthlong tribute to African American History Month with an examination of the Dr. W.E.B. DuBois papers which were dedicated at the University of Massuchusetts at Amherst iin 1980. Finally, we look at the situation surrounding the International Criminal Court trial of ousted Ivory Coast President Dr. Laurent Gbagbo who was overthrown by French imperialism.

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    10 Reasons "You Didn't Get In" (the Art Fair)

    in Business


    It is application season! Anyone active in the art fair business is deep into preparing applications for jurying into the nation's art fairs. What are the odds you'll make the cut and get into your most desired festival? Our guests are long time professionals from the business including Cindy Lerick, executive director of the Saint Louis Art Fair, Christine Berthiaume, Crafts Manager for the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Marguerite Esrock, executive director of the St. James Court Art Show.

    We'll talk about:

    As an intro we'll hear how each show prepares their jurors for jurying and the process of showing the jurors the applications
    10 worst things you can do to sabotage your chances of "getting in"

    Have paper and pencil ready. This one is sure to bring you useful information applicable to your finding success exhibiting at art fairs large and small.


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    in Culture

    ASA~  Family, peace to everyone,

    Tune in to listen to a groundbreaking , earthshaking and monumental interview done by the legendary activist, Alex Jones with The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan! This video is a "MUST" see for every man, woman and child, regardless to political, religious and racial affiliation! Almost 2 hours of Divine Revelation from our Divine Reminder, Teacher and Guide!

    Invite your friends and family members to join you and listen on www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow, 5:00-7:0pm MST; 6:00-8:00pm EST, along with Sister Marguerite Muhammad and Sistar Cassandra Muhammad. Call in to 347-857-4514, if no internet access and to ask questions. If time allows, we hope to discuss and parse this Wisdom!

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    Eye Bear Witness News presents... POST TRAUMATIC SLAVERY SYNDROME (PTSS)

    in Culture

    ASA~ Family,

    Join Sister Marguerite Muhammad for her first show of 2016, on www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow as she shares a 'book report' on the powerfully written book by Dr. Joy DeGruy, POST TRAUMATIC SLAVERY SYNDROME. This book should be required reading for EVERY school child, man and woman. We cannot begin to tackle the ills of our own people until we understand them and their origins! This book speaks volumes to the "multi-generational" dysfunctions that plague the Black family.

    Tune in Sunday, January 10, 2016; 4-6:00pm MST, 6-8:00pm EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow, or call 347-857-4514 to participate and listen!

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    Climate Change Guide Live Radio Show

    in Environment

    December 17, 2015 Live Online Radio

    6pm (Pacific Time) 7pm (Mountain Time) 8pm (Central Time/Jamaica) 9pm (Eastern Time)

    Host: Laurent Cousineau

    ClimateChangeGuide.com, founded by Laurent Cousineau, will provide quality information on climate change globally and will guide you to a sustainable future.

    Live Calls by Listeners
    Special Environmentalist Guests
    Environmental News
    Fun Facts (and comedy)

    Take part in the radio show: have your concerns heard & questions answered.

    Guest Call In: (914) 338-1983 or Skype or Facebook or log into Blog Talk Chat.

    Follow the discussion on Climate Change Guide on Facebook!

    Climate Change Guide is a Production of JADE Radio 

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    "Ask Shatonia:" Celebrity Stylist on Latest Fashion and Pop Culture Happenings

    in Lifestyle

    Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Shatonia Amee, has styled celebrities like Naturi Naughton, gospel duo Mary Mary, Faith Evans, Karuche Tran, to name a few and has worked with major designers such as Christian Dior, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, and so much more. You've seen her work on the big screen and she's worked many fashion shows including Victoria's Secret and BET's Rip the Runway.

    She'll be in our studio answering your fashion Q's and talking up the latest fashion and celeb news with our hosts K.C. and Cailin.

    Shatonia will be taking caller questions so be sure to tune in and call in to Ask Shatonia!

    We'll also cover event and fashion news as well as chat up our designer feature of the day!

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    Unleash Your Extraordinary Potential - Episode 4

    in Motivation

    I am so excited to have Jeffrey St Laurent joining me in the studio.

    Jeffrey presents the “no fluff truth” on how to create and increase sales in your profitable full-time coaching business. He is familiar with unleashing his own extraordinary potential while helping others to unleash theirs.

    Check out Jeffrey’s “Ultimate Start Up Guide for Coaches” here.https://sellingcoaching.leadpages.co/startupguide/

    Come join to find out how Jeffrey has created his successful brand and with any luck he will share with us his own secret recipe for creating and selling your own coaching business.

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    in Politics Progressive

    Mu buhamya General Major Munyakazi yatanze yavuze yigarukiye ahanini ku mateka ya genocide, ntiyagira icyo atangaza k’uruhare we yaba yarayigizemo kuko mu buhamya bwe General Munyakazi yemeza ko nta cyaha cya genocide yakoze.

    Ku bijyanye n’amateka ya genocide General Munyakazi yavuze ko genocide yakozwe mu gihe cy'imyaka 35, kuva muri 1959. Ashinja ubutegetsi bwose bwasimburanye mu Rwanda kuva icyo gihe kugeza muri1994, ubwo hicwaga miliyoni y’abantu.

    General Munyakazi avuga ko genocide yateguwe kandi hagafatwa n’ingamba zo kuyishyira mu bikorwa, hakicwa abantu benshi mu gihe gito. Mu byo atangaza byafashweho ingamba harimo no gutoza urubyiruko rwa CDR n’urwa MRND - amashyaka aregwa kugira uruhare muri genocide yo muri 1994, MRND ikaba ari yo yari ku butegetsi - kuvanaho kirazira yo kwicira abantu  mu nsengero.

    Ibyo ngo byakozwe nyuma y’ubushakashatsi  bwasanze impamvu genocide yari yarakunze kunanirana mu bwicanyi bwari bwarabaye mbere, nko muri 1959, 1963 na 1973, ngo ari uko abantu bahungiraga muri za kiliziya, bakaharokokera.

    Ubundi buryo bwagombaga gukoreshwa ngo ni ubwo gushyiraho bariyeri ahantu henshi mu rwego rwo kwica abantu benshi mu gihe gito. Hari kandi ngo no 
    gukangurira Abahutu ko Abatutsi ari ibyitso by’Inkotanyi, ko bagombaga gufatwa nk’umwanzi, urutonde rwabo rugakorwa, hagashyirwaho n’amategeko y’Abahutu.

    M’ukurangiza ubuhamya bwe, General Munyakazi yasabye Abanyarwanda imbabazi ngo kuko yakoreye Leta y’abicanyi. Yanashimiyie FPR yamusubije mu gisirikare, ikanamugirira ikizere mu kazi.

    Twababwira ko General Munyakazi ari umwe mu bagize komisiyo ikusanya amakuru k'uruhare ingabo z’Ubufaransa zagize mu gihe cya genocide, yagize n’uruhare runini m’ugutanga ubuhamya m’Urukiko Mpuzamahanga ku Rwanda rukorera Arusha muri Tanzania.

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    in Politics Progressive

    General Major Laurent Munyakazi yitabye urukiko Gacaca rw’umurenge wa Rugenge. Yatangiye ubuhamya kuri sitade iri mu kigo cya gisirikare cya Kigali, imbere y’abaturage benshi b’umugi wa Kigali, n’abasirikaren b’ingabo bakuru hafi ya bose, barimo n’Umuyobozi mukuru w’ingabo, General James Kabarebe.

    Intandaro y’ihamagazwa rya General Major Munyakazi ni uko hari abatanze ubuhamya bamushinja ko yagiye aboneka ahantu hiciwe abantu, nko kuri St. Paul hiciwe abantu bazwi bagera ku 186 tariki ya 17 z’ukwa gatandatu muri 1994. Uwo munsi General Munyakazi, wari Lieutenant Colonel icyo gihe, ngo yahageze mu gitondo na nimugoroba nk’uko babimushinja. 

    Ibyo General Munyakazi yabihakanye yivuye inyuma. Yemera ko ubwo yatabazwaga yasabye Capitaine Ntirugiribambe gutabara abagendarume boherejweyo, bakaba ari bo bishe abantu. Avuga ko atari na we wari ushinzwe kuharinda. Ahubwo ngo yabikoze mu rwego rwo gutabara kuko mugenzi we waharindaga yari yagotewe Kacyiru.

    General Munyakazi asobanura ko aho yari ashinzwe kurinda, harimo na Kiliziya ya Mutagatifu Mikayire, ngo nta muntu wahaguye. Yatanze n’urugero rw’abo yarokoye bari bagiye kwicwa kuri Mille Collines, barimo n’umuryango w’uwahoze ari minisitiri,  Mulindangabo Ambroise. Ibyo ngo ni byo byatumye yimurira ibirindiro bye kuri Mille Collines kugira ngo arinde abantu.

    N’ubwo General Munyakazi avuga ko hari abo yakijije, abamushinja bakomeje kumushinja bivuye inyuma. Uwitwa Hamidu Safari yavuze ko yamwiboneye n’amaso ye atanga grenade, ngo amaze kubaza ngo kuki nta mwanda wari uhari. Aha Safari yasobanuye ko ngo yashakaga kuvuga ngo kuki nta mirambo y’Abatutsi yari ihari.

    Mu buhamya General Major Munyakazi yatanze yavuze yigarukiye ahanini ku mateka ya genocide

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