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    Total Package : "Build A Spouse"

    in Christianity

    Is there such thing as the total package spouse?

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    12 Days of Christmas: The Package Pt2

    in Lifestyle

    We continue to answer the question, "What kind of package are you?" Like nesting dolls we are layered; there is something special within us. Unwrap what's inside and we'll see that there's more to us than just a pretty face. Our outward package is our flesh, then there is our emotion & intellect and our deepest part of us is our spirit. This is the part that we don't always consider.

    In keeping with our foundation of knowing that we're created by God with a plan and purpose in mind, let's explore our packaging a little more and see what's inside.

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    Lulabee Honors Veterans and gives them resources and info!

    in Current Events

    Help Lulabee and her Co Host #MrMarkSaidIt! honor Veterans across the U.S.  Giving them resource information and telling them a list of freebies offered accross the country. We will talk to families and friends of Vets and Make some calls and Take some Calls to Salute.

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    12 Days of Christmas - The Package Part 4, the Spirit

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    On today’s broadcast we will continue with our series The 12 Days of Christmas. Over the last few broadcasts we looked at the gift of life as we considered the question, “What kind of package are you?” How are you living your life? Is it steady as she goes or is it tossed to and fro moving about at every whim?

    Remember that we are triune beings: spirit, soul, and body. We're ending this week with a look at the spirit. What is it? How important is it? And what connects our spirit to God?

    Manna Moment: Food for Daily Living

    Word of the Day: Alignment

    Thought of the Day: I am a gift frm God lto this world and I am in alignment with His purpose.

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    The Package Pt 1: What are you made of?

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    It's the most wonderful time of the year! And we're going into full holiday mode with our new series, The Gift: 12 Days of Christmas. Over the next 12 episodes we will take a look at various accomplishments, desires, talents and more that makes you - you. We begin our series with The Package. Today we answer the question, What are you made of? Are you flimsy or nah?

    Mandate Monday! You are fearfully and wonderfully made with talents, characteristics, personality that makes you uniquely ... you.

    Words of the Day: Gift & Package (How simple is that? Just wait and see.)





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    Inspirational Talk with Toneal

    in Self Help

    Join me today as I interview author & entrepreneur, Tavetta Patterson!

    About Tavetta:

    Tavetta Patterson is a public speaker, award-winning mentor, and philanthropist. She is the author of The Tongue of Life, The Secrets We Keep, and The Bridge that Brought Me Over.

    Tavetta is the President of Abundant Life Publications, which provides communications consulting; leadership development; as well as book and magazine publishing. She is also the Director of Gary Life Education Initiative Incorporated, a nonprofit organization that empowers students for life through mentoring; providing leadership skills; and career readiness.

    Married to husband Roosevelt, the Patterson’s desire to help people discover and live their purpose.

    About her book:

    The Bridge that Brought Me Over” is a benefits package for your life.  This book provides a plan for you to be unshakeable when life tries to shake you and distract you.  This book is dedicated to people who are committed to being unapologetically great in pursuit of fulfilling their purpose on this earth.  If you are ready to be a world changer and a history maker, this book is for you.

    For more on Tavetta or to purchase her book, visit: http://www.publishinglife.wix.com/pattersonsglobal

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    #KingOfUndergroundMedia @SamScarfo

    in Entertainment

    Call in number to speak with the host (646) 378-0298

    Host - Tee Recx - http://www.kingofundergroundmedia.com

    Admin - Wendi - @_wrenee

    Send questions or comments to thelivebyterrenceshow@gmail.com or Twitter @LiveByTerrence

    Special Guests & More (Subject To Change)

    Sam Scarfo - @SamScarfo

    Sam Scarfo is a gifted songwriter who began his musical career with local emcees from his hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey. Bubbling under the surface for years, he calmly created a movement powerful enough to catch the attention of acclaimed video director Bennie Boom. As a former battle champion and Def Jam artist, Scarfo has released his own independent albums like The Package in 2012 and 5 Million Stories in 2014.

    Sam signed a management deal with IBC Entertainment in 2003 with hopes of securing a major label deal. With limited media resources available in the Garden State, Scarfo decided to enter the underground New York City battle circuit to attract attention to himself and his own record label, Gorilla Pimp Recordings.

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    From the Eyes of an Insider!

    in Health

    Rebekah Roth’s book, Methodical Illusion, that exposes yet another piece of the 911 mystery, is not the documentary I expected.  It is a page-turner that is hard to put down.  The information is incredibly and superbly written.  Rebekah has great potential as a suspense writer but she chose to write about a subject that was close to her and the people she cared about. 

    Everyone needs to her about the world menacing message and the new President’s speech in order to understand what really happened.

    Truth and Hope rolled into one package.  Methodical Illusion is a book you will want to know about.  Join us March 22nd as the author shares TRUTHs, shows us the perfectly framed problem and a possible solution.


    Sound Health Options

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    Benefits vs. Insurance - Deciphering the Distinct Difference

    in Business

    In the first episode of Cutting-Edge Benefits by ClaimLinx, Tom Quigley, National Business Consultant, will discuss with Christopher Roach, client services manager, the difference between health benefits and insurance. Typically employers buying health insurance traditionally receive both of these in one neat package in the form of a group healthe insurance plan. But what the agent selling you this product does not mention is there are a lot of unseen, and often unneccesary, elements in this plan that are costing employers a lot of money. Understanding the difference between benefits and insurance will help break down these costs so that businesses can start saving money. 

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    FSW: Fantasy Sports PrimeTime 03-19-15

    in Sports

    Welcome everyone to another great installment of FSW Fantasy Sports Prime Time. WE are rocking this special day of March 19, 2015. You have me on one-side @RFLRedZone (Mike) and my buddy @NeikoSigona (Neiko Sigona) on the other. We are excited to bring you some great sports and fantasy action. Today’s menu is consisting of Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), and are quick appetizers or quick hitters as we like to call them. Today we are looking at NASCAR, Golf, and some MMA action. We will try to get it all to you in a nice wrapped package, but anything can happen when you get us out there. So have some fun, and enjoy with a nice tasting beverage, and if you are still at work, I promise I wont tell. You can reach us at (516-418-5946) or tweet us. Shout out to Robyn Vandenberg @WhatWouldTB12Do, Matt Kirschbaum @MattKirschbaum1, and Fantasy Sports Warehouse @FantasySportsWH. You can also check-out our latest blogs, articles, and podcast at www.fantasysportswarehouse.com We have all kinds of goodies there for you to enjoy! PEACE!  

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    Wallace (Gator) Bradley on Lulabee Live

    in Current Events

    CHICAGO — When Wallace (Gator) Bradley takes to the streets of Chicago's South Side to campaign for a seat on the City Council, he is swarmed by crowds that most urban politicians would dread. Lulabee finds out what he has been up to lately.    
    Join LULABEE and her Co-Host #MrMarkSaidIt! as they break down hot topics and advocate on behalf of more than 160,000 Federal Prison Inmates serving unwanted vacations at one of the Nations Extended Stay Locations near you.
    From politics to bullish and everything in between, you'll be pen talking on the show where you dont have to be indicted to be invited to sit back relax and enjoy the show.

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