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    Tonight a Biblical discussion on the meaning of the words of Jesus when he warned his generation to "REMEMBER LOTS WIFE" In this discussion we will talk about the realities of World War 2 and how it is speaking to us today. The people of that generation ignored the advancements of a cruel dictator and in like manner there are many today who refuse to pay attention to the evil that has spread accross the nations. 

    There are many things to "REMEMBER" especially as we see the DAY OF THE LORD APPROACHING! May this broacdcast serve in awakening the hearts and minds of the complacent and the fearful, while stirring the remnant to greater action in their preparations. 


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    Lots of Marvel Talk and S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E09

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    Matt and Jeff welcome guest Seth Everett, Host of many podcasts including Hall Of Justice, Sports With Friends, and This Week In Podcasting to chat about Marvel.  Then Matt and Jeff run down this week's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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    I am seeing lots of prayer requests on Facebook.

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    In my video business, I think basketbal is my favorite to film.... it's always warm...lol

    Prayer is like a shooter.... he anticipates the ball, catches, squares up to the basketball, has his eyes to basket, has good ball rotate has his shooting hand finishes with his "wrist snapping"


    Prayer, who can pray?  Why do others ask, " real" Christians to pray for them?  Wonder what God thinks of this  Is God prayer you have confidence in prayer or sad that you would let God answer you directly?

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    What would you do ff you had lots of money and a business of your own?

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    Okay, so you have determined you are sick of working for someone else.  You don't like the power over you and the people all around you who don't work as hard as you do.  What will you do?  Will you keep doing the same thing over and over again or would you figure out a way to acuire knowledge about something you could love to do?  Only you can make these choices to change your daily routine into excitement you felt as a child as you went to higher levels of self-awarness and awareness about the world around you.  

    You deserve excitement every day, not just as a very young child!  You can have that if you plan time that requires your mind, body, spirit participation.  This is the potential of a conscious human being, the god-like potential to  actively create.  Creating brings joy and business can bring joy.  Who takes takes from business?  A thief?  Right?  Who are the thieves in business?  Like a child who had a toy, and, someone took it, we need to say "No!" to those who take from us in business because it is a form of thievery, that, we don't recognize as such.

    Now, that you can see those above who take from you, you can begin to plan free-time (that time away from your income producing time) to build a business of your own doing something you would love to do each day!  If you aren't happy with the business you are in, it could be the rut has overtaken you.  But, a rut, can be smoothed out of a gravel road!  (I love metaphors).  What could you learn in the business you work for that you don't already know ? Remember the "god-like" potential to know and to do all?

    In a business of your own, you reinvest to get more. You can teach others the same, as contractors, so the same ability rather than give-away money to total strangers.   

  • Lots of changes & new Energies have opened up. WHAT'S NEXT?

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    Hi Everyone & welcome to Soul Tuesday, Sept 29th, 2015 , We welcome  your  calls for( readings)   on 347-205 9957  and chat room Open.  3-4p.m. eastern

    Are you feeling like your life has just changed and you didn’t have a whole lot to do with it? Well, you did.  We are in an Eclispe season.  Lots of changes and new energies have opened up for us all which leaves us asking What’s Next?


    On the next edition of Life Is So Beautiful we’ll explore this very question and get some answers.  Please join me and my co-host Victor Holliday as we interview Kimla Dodds, one of the most powerful Psychic Astrologers , medium and Metaphysical Counselor that I have had the pleasure of connecting with in spirit.


    Kimla considers herself as energy worker and uses her knowledge and gifts to help others on their spiritual path.  She’s also a speaker, author, Feng Shui specialist and a reknown teacher for more them 40 years. She’s a gift from God and we are thankful to have her join the show.  She is offering a special on 1 hour Astrology Reading for $120.00 until Sept 30th. Please invest in your soul’s journey by finding out how the planets are lining up to support you in your destiny.

    Thanks for joining. Love Vanda & Victor


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    Lots of Passion & Finding An Effective Mentor With Simon Wetherell

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    The Entrepreneur Power Hour Interviews Simon Wetherell. Simon is a lawayer but trade but a passionate mentor and entrepreneur at heart! Simon shares how to use passion as your driving force to create an awesome entrepernurial experience! Simon also shares some aspects on how to find and how to be a great mentor!

    1.How did you become an entrepreneur?

    2.Tell more about what you do and some of the highlights of your career?

    3.Give 3 tips for anyone who like start doing what you are doing? (or how what your doing can help them on their journey)

    4. What has your experience as an entrepreneur been like so far and what advice can you give to our audience or other new entrepreneurs to stay motivated in order to become successful?

    5. Where can we find you online?

    To Find Simon go to https://www.facebook.com/sawetherell?fref=ts

    To Visit The Entrepreneur Power Hour Go To http://www.theentrepreneurpowerhour.com/

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    Lots of Good Wholesome Family Entertainment

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    I will look Girl Meets Belief, Coat of Many Colors, Game Shakers and a lot more on Good Wholesome Family Entertainment night on The Ed Boston Podcast.

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    Lots to talk about!!!

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    Kelley and Mike will discuss the topics of the week. Tune in!!!

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Why We Need Lots of Water Everyday But Most Don't

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    Humans need to drink water to survive. Your body is approximately 60 percent water, your brain is 70 percent water, and your lungs are nearly 90 percent water. Each day, your body must replace 2.4 liters -- or about 2.5 quarts of water -- through ingested liquid and foods.

    Body Uses Water

    Your body uses water in many ways. Water cushions and lubricates joints; nourishes and protects the brain, spinal cord and other tissues; keeps the body's temperature normal; and helps remove waste through perspiration, bowel movements and urination. Humans are composed mostly of water, which is not surprising when you consider that humans descended from single-cell organisms that originated in the oceans millions of years ago.

    Lack of Water

    Water is more important for your body's survival than food. You can live without water for approximately one week, but you can survive without food for more than a month. Lack of water, or dehydration, reduces the amount of blood in your body, forcing your heart to pump harder in order to deliver oxygen-bearing cells to your muscles. In the early stages of dehydration, you can become dizzy, irritable and experience headaches. As dehydration progresses, you become clumsy and exhausted. Your eyesight fades. In the last stages of dehydration, you may feel nauseous and begin vomiting. Without water, you will enter a coma and die.

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    Episode 310 - "Fantasy question on the NL West and lots of prospect and trades"

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    1. It's tough living in City of Brotherly Love if you're a sports fan.

    2. Trades and signings including the big David Price deal.

    3. Tim takes the mic and asks Rich questions about the NL East.

    4. Finally, the boys break down fantasy questions they have on the NL West.


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    There Are Lots Of Little Businesses You Can Start Helping Other Small Businesses

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    Matthew Lesko of http://lesko.com/, http://bigdatalesko.com/, http://MoneyToDoYourThing.com, GrantsAndCrowdfunding.com and http://lesko.com/videoebooks interviews Tom Hoar of http://www.precisiontranslationtools.com about how the world exchanges ideas and information across languages with tools and services

    Support Tom: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/slate-desktop-the-personal-experience-for-pros#

    Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrpU3Y9Ifog