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    Maggie Heinz, RN , Psychic Medium and Lomi Lomi Practitioner joins Heart Beat

    in Lifestyle

    Endowed with the gift to heal, Maggie Heinz, RN, is a practicing psychic medium and Lomi Lomi (Hawai'ian form of holistic therapeutic massage) practitioner. She will be joining the conversation on Heart Beat with Host Julie Cusmariu. We're in for a treat this hour! Maggie will be taking live calls and offering free readings. Call in and speak with Maggie if you want to connect with a loved one that has passed on. Also be sure to listen in for Julie's intuition tip of the week and announcements of up coming guests.

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    Episode 12 - Dao of David Wei

    in Lifestyle

    David Wei is a 16th generation lineage holder of Wudang Zhang San Feng Pai, and a global instructor of Wudang Taoist wellness arts and traditional Chinese acupressure massage.

       As a direct pupil of Daoist Priest Master Yuan Xui Gang, David has more than 11,000 hours of formal training in Wudang, China. His studies encompass traditional Daoist internal martial arts, medical qigong and meditation. David also trained under Master Du Yi Jun, a highly-esteemed blind master of tui-na medical massage. David was accepted as a disciple of Master Yuan in 2007, and spends part of each year in China upholding his responsibilities as senior disciple at the Wudang Mountain Traditional Taoist Martial Arts Academy.

        In addition to his Wudang training, David is also certified in Wat Po Traditional Thai yoga-massage, along with various therapeutic bodywork modalities, such as Tui-Na, Zen Shiatsu, Acu-oil, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California. David also trained in traditional Shaolin kung fu and classical Chinese brush painting with renowned Master Y.C. Chiang at Wen Wu School in El Cerrito, California.

    Currently, David offers Qigong classes, massage work, is a regular contributor to Kung Fu magazine, and is the founder of Wudang West Cultural Heritage Center in Oakland, CA.

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    Joanna tell us all about massage therapy

    in Blogs

    Joanna tell us all about massage therapy

    Body centric therapy or massage and more. We use hands, not needles. It is the body work that clears and focuses the mind thus restores you. The mind body connection brings you further then just a mere feel good massage.


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    Kahuna Huna Shaman Graeme Kapono Urlich: Secrets of Hawaiian Shamanism

    in Self Help

    Graeme Kapono Urlich
    Kapono means "The Harmonious One" and was given to me when I was ordained as an Alakai of Huna International.  I was given the Maori name Kahurangi in another context and it translates into Hawaiian as Kahulani.  The meanings are slightly different in each language with Kahurangi meaning "Gift From Heaven" and Kahulani meaning "Heavenly Caretaker".  In old Hawaii it was traditional for a name to be given during training when a milestone had been reached and signified a graduation.

    http://www.hunahawaii.com/  Explore the mysteries of changing realities through the simplicity of Huna with Graeme Kapono Urlich, who shares wisdom from the Kapua tradition of Hawaii.  

    Where is your true power and how can you create more energy and joy in your life?  
    How can we create beneficial change in our lives?
    How do we change our reality?

    More on your host Lisa Atkinson can be found here:  http://www.SpiritLisa.com 

     Twitter  @LisaAtkinson   

     Facebook www.facebook.com/LisaAtkinsonPsychic  

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    The Inspirational Mahealani Pontius

    in Spirituality

    This lady is absolutely phenomenal! Mahealani is a certified lomi lomi massage therapist and has been recently expanding in her gifts and has trained under some of the best teachers to create a wonderfuly amazing sound healing therapy! She is yet another treasure in Kauai, One of the primary practicioners at the Dolphin Wellness Touch Center in Kapaa, Kauai. She will share with us her unique healing style and how it came to be, along with story and upcoming events. This promises to be a very powerful show so don't miss it! 9pm MST 11/13

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    Tuning in with Betsy

    in Entertainment

    Today Betsy is joined by her special guest, Karyn Klare Koski, editor of the online magazine, Energy Works.

    Do you like to write about topics such as Energy, Feng Shui, Healing, and Yoga?

    Listen to Tuning in with Betsy and learn how you can become a contributor or even a sponsor for Energy Works Magazine.



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    Jody Soltau Mountain: A Life Journey of Discovery & Transformatation

    in Culture

    Fast Horse Productions' The Martha Fast Horse Show

    Show Topic: “Jody Soltau Mountain: Leading Us on a Life Journey of Discovery and Transformation”

    Jody Soltau Mountain is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with 25 years experience in various forms of movement dynamics and healing modalities. Since 1989, she has been studying, practicing and teaching the ancient art of Lomi Lomi Nui and its foundations in Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom. Jody practices and facilitates “Core and Cellular Healing” through transmissions of High Healing Consciousnesses and Frequencies. She is a licensed massage therapist and teacher in the state of Hawai'i and has dedicated her life to sharing the depth and vibrancy of this profound work with others as a vehicle for awakened consciousness. Jody has taken this life-changing work to Japan, Canada, the U.S., Spain and Ireland, and continues to offer trainings, retreats and sessions.

    Website: www.lineageoflight.com

    Featured Song: "Living in a Sovereign Land" by Israel "IZ" Ka?ano?i Kamakawiwo?ole (May 20, 1959 - June 26, 1997) was a Hawaiian musician.

    Website: www.izhawaii.com

    Host/Producer: Martha Fast Horse (Rosebud Lakota), Producer/Writer: Liz Hill (Red Lake Ojibwe), Engineer/Talent: Justin Severson (Minnesotan)

    Streaming Wednesday 3/19/14 at 10:00 p.m. CDT on Blog Talk Radio.

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    Awake in the DREAM Radio with Mona Delfino

    in Spirituality

    Awake in the DREAM Radio with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM, this week's guest will be Mona Delfino.

    As a Medical Intuitive, Vibrational Healer and Massage Therapist Mona Delfino has been an exceptional body worker for over 20 years. Coming into this field of healing naturally, her passion and abilities as a healer became apparent at a very young age.

    In addition to her teachings in Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Sound (toning) and Crystal healing, Structural Therapy and many Indigenous Vibrational Medicines, Mona has had the unique experience of studying with her mentor of 12 years, Cherokee medicine woman, Karen Land. Karen was known as “Double Eagle” in the Cherokee Tribe. She passed in 2005, with her knowledge still running through Mona.

    Mona has spent time studying in Hawaii on the Big Island in Hilo to learn directly from Lomi Lomi masters and Kupuna to bring back the traditional Hawaiian healing that carries the knowledge that all healing comes from love.

    Her background in nursing in Neurology has given more insight into her take on “there is no diagnosis that pertains to a category in our body...they are only conditions from energy blockages and transparent memories…”

    Her book entitled, “The Sacred Language of the Human Body,” is available in it's 2nd edition printing. 

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    Cowboy Wisdom NLI Radio

    in Self Help

    Shannon and Ari Gronich talk the about Dare to Live Challenge in Hawaii November 19-25, 2014 are my guests.
    Website: http://daretolivechallenge.com
    Shannon Burnett-Gronich the founder of the Dare to Live Challenge has come a long way since her days as a single mother of two, struggling to make ends meet. Through her dedicated focus and a deep desire to help others find success, Shannon has emerged as a highly-regarded, multi-faceted business executive. Her legendary training and coaching services plus her event planning, marketing, public relations and networking skills showcase. Her prowess has made her the go-to expert for luminaries like T Harv Eker (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind), Stewart Levine (Resolution Works), and Dr. Gary Null (America’s #1 Health Guru). www.ConsciousLivingSpace.com
    Ari Gronich is a Shaman and Healer.  He incorporates many modalities such as; Sports Therapist, Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention Specialist, Sports Hypnotherapist Reiki Master, Deep Emotional Release Bodywork, Speaker, and a Corporate Wellness Provider. While exploring sports therapy with a major pro sports team, he learned from some of the top therapists, doctors, and trainers in the business, giving him one of the most well-rounded and expansive training bases and knowledge bases in the industry, with over 5,000 hours of training.
    A lifelong learner and seeker into himself, Ari has attended life transforming workshops, such as EST at age eight, and Lifespring, Summit, and the Forum, all before he was a teenager. He practiced Buddhism alongside going to temple studying for his Bar Mitzvah, and then his self-inquiring mind brought him to studying other religions, philosophies, and spiritual paths.

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    Lomi Lomi Massage & Hawaiian Values

    in Spirituality

    Karen Leialoha Carroll unveils her deep knowledge of Hawaiian traditional massage and culture.Traditionally healing of the body was done through Lomilomi massage. Healing of the mind was done through Ho’oponopono, spiritually ‘erasing’ the negative occurrences of the past so that one could move on in his or her life, and through Hawaiian Values where you learn the skills needed to sustain yourself through times of stress and crisis. Spiritual healing was done through oli, chant, and pule, prayer. Kumu Karen will talk about her experiences and answer questions. You can see her on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qiMkU2hd8I or learn more about it on her website http://www.kapuaokalani.com/ This is going to be a very fun show!

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    The Gift of Good Health

    in Health

     You can “gift’ yourself or someone else the opportunity for a better life in 2013 when consider a massage!  According to the American Medical Association, 90% of all illness is stress related and can be greatly reduced through natural stress management services like MASSAGE among others. So here to tell us all about that as well as invite us to explore the possibilities and let us know what is going on in her world, is Charlotte Irwin the owner of the Center for the Healing Arts in Sterling Hts., MI. www.center4thehealingarts.com We are happy to have Charlotte back on the program and to have you join us!