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    Logistics Performance Index & Its Indicators

    in Environment

    SUNDAY Sept. 28, 2014  LIVE On Line Radio

    NEWS In Review. News Stories From Jamaica Over The Past Week.
    IN FOCUS News Stories in depth/ Late Breaking News
    MUSIC-  By Shae Mill  https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/shae-mill/id435775869
    MAIN TOPIC: Logistics Performance Index & Its Indicators
    Fund raiser- www.booster.com/noportgoatislands

    Join Your Hosts:  Steven Smith, Annamarie Hassock & Aven Peralto

    5p (PST) 6p (MT) 7p (CST/JAM) 8p (EST)

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    A Peralto JADE Foundation Production

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    Health Management & Health Care Logistics

    in Business

    On this week's edition of HealthCare Consumerism Radio, hosts Ron Bachman and Doug Field are live in the studio for a discussion on trends in population health management and how changes toward a consumer-centric health care model are affecting all stakeholders in the system.

    For the first segment on today's program, the hosts welcome Jack Curtis, founder and chief executive officer of Corporate Health Partners, to the show. A speaker at this June's FORUM & Expo, the chair of the Leadership Committee at HERO and an overall thought leader in health management, Jack discusses some of the latest trends in corporate wellness today. Jack and the hosts also cover the content of this June's FORUM & Expo general session, recent HERO research and how to engage the C-suite in corporate wellness efforts. 

    The second guest on this week's show is Robin Hooker, the director of healthcare marketing for UPS, a global leader in logistics. In this segment, Robin and the hosts discuss how the shift toward patient-centric care is affecting all participants in the health care system. Today, patients are choosing more direct-to-home deliveries; walk-in clinics, such as CVS Minute Clinic and MedPost Urgent Care, are on the rise; the middle class and aging populations in emerging markets are growing. These are impacting the health care supply chain immensely. With health care consumerism on the rise globally, logistics partners are required to innovate now more than ever to ensure a safe end-to-end shipping experience for biologics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and more. 

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    All About the World Logistics Center

    in Politics

    Mike McCoy and Deanna Reeder have invited guests Hans Wolterbeek a physicist well as Craig Givens and Curtis Gardner who are both teachers in the City of Moreno Valley.

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    Jamaica Logistics Hub Initiative FAQ’s

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    SUNDAY Nov. 9, 2014  LIVE On Line Radio

    NEWS In Review.- News Stories From Jamaica Over The Past Week.
    In Focus: In Depth Discussion of News Stories
    Main Topic: Jamaica Logistics Hub Initiative FAQ
    MUSIC- Local And International Artists (Shae Mill, Marcia Griffiths, Elijah, Planet Groove, and more)

    Join Your Hosts:  Karen Ayee, Steven Smith, Annamarie Hassock & Aven Peralto

    5p (PST) 6p (MT/Jam) 7p (CST) 8p (EST)

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    A production of The Peralto JADE Foundation- Jamaica Action, Dialogue, & Education 

    (a US based registered non-profit/NGO)

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    Grand Opening Ninety Six Logistics

    in Current Events

    We're welcoming a new business to 96 at their Grand Opening. Ninety Six Logistics we'll be doing a live broadcast and find out what's their business is about and how they like their new location.

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    Interop Business Matters: Leadership with General John Michel

    in Technology

    This inaugural episode of Business Matters explores the subject of leadership with former Air Force Brigadier General John Michel, the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer and President of MV International, the largest private provider of paratransit services and the largest privately-owned passenger transportation contracting firm based in the United States.

    General Michel joined MV after a successful 26-year career in the United States Air Force, where his most recent assignment was leading NATO’s 14-nation effort in Afghanistan to build the $6.7 billion Afghan Air Force. In this capacity, General Michel developed organizational requirements, messaging, and risk-adjusted financial plans resulting in savings of more than $2.1 billion, while enhancing logistics accuracy and improving maintenance system performance. General Michel's team received the Defense Department’s highest award for innovative nation building efforts.

    John Michel believes that leaders are made and not born. In addition to his extensive experience applying leadership lessons in the military, he is one of the nation’s premier experts in the field of leadership with a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership from Bakke Graduate University in Seattle. He's also served as the Chief Change and Learning Strategist for the United States Transportation Command, the country’s premier global transportation provider. In this live webcast, General Michel will describe the approach he uses to evaluate every new project and management assignment along with the formula he's developed for getting the best possible results in every management situation.

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    Retail Real Estate Logistics & Getting Product to Customers

    in Real Estate

    There is this relatively unknown world of retail real estate: “logistics”. Or, how do retailers and e-tailers actually get products into their customers hands.   There is an old axiom in real estate, “location, location, location.” Most decisions affecting the purchase and sale of real estate revolved around location. The location controlled the decision. Now there is a much greater focus on how to get the product into the customers hands. In many cases, logistics control retail real estate decisions rather than real estate controlling the logistics.   Howard and Kris will discuss how logistics affects real estate decisions of the retailer and e-tailer.   How differently does the e-tailer view logistics from brick & mortar retailers? What are the unique challenges to both?   Is there a melding of e-tail and retail and what does this all mean to our industry?.   Kris will share his views on retail trends both current and future.   Featured Guest   Kris D. Bjorson, SIOR International Director of Retail/E-Commerce Distribution, Jones Lang LaSalle  

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    JADE Radio Network- Environment, Cultural Heritage, Freedoms & Rights

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    SUNDAY June 28, 2015  LIVE On Line Radio

    5p (PST) 6p (MT/Jam) 7p (CST) 8p (EST)

    NEWS In Review: News Stories From Jamaica.
    In Focus: In-depth News of the week
    Your Calls & Voices: Call in or log onto Blog Talk Radio or our face book chat (link below)
    Know Your Jamaica: Fun Facts
    MUSIC: Local And International Artists

    Join Your Hosts: Steven Smith, & Aven Peralto


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    A production of The Peralto JADE Foundation (A US NGO/501c3 on-Profit) Jamaica Action Dialogue Education

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    ISTE Pre-Show Q & A on PAECT Radio

    in Education

    Going to ISTE in Philadelphia next week?  Do you have questions about what is going on?  Where to go?  What to do? Where do the cool kids hang out?  Would you just like advice from past ISTE attendees regarding session choices and logistics?  Join us on PAECT Radio for our All Things ISTE Show.  ISTE Regional Program Chair Kristin Hokanson will provide information about sessions taking placein our PA Room as well as other facets of the conference.

    Would you like your question answered?  Call in during the show or email us now at radio[at]paect.org.

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    Shawn Evans presents Breaking the Barriers of Mega Wealth and Freedom

    in Education

    With Special guest: Master Networker and Entrepreneur   Tasha M. Dyer

    Call in # 310-982-4184


    I am Tasha M Dyer and I am originally from Baton Rouge, La currently residing in Jacksonville, Fl. I am the mother of three beautiful children ages 19, 14 and 10 months. I am a graduate of Columbus State University with Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a MBA from Trident University with a dual concentration in Logistics and Human Resource Management. I retired from the United States Army in November of 2014.


    My life changed in 2012 when I took my oldest daughter to a college financial aid night at her high school. That evening, I realized I made to much money for that FREE money that the government gives out but not enough money to pay for my daughter's college. I recognized that while sacrificing so much I was really sacrificing my future by not investing in myself.


    I went home to research wealthy people and learned the difference between linear and residual income.  I found what we’ve been taught about working harder and longer hours was wrong. Wealthy people are entrepreneurs and teach their children to do the same. This is when I found a unique opportunity to be in business for myself, but not by myself.


    I am proud to introduce to you to what I believe is the greatest financial opportunity I will see in my lifetime! Find out for yourself what I am so excited about.


    For more information visit www.dream2realitynetwork.org or about.me/tashamdyer and contact me.

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    Consultant, advisor, and author Stuart Friedman speaks with Burke Allen

    in Books

    Stuart Friedman is a top-rated speaker who has conducted more than 500 presentations and 175 speaking engagements around the world.  He is an international consultant, executive advisor and author.  Stuart has an MBA in accounting, a BA in chemistry and is SPHR certified.  He is an instructor at the Wharton School of Business, and author of the book, “Break Free From Job Jail.”

    Stuart Friedman has written numerous articles and frequently comments on business leadership and operating successful businesses in today’s economic environment.  His premise is that outrageously successful organizations work with clear and honest communication, and understanding of The Relevance Factor™.

    Founded in 2000, PMA, Inc. is a management consulting firm that focuses on alignment of employees to desired strategic outcomes.  Stuart encourages quantifying and factually measuring human capital to ensure his trademark result of Right People Right Fit™.

    Stuart began his career with the consulting firm, Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and then worked for a logistics company building high-performance teams for consumer package clients.  He went on to become Vice President of Human Resources for a Fortune 500 company, where he was hired as a “change agent” to build a cohesive Small Business Division, at the time very fragmented.  Stuart was successful, and his efforts resulted in the creation of a $750 million division.  As a consultant, Stuart has guided many organizations to business success: primarily start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses. 

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