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    Sensual Voices - Shawn and Lisbeth co-authors and voices of feminine strength

    in Spirituality

    Shawn Fisher (Safira) is a human rights activist, artist and author, collaboratively working with global, national and local organizations. Shawn currently is taking courses towards her Masters in Divinity, and feels fortunate to have been exposed to numerous spiritual modalities throughout her life. Shawn chooses to unconditionally love everyone, and believes that through all of her choices this includes joyfully loving and honoring herself and her body.

    With her latest Heal My Voice® offering, Shawn’s desire is to bring hope to others working through shame into self-love and self-acceptance. She can be found on Instagram and Twitter as @PeacefulSafira.

    If you want to know more about our book programs and events in USA or Sweden please visit our websites:




    Lisbeth is a certified Qigong teacher and a relaxpedagogue with great knowledge in how to help yourself to inner peace. She likes going on retreats and one of her dreams is running a retreat center of her own. Nature is a deep provider and nurturer for Lisbeth. She is deepening her knowledge in herbs and edible wild plants and sees that as a natural ingredient at the center as well as in her home. Lisbeth has worked as a theatre producer in Malmoe, Sweden for 15 yrs. Lisbeth is also a singer and likes to sing mantras as well as ballads.




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    The Butcher's Block Party LIVE

    in MMA

    Tonight the first hour is all about Vertex Fight Night 4, coming back next Saturday, June 6 to the Wexford Civic Arena in Cadillac, MI. First we'll talk to both competitors in the women's welterweight main event. Lora Ferguson and Jacki Leese. After that we catch up with the promoter and matchmaker, Vicious Vance Swerdan. Add our ACSLIVE.TV mobile app today!!! The second hour switches gears entirely and we bring in Robert Gordon and our producer Jason Mugg to enjoy a "rapid fire" verbal jam session about current events and bewildering topics. Tune in... Turn on... and DROP IN... by clicking on our links, or by calling (347) 857-1024. Brought to you by The Genco Boot Shop of Jackson, MI, Every Victory Earned, Patino Diet, Nutsack Foods, JetBox, Mr. Vaper E-cig of Muskegon, MI and Paul "Mr Wonderful" Orndorff. 

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    5/11/15: KC/DET Recap, Ed On Babcock, Lions Ink 3 From Minicamp, Harbaugh

    in Sports

    Ed Smith returns to my show after feeling under the weather.

    We recap last night's rubber finale between your Tigers and Kansas City Royals on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball and preview the Twins/Tigers series starting tomorrow.

    I let Ed share his thoughts on the latest Mike Babcock updates and CBC's Hockey Night In Canada's Don Cherry's opinion quote that Babcock should "avoid a rebuilding team".

    The Lions sign 3 tryouts: safety Nathan Lindsey and wide receivers Erik Lora and Jarred Haggins, to 3-year contracts.

    The Michigan Wolverines Football team reports itself for 4 secondary NCAA violations over their head coach Jim Harbaugh's first four months at the school.

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    BATTY BWOY: An interview with Max-Arthur Mantle

    in LGBT

    batty bwoy

    Jamaican derogatory word for a male homosexual. "Akinyele ah bumboclaat battybwoy!!" 

    ben is a batty bwoy 
    casey is a batty bwoy 
    casey fucks ben, they are batty bwoys

    Max-Arthur Mantle's new novel 'BATTY BWOY' has captured the rawness of being Black and gay in America, as well as Jamaica. It is a coming of age tale that readers will appreciate for its honest depiction of a young man learning about and growing into himself. 

    Along with dicussing his book, Max and I will dialogue about some of the struggles faced by LGBT persons in other countries and how painful it is to have to hide who you are just to survive. 

    Check out Max's website and order your copy of BATTY BWOY: www.maxarthurmantle.net

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    CEO in 10 with Lisbeth McNabb

    in Lifestyle

    Hear great leadership advice from CEO of DigiWorks- Lisbeth McNabb. 

    Lisbeth will talk about core values that are strategic and share her view on the importance of big data.


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    A Message of Hope w. Christina Lockett

    in Self Help

    Tuesday, March 31, 2015 @ 9PM CST

    A Message of Hope…Our theme is hope to survive. My guests are Wendy Jones, Pastor Tasha Traylor, Carmen Martinez, and Lora Rosemon. Wendy Jones is the founder of The Secret Place Book Club and International Ministries. Pastor Tasha Traylor is the author of the 30 day Journey. Carmen Martinez and Lora Rosemon are the authors of Another Day with Her: Lost in Diagnosis, Understanding Bipolar Disorder. We will experience some pain in life but remember we are also survivors and we still have hope. Tune-in for inspiration from these dynamic ladies. Dial in, 347-237-4648 or www.christinalockettamessageofhope.info

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    Mentoring Monday with Lisbeth McNabb

    in Lifestyle

    Mentoring Monday gets your week kicked off right with guest Lisbeth McNabb. Hosted by Rick Tocquigny, this show is presented by 4wordwomen.org and sponsored by Gracefully Yours greeting cards and journals ...visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com

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    Frigörande Röster - Lisbeth Jönsson om tystanden som talar

    in Books

    I denna programserie får du möta medförfattare till boken Frigörande Röster, den andra antologin från Heal My Voice Sweden. Boken innehåller 21 sanna kvinnoskildringar. Bitar ur kvinnornas liv som berättar om hur de tagit sig igenom svåra livskriser såsom alkoholism, otrohet, död, abort, förlusten av ett barn, sjukdom och mycket mer.

    I detta program möter du Lisbeth Jönsson och lyssnar till ett utdrag ur hennes text Tystnaden talar. Vi samtalar om tystnadens båda sidor, om systerskapet och bokprojektet. Lisbeth är också medförfattare till den första antologin Värdefulla Röster.

    Programledare: Marie Ek Lipanovska, grundare av och projektledare på HMVS

    Boken köper du på hemsidan: www.healmyvoicesweden.com

    Mer om Lisbeth: chicenter.se


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    The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast Ep.23 - Lora Lee Gelles POND TRADE Magazine

    in Hobbies

    Join your host Mike Gannon for the first Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast of 2015! Mike is kicking off the year with his first guest Lora Lee Gelles, the Publisher of Pond Trade Magazine. Pond Trade is the pond and water garden industry's professional trade magazine. Laura Lee has a unique perspective on the pond and water garden industry, and attends a broad range of industry events for hobbyists and professionals. We will be talking with Lora Lee about what's happening at Pond Trade magazine, their new website, and what we can expect to see in the pond industry coming into 2015. 

    Come join Mike Gannon and check out the show live on January 14, 2015 for the first show of the new year! To call in and speak with our guest the number is 914.809.4557. Show begins at 8pm EST, 7pm Central. "In The Pursuit Of All Things Aquatic" The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast is your home base for koi pond and water garden related programming.

    You can also visit THE POND HUNTER at:







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    Pre and perinatal cellular memories by Julie Lapham, PhD

    in Spirituality

    Guest Speaker: Julie Lapham, PhD

    Near Deather, part Cherokee, PhD in Philosophy, Chemical Engineer, born in England,  lived in NC and taught Holotropic Breathwork and meditation.

    Julie’s passion with the interface of life and death, the place of change, no doubt comes from her personal experience with death following an industrial accident some thirty five years ago, when glass tore her wrist and severed an artery and tendon. Because of that life-altering experience she has devoted her life to the study of consciousness states.

    A budding polymer chemist climbing the ladder of success credited with both patents and publications, she experienced a change of direction. Suddenly and unexpectedly her world was turned upside down, literally. Since that time her world has been full of sudden and unexpected changes.

    For years she  taught workshops in the cutting edge transpersonal technologies (Holotropic Breathwork). Her work has taken her across the United States and overseas with Stanislav Grof, M.D. who is generally credited as a pioneer in consciousness research.

    You can read her Dissertation here http://static.ning.com/holotropicbreathwork/research/lapham2000.pdf

    This lecture was given 8/25/2003  She passed away Dec 2013.

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    LFTA EP58 LuFisto & Joe Black

    in Wrestling

    This Week on the Show......
    Meet Joe Black..........
    No not that one, the one who wrestles! If you don't know Joe Black, you need to! Joe Black is another one of those 'Best Kept/Not For Long Secrets' on the Indy Wrestling Scene! Lora & Bob have both had the opportunity to watch Joe wrestle in person and he is amazing! We'll talk to him about the Indy Wrestling Scene, his thoughts on the current wrestling landscape, and much more!
    We also have one of the legitimate tough women in wrestling today with us......LuFisto makes her 1st appearnace on our show! We are excited to have this unique and extraordinarily gifted wrestler on to talk about her career and we have some really cool things we want to talk to her about, it should be awesome!!
    Wednesday Night 7pm EST
    Studio: 213-816-1605

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