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    Lillian Brummet, Brummet Media Group

    in Lifestyle

    Lillian Brummet is an online Radio Host of "Conscious Discussons" and shares information on Green Living for Global Awareness. Brummet Media Group also offers Graphic Design and Banner Ad Displays for your Social Media Brand. With true entrepreneurial spirit, Lillian is self sufficient and multifaceted. Listen in as Lillian shares her story of learning survival at an early age. It's not because she wanted to but because she had to learn to care for herself.  So when her peers were doing normal adolescent things like first kisses and party dresses Lillian was earning an income and barely surviving. As an adult it makes sense she is attuned to caring for our world and living in a self sustaining manner. You may find more about Lillian: http://www.brummet.ca/  FB: https://www.facebook.com/lillian.brummet twitter: https://twitter.com/brummet here Lillian as Host of Conscious Discussions on BTR Network: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/consciousdiscussions

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    Episode 137-Lillian Brummet 2

    in Writing

    Celebrated author, blogger and radio host, Lillian Brummet will be our special guest. She will discuss the latest edition of her book, 'Purple Snowflake Marketing'.

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    Lillian Brummet

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    Poet and host of "Conscious Discussions", Lillian Brummet discusses the healing power of crafting poetry, hosting her radio show, and how literary artists of the 21st century can and are making a difference.

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    Purple Snowflake Marketing with Dave & Lillian Brummet

    in Education

    Join ASWIFTT RADIO Host Brenda Johnson Padgitt on January 11, 2014 at 1 pm CST, 2 pm EST and 11 am PST as she interviews authors Dave and Lillian Brummet about their latest books "Jump Start For Writers" and "Purple Snowflake Marketing: How to Make Your Book Stand Out In a Crowd." The Brummets will give advice that will take your Literary skills to the next level.  "Jump Start For Writers" will help you prepare for a book release, teach how to work with another writer, networking, time management tips, and will give answers to common writer questions. "Purple Snowflake Marketing: How to Make Your Book Stand Out In a Crowd" will also cover marketing tips such as direct marketing, social media, websites, public relations and more for your published books and projects.  

    Dave and Lillian Brummet also have a radio show called "Conscious Discussions,"  which airs on blogtalkradio.com.  They also enjoy gardening and spending time with family and friends sharing recipes.

    For more information on this broadcast contact ASWIFTT RADIO Host Brenda Johnson Padgitt at: news@aswifttradio.com.

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    World of Writing with Lillian Brummet

    in Lifestyle

    World of Writing with Lillian Brummet

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    Award winning author Lillian Brummet (www.brummet.ca) produces and hosts the Conscious Discussions talk radio show, and manages the Brummet’s Conscious Blog Although it seems like a lifetime of scribbles and notes have led up to this – Lillian  has been professionally involved in the realm of writing since 1999. She began writing poetry as a teenager, which allowed her to express the issues and emotions from a broken home, abusive childhood and being on her own at 13-years old. Through poetry she learned how to see beyond these hurts and discover a world outside of herself, where she learned that her life really did have value and that she had a purpose to fulfill.  
    Lillian has fond memories of an early childhood in California and Nevada (USA) and grew up in the south-central region of BC, Canada. In those few stolen moments when she is not in the office she can be found spending time with her husband gardening, indulging in nature, camping and walking the many trails in BC’s (Canada) wilderness. The main focus of everything the Brummets do, whether in their personal life or in business, is to inspire hope in individuals - helping them realize the value of their efforts and encouraging them to become more positive, proactive in life.
    http://www.brummet.ca http://consciousdiscussions.blogspot.com

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    Jump Start for Writers with Lillian Brummet

    in Books

    Lillian Brummet began her writing career after a life-changing vehicle accident prompted her to reconsider the direction of her life. Having been a business owner for 6 years she had a good understanding of what being self-employed involved.Throughout her 13 years in the world of writing, she has taken many writing courses and read as many writer's manual books she could. Starting as a freelance writer, then working in a few staff positions and a 7-year stint as a professional book reviewer, she then dove into the realm of book writing. Now, she is the award-winning author of 5 books including her 378-page guide for authors titled: Purple Snowflake Marketing - How To Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd. Her reputation online as a marketing guru and pink bunny (because her marketing efforts keep going and going), led her to produce this guide offering effective, efficient marketing tools for authors helping them avoid pitfalls along the way. Awards: Dave and Lillian Brummet have been recognized as Community Heroes by the LiveSmart BC program. They have been presented an award for "outstanding use of various media in ongoing outreach work to reduce waste in our environment" by the Recycling Council of British Columbia. Seeds of Diversity awarded them with a Certificate of Appreciation and Boundary Family Read Columbia Basin Alliance For Literacy recognized them for their support. Dave won an award for his nature photography through Cottage Magazine. More recently, the Brighter Planet organization recognized their work with a certificate of appreciation and the Canadian Wildlife Federation acknowledged them with Backyard Habitat Certification for their efforts on their property.  Lillian has also received awards for her poetry through numerous online and print publications - and their book, Purple Snowflake Marketing has made it onto the recommended reading list of a dozen writers' courses.

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    World of Writing with Lillian Brummet

    in Writing

    World of Writing segments air at least once per month here on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show, offering tips and information for writers. Today, we'll discuss business savvy and behind-the-scenes activities in a writer's world.  Find the host at: www.brummet.ca

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    World of Writing with Lillian Brummet

    in Poetry

    Host Lillian Brummet author of 3 books, and known as the marketing guru to go to - is here today to share her thoughts on writing and poetry. Visit Dave & Lillian's website: www.brummet.ca (*keep an eye on the Brummet's Store - lots of new stuff!!)

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    World of Writing with Lillian Brummet

    in Environment

    Host Lillian Brummet presents positive, proactive, inspiring, motivational environmental and conscious living news - resources - and more!!! Visit Dave & Lillian's website: www.brummet.ca (*keep an eye on the Brummet's Store - lots of new stuff coming soon!!)

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    ENCORE: How to be More Positive and Proactive in Life with Lillian Brummet

    in Self Help

    Stacie Walker and guest Lillian Brummet talk about you living to be more proactive and positive in your business and your personal life.

    Lillian is an award-winning author and co-owner of the Brummet Media Group. She uses her many talents and skill sets to help business owners by creating audio and banner ads, graphic design, web design, book publishing services, and a long list of other services.


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