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    Getting to know Author LAQuita Cameron

    in Entertainment

    LaQuita Cameron is a new author to La Femme Fatale Publishing. Her new novel is Let the games begin.

    Let the games begin...

    “Let The Games Begin" is an urban fiction novel focusing on four main African American characters trying to survive the dangerous life involving drugs, sex, money and death. Those four characters give the reader a glance into important times in their lives where they encounter all sorts of problems. Memphians Porter Tatum and Troy MacGhee murder three men and flee to Chicago, IL to start a new life. They continue hustling in the streets of both cities, while Monae Pinkins and Yvette Brown get into some trouble of their own because of the men they love. Each chapter brings a new twist to one of the four character’s story. Just when the reader thinks the character’s story couldn’t get any worse, there comes more shocking events. The betrayal and secrets amongst them comes to light and they all struggle with their past sins. They must find a way to deal with tragedy in the end once a sister of one of the victims is determined to bring their empire crashing down. Relationships are destroyed and built in this twisted drama of crime and passion

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    Getting to know Author Veronica Malone

    in Entertainment

    Introducing new author Veronica Malone. Ms. Malone is the author of the anticapated novel Life Goes On.

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    Getting to know Author Kamilah Haywood

    in Entertainment

    Conversation with the author of Concrete Jungle, Toronto native Kamilah Hayward.

    Concrete Jungle

    Trey and Diamond are two kindred spirits, from Toronto, Ontario whose paths have crossed, both on a forbidden journey of overcoming trials and tribulations of being lost in the streets.  The lack of guidance and awareness of consciousness in their atmosphere has sent them on a wild roller coaster seeking something more out of life.  Something they can’t see smell, touch, or taste but, it’s in the air.  Their young wild spirits thing they know what lies ahead but, they think they have it all planned out but, the more they think, the more lost they have become in a world full of illusions.  Will they find their way or just continue as lost children in the concrete jungle?

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    Getting to know Author Dorian Grey

    in Entertainment

    Discussion with Author Dorian Grey about his debut novel Gorilla Mob.

    Gorilla Mob

    Two lovers, Smoke and Naja, are pushed to their breaking point when it becomes painfully clear that one of them has a secret. Smoke is also one quarter of a ruthless criminal outfit who call themselves the Gorilla Mob. Drug dealing, robbery, and shootouts are all just another day in the life for Smoke and his crew…until their supplier, Bones, gives them an opportunity to add “guns for hire” to their repertoire for a bounty that surpasses any payday they’ve seen thus far. 
    Scenes that are brimming with action, detail, and unforgettable characters are what make this tale jump directly off the page for the reader. Gorilla Mob is a harrowing glimpse into the underworld of street culture that will not be soon forgotten. 

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    Interview with Wolff & Clark

    in Music

    When two of the best musicians on the planet decide to combine their estimable talents to create a band without boundaries, the result is the WOLFF & CLARK EXPEDITION. Dizzy Gillespie famously said that jazz must have “one foot in the past and one in the future.” With the Wolff & Clark Expedition, the music embraces the past, ventures into the future, but remains rooted in the improvisatory present. After several high profile performances in 2012, jazz legends Michael Wolff and Mike Clark, the Wolff & Clark Expedition, are preparing to release their self-titled debut album in February 2013. Performing with creative bassist Chip Jackson, the Expedition's initial outing aims for uncharted, compelling musical territories while still entertaining a wide audience of astute listeners.

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    KD Rambling

    in Entertainment

    I'm talking about upcoming events and more.

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    BODYPUMP launch from LFF gym

    in Fitness

    This show is to reach everyone regardless of your fitness level. I promise,all will be enlightened, and challenged. So come and join the conversation, as our host David Freeman takes us on a journey to a Fitter, and Healthier Life!

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    Conversations with Lady K

    in Books

    Meet Lady K, a new author with La Femme Fatale Publishing. Ms. K is a Chester/Philadelphia native and penned the awesome street novel Heiress to the Throne. 
    Heiress to the Throne
    Have you ever felt like everything around is a lie? Surrounded by secrets, in the heart of the city of Brotherly Love where the truth is never told and hidden in the dark. 19 year old Lync Chaney finds her self destined to overtake the family enterprise. Being the heiress to her father; the most wealthiest man in Philadelphia's... throne. After being exposed to her father's lucrative lifestyle at the early age of six; Lync Chaney decides to follow in her father's footsteps. When her father is murdered, Lync is forced to run her father's business. What happens to young Lync when the skeltons fall from the closet. Find out in Heiress to the throne.
    Topic: Girls in the game

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    Up close and personal with Author Aeishea Scott...

    in Books

    Join K.D as she talks with Author Aieshea Scott about the effects of  rejection and her new title Blowing Smoke.
    Meet Honesty Wright, a beautiful sixteen year old girl who does well in school but can't seem to fit in with her peers. So far nothing in her life has gone right. Honesty's abused mother leaves her at the age of 11 with a monster that sets his sights on her and abuses her daily, the man happens to also be her father. One night when all hell breaks loose and Honesty thinks that her father is going to finally kill her she is saved by an unknown source. Things are finally going her way. She is showered with love and all of life's luxuries. Eventually she finds out that her judgement has been clouded. Instead of running in the corner and tucking her tail. She puts on her poker face and plays the hell out of the hand she's been dealt with no mercy.

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    The other side of the 305 w/ Author Minx

    in Books

    Conversation with Author Minx about her novel Only in the 305.
    Only in the 305
    Kirk and Dwayne reinvent the word vicious; after everything there chicks do for them, they repay them with abuse, prostitution, and disrespect in the most profound ways. They show Eileen and Chayil the only thing a thug can truly love is his money and the almighty pursuit of it. But like a dog every thug has his day. Who will have the last laugh… Or should I say receive the last bullet. Find out in this reviving urban tale Only in the 305. Who said Miami was just about glamour…