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    Ignite the Secret...Leadership Lessons by Understanding the Firewalk

    in Health

    Entrepreneur, CEO, public speaker and business philosopher Charles Horton shows professionals how to get fired up and achieve success at any age through his breakthrough brand of leadership and extreme firewalking seminars

    Author, entrepreneur, success coach, motivational speaker, certified master firewalk instructor and FastBucks® Founder/CEO Charles Horton packs his powerful new book Ignite The Secret: 19 Lessons for Business and Life (Brown Books Publishing Group) with honestly bold, life-changing anecdotal stories that inspire confidence and incite action.  

    An industry trailblazer, Horton believes in teaching what he knows, what he’s lived and what it takes to face fear unflinchingly, head on. He knows how to succeed in business and in life, having reached his goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30.

    “Businesses don’t fail, people give up.” represents Horton’s expressive nature and cut-to-the-chase reality check of why most entrepreneurs don’t make it. Horton’s “keep moving forward” and “abundance mentality” is contagious, helping anyone tap into the universal law of attraction, brought to life through colorful true stories from his own personal adventures and professional journey. Imagine interacting with lions to learn life lessons and hiking on hot lava to discover what you’re made of − just some of the exciting experiences and feats presented by Horton in his vivid and candid storytelling style throughout the pages of Ignite The Secret.

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    Raja Chakravrorti from PayPal shares leadership lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Raja Chakravrorti from PayPal shares leadership lessons. 

    This show is presented by iConnect POS, leader in next generation, cloud based technology for consumer payments and optimal shopping experiences. 

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    Life Lessons from Hari Nair

    in Entertainment

    Life Lessons from Hari Nair, former executive from P&G revealing when core values are strategic.

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    Leadership, Leadership, Leadership

    in Motivation

    Alfreda B. has served in a leadership capacity for over 30 years.

    I think she has something to say.

    Listen in!

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    Prepared To Lead Leadership Gathering

    in Christianity

    Pastor Finkley is joined by Apostle Wayne McNiell as they discuss Ambition and the roll it plays in the life of the believer. Often ambition is mistaken for arrogance or pride however ambition is nothing more than a strong determination. Tune in a have your faith stirred as they discuss Righteous Ambition!

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    Global Women's Leadership Roundtable | Resilience

    in Women

    Are you wondering how to be strong as a leader through the changes in your personal life, your company or your industry? Do you want to lead your life with integrity, openness and vulnerability — yet want to appear strong and resilient through hard times?

    Join our live-broadcast Global Women’s Leadership Roundtable with influential women to explore real resiliency. This conversation will shift us from wrestling with the concept of “being fine” to using challenges and difficulties to grow as a person and a leader. 

    During this panel discussion, we’ll discuss the following issues related to this topic:

    When did you get derailed in your career and how did you keep going?
    How have tough situations made you a stronger person?
    How did you navigate through emotional personal times when you are a leader?
    How do you know when to take a break? How do you take care of yourself?
    How do support and teach others to navigate tough times?

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    Life Lessons from Prince...honoring an extraordinary musician

    in Entertainment

    Life Lessons from Prince...honoring an extraordinary musician who wrote with holy urges and a purpose.

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    Life Lessons from the Vine with John Martin of Stonebridge Wines

    in Entertainment

    Life Lessons from the Vine with John Martin of Stonebridge Wines, sponsored by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards, America's favorite encouragement cards.

    1. Tell us about yourself/family and how you became interested in viticulture.
    2. Tell us about the birth of Stonebridge.
    3. What life lessons have you learned from the soil and weather of Colorado?
    4. How do you encourage growth?....is this "cultivation-loving nerdiness?"

    5. Tell us about some locals that have taken your classes and applied your life lessons from the vineyards of Colorado?

    6. What other secrets of the vine can you share that transformed your thinking?

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    BeBe Dworak shares lessons from The Orphan Train

    in Entertainment

    BeBe Dworak shares life lessons from her grandfather's (Harry Connor) experience on the Orphan Train Movement. Don't miss this great American History story sponsored by Gracefully-yours.com, America's favorite inspirational greeting cards featuring the art of Belinda Dworak.

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    Life Lessons with UNICEF World Ambassador Ryan Hreljac hosted by J.J. Tocquigny

    in Entertainment

    Life Lessons presents UNICEF World Ambassador Ryan Hreljac with host J.J. Tocquigny. Hear Ryan's story about digging wells across Africa and how he marshall forces for good. 


    At 10:50, join SVP of 4H Artis Stevens at national leadership rally.

    This show is presented by America's favorite inspirational greeting cards, www.gracefully-yours.com

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    Life Lessons features Cynthia Ruchti debuting Song of Silence

    in Entertainment

    Life Lessons features renown author Cynthia Ruchti debuting her latest, and perhaps most profound novel Song of Silence.

    As in a musical score, life's rest notes must be observed and honored.

    Hear Cynthia's mentoring tip on how and when to title your book.


    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards, America's favorite inspirational cards and travel journals.