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    The Ku Klux Klan was originally organized in the winter of 1865-66 in Pulaski, Tennessee as a social club by six Confederate veterans. In the beginning, the Klan was a secret fraternity club. (Ku Klux was derived from the Greek "kuklos," meaning circle, and the English word clan.) The costume adopted by its members (disguises were quite common) was a mask and white robe and high conical pointed hat.
    According to the founders of the Klan, it had no malicious intent in the beginning.  It attracted former Civil War generals such as Nathan Bedford Forrest, the famed cavalry commander whose soldiers murdered captured black troops at Fort Pillow.The Klan spread beyond Tennessee to every state in the South and included mayors, judges, and sheriffs as well as common criminals. The Klan systematically murdered black politicians and political leaders. It beat, whipped, and murdered thousands, and intimidated tens of thousands of others from voting. Blacks often tried to fight back, but they were outnumbered and out gunned. While the main targets of Klan wrath were the political and social leaders of the black community, blacks could be murdered for almost any reason. Men, women, children, aged and crippled, were victims.In Texas, Governor Edmund Davis organized a crack state police unit, 40 percent of whose officers were black. The police made over 6,000 arrests and stopped the Klan. Armed groups of black and whites fought or threatened Klansman in North and South Carolina. The federal government also exerted its influence, empowering federal authorities with the Enforcement Acts of 1870 and 1871. Klan activity ended by 1872 and disappeared until it was revived again in 1915.

    Dr Muhammad explores tonight - 646 478 4448

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    The Klu Klux Klan

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    Since the election of this nation's first black president in 2008 racism has been on the rise. There have been a lot of racially motivated crimes, racism is on the rise and I've got the proof.

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    Ku Klux Klan

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    Historian Michael Newton will discuss his new book White Robes and Burning Crosses, concerning the history of the Ku Klux Klan.

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    Jews and their Involvement in the Ku Klux Klan

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    Jews lie all the time. Jews were the primary architects of the hate organization called the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan is responsible for terrorizing Blacks for hundreds of years. Nearly a million Blacks were killed by the Klan. The Klan is also alive and well today. They have changed their name from the Ku Klux Klan, to "police".

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    Jews and the Ku Klux Klan

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    "By the Klan's moral framework, all whites are categorically superior to all Blacks in every way; hence its fanatical commitment to maintaining a social, political, and economic power structure that reflects that belief.

    The Klan's savage tactical handiwork is well known; their most depraved acts fall under the heading of "lynching." Mobs of Caucasian males hunt down innocent Black men, women, and children and commit sadistic acts of ritual torture, including sexual mutilations, whippings, burnings alive, decapitations, flesh and eye gougings, amputations, bone crushings, point-blank shootings, stabbings, tree, bridge, or lamppost hangings, and horse or vehicle rope-draggings -- all culminating in their scavenging for souvenirs amid the desecrated, dismembered or scorched remains of the Black victims.

    It is usually stated as fact that the Klan was historically "against Blacks, Jews, and Catholics," when in fact the KKK had many Jewish members, sympathizers, and supporters.

    As whites, Jews were an accepted and important part of Southern society and thus were NEVER targets of Nathan Bedford Forrest's original Ku Klux Klan. From early on, Jews enjoyed a specific and unchallenged niche in the slave-based economy. In fact, Jews, like all true-blue Southern whites, understood and believed that without an organized, deliberate campaign of terroristic violence, Blacks would quickly advance from downtrodden plantation laborer to independent commercial competitor, marketing their own labor and produce free from the management or agency of whites. The post-slavery rise of at least sixty all-Black towns attested to the Black desire for independence and self-development. Centuries of slavery had not crushed this yearning." The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2 - Jews Lynching, and the Ku Klux Klan.

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    Good Cop Bad Cop on Yesterday's Problems, Today's Issues, and Tomorrow's Future

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     Hosted by Michael Hampton and Gabriel Rich

    The control of minorities in the new America  influenced early policing. New England settlers appointed Indian Officers to police Native Americans, the St. Louis police were founded to protect residents from Native Americans in that frontier city, and many southern police departments began as slave patrols. Today, as we examine police slogans like, “To Protect and to Serve” and “Committed to Excellence”, in a historical context, it becomes obvious that they’re not directed at the policed neighborhoods. We find police officers in the neighborhood of indigenous Americans and other working class races in the news every day. They Kill first and hide the facts later. They are murdering unarmed men and defenseless women and children and it is plain to see, in plain sight, they are abusing their positions of power. Through the media, the crimes are covered up and Politicians turn their heads as the innocent die every day while made up stories justify their “legalized” violence. 


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    UMBRadio (Akiladahun, Aubrey Green, & Klu) )

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    Join #UMBRadio 2night Sunday 9p est... TOPIC: Is it okay to befriend ex's when in a new relationship? Always interviewing the most talented women from around the world & playing great music from independent artists!!!!

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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch airs Daniel Bryan's retirement promo, Elvis calls in to talk about his job interview and arrives in studio sporting a new look, and they recap TNA Impact Wrestling. 

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    In the Footsteps of Birmingham's Civil Rights History

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    Birmingham, Alabama is considered ground zero in the civil rights movement.  In the 1950s, African-Americans of all ages in Birmingham drew a proverbial line in the sand against racial segregation.  Their stories, struggles and ultimate success over Jim Crow laws is on display at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in an effort to keep the stories of this dark chapter in American history alive.

    Across the street from the Civil Rights Institute is the 16th Street Baptist Church where a 1963 bombing that killed four young girls changed the course of history in Birmingham and America.  We will walk through this church that has, today, become a place to unify a community and people from all over the world.

    Downtown Birmingham is the home to the Civil Rights Heritage Trail.  Kelly Ingrham Park, also known as Freedom Park, was the staging area for many of the demonstrations that took place in Birmingham led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and others.  Today, Freedom Parkt is a sculpture garden that honors those who peacefully demonstrated. 

    We will revisit our conversation with jazz legend, the late Frank "Doc" Adams.  He shared his music and life with us when we met him at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame just weeks before his passing at the age of 86.

    Photos:  Tonya Fitzpatrick.  All rights reserved.

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    Keyboardist extraordinaire Daryl Davis joins Michelle on The Open Stage

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    Michelle will interview  Daryl Davis, who has been keyboardist and bandleader for Rock ‘n Roll’s founding father Chuck Berry for over a quarter of a century. Chicago native Daryl Davis graduated from Howard University, with a degree in Jazz.  Additionally, he was mentored by legendary pianists Pinetop Perkins and Johnnie Johnson who both claimed him as their godson and praised his ability to master a piano style that was popular long before he was born.  

    Apart from The Daryl Davis Band, he has worked with Elvis Presley’s Jordanaires, Chuck Berry, The Legendary Blues Band, Percy Sledge, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Coasters, The Platters, The Drifters, and many others.  Daryl’s CDs American Roots and Alternate Routes, received rave reviews from leading Blues magazines, winning several WAMA (Washington Area Music Association) Awards for Best Artist in the Roots and Blues categories.  Daryl tours both nationally and internationally and recently released his Greatest Hits CD.  In addition to music, Daryl Davis is an author of a book, Klan-Destine Relationships, which tells of his extraordinary journey into the heart of one of America's most fanatical institutions the Ku Klux Klan.

     On February 5th Daryl will be present The First Annual Thanks for The Memories show, where he will present the best musicians in the DC/MD/VA area joining together to pay their respects and homage by remembering and celebrating every genre of music and every musician lost in 2015. Be sure to catch this interview and hear the music of Daryl Davis!




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    What would Dr. King say if he were alive today??

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    I met Dr. King once whe  was a little boy, about 9or10 In church. Cornerstone Baptist Church back In the 1960's when they were still lynching Blacks in the south,willie Lynch is what they use to call them selves/ AKA klu Klux klan, wow what a time In history. But Dr King stood up for a race of people who fell down after they killed him, because they were afraid.what would he say if he was alive today?