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    KLT Radio presents Neo Post Colonial Sorcery 46664 ft AA Rashid

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    Join Know The Ledge Radio for another monumental episode. 

    Do you know what Neo Post Colonial Sorcery is? 

    After tonight's episode and demonstration by AA Rashid you will be 

    familiar not only with this term but cognicant of the spell that has 

    many people bound. 

    Can the key be found in 46664? 

    We dedicate tonite's program to the memory & legacy of the elder Nelson Mandela as he joins the realm of the ancestors, amongst the many lights that adorn our celestial canopy..never to be forgotten. 

    The universe is speaking...what is being said and how do we utilize real time information for real time results? 

    TUNE IN TONITE as we delve into these topics and MORE! 

    Class is in session. 

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    0NF 6N ES*N

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    Why You Must Give to Receive More in Life

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    Give, and you shall receive more in life.
    I bet you have some incredible stories in your own life and business where you've told people EVERYTHING you know about a subject and they still ask, "So what's the secret?"
    And so that is why you can give away plenty of free advice, attracting people into your world with goodwill and good wisdom, and they will still buy.

    You build up the Know-Like-Trust (KLT) factor with free content and then you continue to deliver more great wisdom and step-by-step guidelines in your paid content, and people will still buy, because they believe that you are hiding something.
    ...because your prospects and clients will never give up hope of discovering that one last secret they think you are holding back.
    Give away free content to build your business, and know that we silly humans will never be satisfied with what you give away, because we always believe that you have more, that one secret that you are holding back.
    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, career coaches, solopreneurs, executive coaches

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    Mobile Marketing Exclusive Interview with Tina Williams

    in Marketing

    An Exclusive Interview with Tina Williams, An Expert in Mobile and Social Media Marketing 
    Key to Success in the Mobile and Social Media Marketing industry The Increasing Trend of Mobile Marketing How it is going to impact your reach to your customers Mobile and Social Media Strategies to help you capture the increasing mobile users and help your businesses to promote and reach out to more customers About Speaker  - Tina Williams
    Tina Williams, KLT Coach combines her years of working as a NYC Recruiter, Sales and Marketing Specialist and Customer Service Representative with her Social Marketing expertise to assist business owners in developing marketing campaigns built on a foundation of community and the know, like, trust factor. 
    As a business owner, public speaker, author, trainer, coach and mentor, Tina strives to foster relationship building campaigns for her clients and has developed a unique method to utilize Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites to develop communities that thrive on cooperation and result in profits.   Tina now focuses her time on her offline consulting business and educating entrepreneurs worldwide in the Social Media Certification and Social Online Staffing Acadamy.  

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    Chapter 4 Social Media Marketing for Bars and Restaurants

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    Our guest today is Tina Lussier, the vivacious director of marketing for Winnipeg's "World Famous Palomino Club"
    Tina shared a tool that she uses to track twitter comments - It is acutally a Firefox extension called "echofon"
    Listen as Tina describes what works and what does not work when you use social media to market your business
    Tina will share the successful strategy that she has employed to create a viral buzz on Facebook on the Palomino Club page
    We explore the pros and cons of using social media strategies to market your business
    Like it or hate it - Social media platforms are here to stay and people are talking about you online
    Are you listening? Do you even know what people are saying about you?
    There is a simple strategy that we will reveal during the show to get comments about your business delivered to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis
    Now that you know what they are saying, how can you manage your reputation and encourage the customers that love you to post 5 star reviews. Listen to the show to learn this innovative strategy employed by Connections Performance Media
    What are you doing to engage current clients and attract new clients and ultimately build your bottom line?
    Are you using the viral nature of social media to your advantage?
    Many practices have found great success using video to build their KLT factor - What is your experience?

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    Social Media Strategies with Tina Williams & Maria Gudelis

    in Marketing

    Social Media Strategic Consultants Tina Williams and Maria Gudelis join us to discuss the latest trends in Social Media
    We're excited to have with us today the vivacious co-owners of Keep It Real Media - Tina Williams and Maria Gudelis -

    Keep It Real Media specializes in Social Media Strategy and Coaching with businesses world wide

     Tina  is a Social Marketing Strategist,KLT coach, Speaker and author and hails from Tarpon Springs, Florida just outside Tampa where together with her husband she is raising 4 beautiful inspirational girls

    Maria is a Published author, global speaker & marketing expert who is willing to TELL you the Truth - not the FLUFF to make a difference!
    Maria holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, at the University of Western Ontario and lives just  21 hours north of Tina, her Keep It Real co-founder,  on the I 75, in Sarnia Ontario on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron
    Maria and Tina share their thoughts on the importance of social media in today's marketplace and their advice on using an expert to map out a strategy to determine what your objectives are and what is the best route to achieve them