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    Digital Arts Experience with Robert Kissner

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    Do you live in the Westchester New York area?  There is a wonderful alternative for your tween or teen to participate in after school, summer and on school breaks.
    The Digital Arts Experience Inc. is family owned and operated, and is founded on the values of collaboration, open communication and community. At The DAE, Rob feels that the best way to learn is through hands on experience and through working collaboratively. The DAE strives to provide a completely unique learning environment  by surrounding their students with like-minded individuals of the same skill level who share similar goals, where they can create an experience that is both collective and noncompetitive.

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    Diane Kissner - Language Based Learning Disabilities

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    Diane Kissner Director of Out Placement at the Windward School an incredible resource for children with language based learning disabilities.  Placement is everything. From finding that specialty school to returning to a mainstream educational environment, early planning and collaboration is key. Join Diane as we discuss specific educational programs for children with language based learning disabilities and hear her "To Do" list of planning for transitioning your child into and out of special needs schools. 

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    Episode 38 - Paul Tobey

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    Paul Tobey is CEO of TrainingBusinessPros.Com and also known as the StreetSmartMarketer. He is Canada's leading internet marketing trainer, who has trained over 22 thousand business owners throughout Canada and the USA. He's trained some of Canada's top internet marketing companies, and a few graduates who went on to create successful internet marketing businesses. Clients like Brian Klemmer from Klemmer and Associates, Ontario Place and Kissner Milling have put his training into action, and have experienced huge results. From a basement start-up to a mulit-million dollar manufacturing and distribution company, Paul has been on the front-lines for the last 4 years listening and helping business owners and marketing teams learn how to leverage the internet to turn an online visitor into a customer.

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