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    The Turbo Nerds: Episode 2- A Pogtacular New Years Special

    in Entertainment

    Well, The Turbo Nerds are coming back for ONE more show in 2014. This time, the guys will be talking about their most anticipated everything for 2015. With Structure Network being built, these guys do have a lot of free time on their hands. 

    This week, Rochelle "Ninja Sista" Hinds from The Electric Sistahood will be joining the Turbo Nerds to talk all things 2015, and POGS!

    Follow the Turbo Nerds on Twitter @TurboNerdsPod and join the conversation with the hashtag #TurboPogs

    The Turbo Nerds will be moving to a permanent night in early 2015. Stay tuned for that night. 

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    Sexy Nerds Live

    in Culture

    Join in live with the admins of Sexy Nerds and special guest, cosplayer Agent Paradox.

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    The Turbo Nerds Holiday Spectacular: 8-Bit Boston 2 Reveal

    in Entertainment

    The Turbo Nerds return! After a 5 month hiatus, The Internet's Least Favorite Podcast returns to say so long to Structure Gaming, and welcome in The Structure Network with a bang! On this episode of The Turbo Nerds, Qwick, AP, Dan Andsome Handsome and Dicknuts will also discuss their favorite Games of 2014, and many other things.

    Hour 2 will consist of the OFFICIAL 8-Bit Boston announcement for PAX East 2015.Topics included will be;

    -Sponsors and Venue 

    -Performers and Special Guests

    And much more!

    Join the conversation on Social Media, use the hashtags #8BitBoston2Reveal and #TheTurboNerds to meet other listeners like yourselves!

    Don't forget to follow the Turbo Nerds on Twitter! 


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    Sexy Nerds 10/16

    in Culture

    Chat with the admins of the page Sexy Nerds.

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    Shady's StarRe Nights: King of the Nerds Finale Edition

    in Television

    Ever wanted to know the Reality behind the Star? That is what host Shady Sykes attempts to get to on his weekly night time show. Want to know what matters to the stars? Then come on in, take a seat, and lets get to know them! The host Shady Sykes will look to try & bring us stars from different walks of life each week & get to know the person & not just the character they play/played on TV, whether reality television or a sitcom, Shady looks forward to bringing in those who the fans love & respect. This week Shady & special co-host Melissa will talk with & about this season of King of the Nerds! Tonight it will be a nerdtastic good time as Melissa & Shady allow everyone inside the minds & hearts of those who were in Nerdvana & now back in real worldvana. Want to know who his next guest is going to be? Follow him on twitter @djstweetarazzi for all the exciting news as he schedules guests every week. This is Shady's dream come true & he has many people he wishes to thank who has supported him in every way possible, espescially his General Hospital Recaps co-host Heather Gasol who without he wouldn't exist on blogtalkradio, the Get Real LoL family who have given him a home & a job as the network's Radio Manager, JuDD Daugherty who without I would not have been able to get many of my guests at the start (and even now he still helps me get guests), The Kowalski Family (Pam, Jessie & Kyla) who are all truly amazing women & some of the nciest people you will ever meet!, as well as Jenny Delich from RW Explosion who has stated she believes in me, & gives me confidence, as well as GinaMarie who is not only a beautiful woman but a beautiful friend! Its because of these people that I am on the air today! Shady wants to say Thank you to all of them!

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    Sexy Nerds LIVE!

    in Culture

    Come and Listen or Chat with your favorite Admins from the FB page Sexy Nerds. Owner: Chula and featuring admin: Spunk, DarkSide, KandiKiddie, VaderPrime, KniteFall and Fett.

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    The Turbo Nerds: Episode.... 3?- It's 2015, now what?!

    in Entertainment

    The Turbo Nerds return in 2015 for more mayhem, and geek culture shenanigains. 

    Joining us to talk gaming, and all things awesome will be Jon Myers and Dave Grossman of Reactive Studios (Codename Cygnus.) 

    Jon and Dave will be discussing Radio Dramas, and interactive gaming. This will prove to be a truly interesting topic. 

    Make sure to tune in January 8th live at 9pm EST! 

    Make sure to follow The Turbo Nerds on Twitter @TurboNerdsPod

    Follow Reactive Studios on Twitter @CodenameCygnus and @ReactiveStudios


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    Sexy Nerds Live 9/10

    in Culture

    Chat with the owner and admins of sexy nerds.

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    Sexy Nerds Live

    in Culture

    Come and listen to the admins of Sexy Nerds. Call in to also speak with your favorite admins, There will be talk of comics, movies, video games, cosplay and more! We like to keep it nerdy and keep it sexy.
    Owner Chula, Admins; Spunk, Fett, KniteFall, VaderPrime, and introducing the New Temp Admins, Vitani, Xavius and Desolete.

  • In The Beginning There was JAY KING & ROBERT REDWINE

    in Radio

         Who would have thought that where Jay King and Robert Redwine started in the beginning, that Robert Redwine would end up a special guest on a show called KINGS IN THE MORNING.  There are 7 WONDERS in the world, and many people keep WONDERING, how did Redwine last so long, and when is he going to become a SPECIAL GUEST on HONEY HUSH?  It's coming - that's a guarantine.  This is the foundation for where the JKN began.  Thank GOD, there was Jay King, because if it were up to Bobby...... well - you figure out the rest!

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    Sexy Nerds Live 10/4

    in Culture

    Meet with the Admins of your favorite page Sexy Nerds.

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