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    Political Correctness is Killing Us Softly

    in Self Help

    You must call Bruce Jenner "Caitlin...You must call ISIS a "non-Muslim" organization...You MUST see a "war on women"...You must think Lena Dunham is a "voice for women's rights"...you must believe that "all police are racist"...you must...you must...or else!

    How did we get here and where, exactly, is "here?" More importantly, where are we headed if we don't begin to think for ourselved and prioritize those things that really matter. Where will we be if we look evil in the face and refuse to call it what it is?

    These issues and more tonigjht on Above The Fray.

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    Cold blooded killing or Race War?

    in Radio

    Today America is in a state of shock of the live on air executions of two reporters in Va. The killer made statements of being sent over the edge by the Charleston SC, church murders and that he had been discriminated against, fired and bullied. The question is was this a cold blooded killing or retalliation for a race war? We will discuss tonight live 347-308-8988

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    Batman: The Killing Joke Review!

    in Entertainment

    Those Guys discuss Batman: The Killing Joke, and More...

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    in Spirituality

    Joanie Eisinger of Joanie’s White Light Healing and Caroline Dixon, Founder of Crystal Heart Psychics join forces to offer friendly, inspirational, warm and enormously valuable psychic readings and healings to assist souls on their life’s journey.  Their respective styles magically blend here to create a very unique, entertaining and often humorous and poignant experience for the recipients of their work.

    Caroline is a psychic medium, Reiki master and healer, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist. Caroline enjoys providing psychic readings and offering healing on any aspect of your life, whether that be relationships, career, spirituality and family.


    Joanie is a healer and a psychic, former clinical social worker and Gestalt therapist.  She employs her gifts for those who wish a greater sense of well-being.  Many seek her guidance on a myriad of issues, including finances, health, relationships, spirituality, career and family.

    Joanie is the recipient of Natural Awakenings Magazine's coveted 2013 Natural Choice Award recognizing her as Favorite Energy Healer in North Central, New Jersey.


    The content of this show is for entertainment purposes only. The Information provided during the show is NOT intended to be construed as a medical diagnosis or treatment. The information provided should not take the place of a consultation with a qualified physician or health care professional for medical diagnosis and/or treatment.

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    Mark Hamill Returns for 'The Killing Joke'!

    in Film

    DC on SCREEN news!

    *Mark Hamill Returns for 'The Killing Joke'!

    *Stephen Amell reveals strong feelings about his goatee!

    *Supergirl adds a Reactron!

    *Chris Pine chooses his role in the DC Extended Universe!


    *Mercy Graves confirmed!

    *Jena Malone is Barbara Gordon?

    *Scoot McNairy is amputated Jimmy Olsen?

    *Inside the September issue of Empre Magazine's coverage of Batman v Superman!

    *Ben Affleck's Wayne wig?

    *Wayne Manor abandoned?

    *Zack Snyder in charge of the entire DC Extended Universe?

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    Our Killing Fields: Murder In The Black Community

    in Current Events

    We're in the midst of a late summer spike in violent crime in several predominately Black and poor areas of US cities.  While we're talking about systematic racism, policies at every level of government that perpetuated the wholesale disenfranchisement of African Americans, and the need to assert that our lives that have been marginalized and minimized by that system in so many ways do matter, we have to talk about what is going on in our own house,too.

    What is behind this spike in violence in the Black community, and what are we going to do to about it?

    Were going to have a real discussion about a real problem, and we'll try to come up with some real solutions.

    We've got plenty of strong coffee, bring a big cup,

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    Killing any License or Certificate

    in Education

    Our BlogTalkRadio show this week will continue our discussion from the Republic Broadcasting Network show on Saturday from 7pm-8pm EST at republicbroadcasting.org.  We will discuss the various terms within the applications for licences and certificates.  Some of the terms that we will investigate include: place, county, application, apply, demand, statement, truth, fee, docket fee, and so on.  Each term carries a meaning which is different than what is commonly known.  The word magic at play is the key to helping to invalidate the application.  By demanding that you have the right to correct the application, you have an opportunity to invalidate it and "kill" the license connected to the application.  Please join us for another engaging show on the why and how to become a free man (or woman) within the current structure of society as we know it.

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    Let Us Pray

    in Christianity

    Come pray the standard Catholic Rosary with one of the Mystries of Faith Meditations and Reflection for the week.

    We broadcast this program every Thursday evening at 6:00 PM (EST) right here in Studio B the Catholic Radio Network. Also if you have a special prayer intention or a Birthday you wish to have us mention on the air, please email us at (info@celticcrossministry.com). In the subject line please reference this program (Let Us Pray) and in the body of the message please let us know what you want prayer for. Please be sure to sign it with you "REAL NAME" the City / Town, State or Provence and Country you are from. We would be honored to lift your request up for others to pray for as well.

    So until show time, may our Lord bless you and guide you and light your path brightly in His ways, may you follow it all the days of your life and be Blessed for Enduring until the End.

    Sincerely IHS and yours,

    Cardinal +++ Andrew Patrick

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    China & the US economy and other issues

    in Politics

    Guest:   Dr. Ileana Johnson, author and economist.............she has written extensively about the economy and her homeland of Romania..........We will look at the US economy and the situation in China.......it has has cause turbulence in the stock market................and a few other thoughts....

    Click to support some of our friends....







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    Are people killing the fun in racing

    in Automotive

    are people killing the fun in racing

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    The War WithIn Us!!

    in Social Networking

    We All Hold On To Old Luggage:: In Able for us to move on with our lives we have to heal us!..Live From the CyberHood:: With Your Host Big $hi Getti:: Join Us 4:30pm Central time!