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    Medium Kevin DeMaria

    in Spirituality

    You have seen him on HBO, A&E, My Ghost Story, Lifetime and BTVN. Now you can get your personal reading with Kevin for free. ...
    You can watch the show on your computer and chat.
    This will be one of my last shows for a while.

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    Leeann from the CF Foundation joins the Friends of Kevin Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Leeann from the CF Foundation. Listen in to learn more about their upcoming fundraiser. 

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    RileyNicole Designs is featured on The Business Forum Show with Kevin Hunter

    in Business

    Host Kevin Hunter features Megan Andrew of RileyNicole Designs. Megan has an interesting story behind her trendy kid's clothing business venture. She loves dressing up her kids and she wanted to try something new and venture out of her comfort zone. Megan is able to work from home, and through collaborating with other shop owners, she is surpassing her business goals. She is one of the few business people who has written goals. If you haven't written down your goals and made a plan on how to reach them, tune in and hear how Megan has used this process to help her business grow. 

    You may see Megan Andrew's shop at: 



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    Owning a Brewery Part 3 of 3 - Kevin Hunter & Jeff O'Brien on TBFS Radio

    in Business

    Hosts Kevin Hunter and Jeff O'Brien discuss the legal aspects and how-to's of owning a brewery. Jeff is an expert on assisting new and current brewers in Minnesota. Kevin and Jeff cover the business law on The Business Forum Show.

    A note from Jeff:

    Assisting new and existing breweries in their legal needs has become a large part of my law practice in the past five years.  A few years ago, in an effort to educate prospective brewery owners as to the legal issues they would need to address in realizing their dream, I co-authored an article for The Growler entitled “The Ten Legal Steps to Owning a Brewery.”  You can read the article here.

    You can call this broadcast on The Business Forum Show with Kevin Hunter the “cliffs notes” version of the article.  We discuss choosing a name, choice of entity, protecting your brewery name – and beer names – through trademark registration, leasing (or purchasing) real estate, raising funds and applying for Federal state and local licenses.

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    Are you a transparent business owner? Kevin Hunter & David Ford on TBFS Radio

    in Business

    Genuine. Sincere. Honest. Transparent. Trustworthy. Reliable. What qualities do you most exemplify in your business? Do you show the qualities no matter what's going on? Can your employees trust you to be the same person from day to day? Join Hosts Kevin Hunter & David Ford as they shed light on a common situation in business where owners & employees have a public goal or public agenda as well as a private goal / agenda. What happens is a conflict of interest. 

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    Jason Drohn, Watts Wacker, Kevin Mokoli

    in Business

    Jason Drohn has been marketing online for 8 years, working with hundreds of businesses and thousands of entrepreneurs through his courses and done-for-you services.  He’s best know for his ‘quickest path to cash’ strategies where he cuts years of testing and development out of his client’s lives, and delivers sales funnels that that are both automated and profitable

    Watts Wacker is an Author, Futurist and social critic. He was selected by The Science Channel as 1 of 20 influencial people to make a prediction for the next 1000 years and 5th place in the 1979 world championship pork bar-b-q

    Kevin Mokoli  lead strategist for marketing, branding and the over all customer experience at Innowatts. He has over 4 years of experience in branding and digital marketing. After managing and creating various viral campaigns across diverse sectors, Kevin began his career in the energy industry in 2013 at NRG before joining the energy-tech start-up, Innowatts

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    Hiring Challenges - Kevin Hunter and David Ford on The Business Forum Show

    in Business

    At The Business Forum Show, we often hear that business owners have trouble finding the right people to fill open positions. Don't get us wrong - there is a lot to consider in the hiring process. Employers need someone with the correct skill set for the job who is happy with the wages, demands of the position. However, the most important part of the hiring process is the interview and here's why: You can see someone's skills and experience on paper, but you can't tell what their attitude is. We've found that it's much easier to hire a willling participant and teach them the skills they need to know than it is to have a technically sound person who is stubborn or impersonable. 

    Whatever the case may be, consider what hosts Kevin Hunter and David Ford have to make the hiring process more transparent for you. Plan for success. Make it happen!

    What makes The Business Forum Show so unique? We aren’t reporting business news or talking about what happened in the stock market today. Our cast has been in and out of thousands of different companies and we understand both domestic and international markets. Regardless of what your business model is, it’s likely we’ve seen it employed in countless other businesses and understand both the strengths and weaknesses of your plan. Every day we witness the sweat, blood, and tears that owners have invested in their companies. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve seen some of the most unique companies, run by some of the most amazing business owners, many of whom are breaking all the ‘traditional rules’ of business. Do you have any idea what unreasonable limits you might have you placed on your own success? It’s time to find out. Tune in today!

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    Carol Phillips - author, speaker, health coach

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Carol Phillips - author, speaker, health coach. Carol Phillips is a health coach, author, speaker, and consultant who helps individuals and businesses improve their health...the easy way! For more information please visit her website at http://healthdesignnh.com/

    For more information about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group and to see a list of upcoming networking events please visit our website at www.friendsofkevin.com. 

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    Taking It To The Streets With Brother Kevin Hinkston

    in Religion

    I am personally committed here at Taking It To The Streets to bringing to you, our listeners, some of the most uplifting and inspiring interviews, along with some of the most anointed preaching and teaching that you are going to hear this side of the River Jordon, because we are devoted to bringing the word of God in application in order to bring about transformation in the hearts and minds of men. 

    This week I will be joined by Brother Kevin Hinkston; Superintendant of the Palma Ceia Baptist Church Sunday School Department. This man of God is a phenomenal teacher that possesses humility and great wisdom. He is a man who believes in being meaningful, active, and necessary in the lives of his family as a phenomenal father and husband, in his church as a grounded leader of the Sunday School Department and as the Director of the Male Chorus, and in his community by reaching back and pulling others up! He lives the Gospel by sharing the Gospel with the world, serving His neighbors, and being present and active in his home.

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    Awaken Life Coaching - Tracey Pruitt joins host Kevin Hunter

    in Business

    Host Kevin Hunter features guest Tracey Pruitt of Awaken Life Coaching & Supports LLC. In her work, Tracey provides Life Coaching for Women. Everyone needs someone in their life and business to talk things through with, process information, be it a business partner, spouse, friend. 

    Here's a note from Tracey on the kinds of success she has found in life coaching:

    I have helped women get unstuck, by helping them discover what is important in their lives, what they have pushed down deep inside for whatever reason and then set and accomplish goals that they never thought that they could do. The hope and joy that they walk in is amazing. 
    One of my first successes was actually a friend that had an idea of how to decorate my office. As we were finishing it up I started asking her questions on her decorating and if she had ever thought to go into interior design as a business. Through some more questions and goal setting. She took steps and now has a business that incorporates not only interior design but much much more.

    If someone is feeling stuck, on the verge of hopelessness and they want their lives to thrive...... Hope is truly alive!! What a difference a day can make. Choose to do something different. Life Coaching is a positive and encouraging way to move into the destiny and purpose all women were created for.

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    Steve Owens, Owner of Finish Line PDS

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Steve Owens, owner of Finish Line PDS. Finish Line PDS offers trusted Product Development Services from concept through production. To learn more please visit their website at http://www.finishlinepds.com/

    To learn more about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group please visit our website at www.friendsofkevin.com 

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