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  • 01:01

    The Sexy Party Show: Sexy Health

    in Self Help

    Get ready for an audio thrill ride that takes on issues of sex, dating, relationships and more with Mr. Locario, aka The Bad Boy of Dating and his right hand man Miles Cunningham

    Good Mental Physical Spiritual health makes us sexy. On the next tantalizing episode of The Sexy Party Show, we will be discussing exercise, meditation, diet, and how maintaining all three can help with your sex, dating, relationships.

    Amina Zena our critically acclaimed personal trainer, will share some explosive tips for working out your body for top performance and stamina.

    Anita Gee our resident pleasure specialist will share some sensual and intimate tips on how pleasure can help you maintain a healthy state of mind and body.

    As always we will have the News Orgy, Foreplay with Amina Zena, Pleasure Addictions with Anita Gee, The Dirty Sexy Truth with Mr. Locario, The G-Spot with Miles Cunningham, and the moment of clarity.

    Tune into The Sexy Party Show where the people are the sexiest, the conversation is even sexier, and we also get closer to the sexiest thing of all, the Truth. Tune in this Wednesday at 10pm on the Go Pro Radio Network. Thesexypartyshow.com


  • 01:01

    Toys That Will Enhance Your Orgasmic Pleasure

    in Romance

    Tune as the ladies explore toys that will help enhance your orgasmic pleasure. From kegal Intimacy~ yoni eggs, benwa balls, and colors that relaxes you for that sensual pleasure & opens the energy center of your body for love.
    Enjoy the ladies and tell them what you've found to enhance your love life.

  • 00:30

    Let's Get Physical- Zenity Fitness with Montique Stephon

    in Lifestyle

    Special guest, Montique Stephon, personal trainer and holistic nutrition coach.  Zenity Fitness is based in Washington, D.C. and Montique Stephon has been helping people achieve a higher level of self awareness, fitness and health for over 10 years!  Learn how to unleash your sexuality and get in shape through Zenity Fitness!