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    Domestic Violence in the NFL (Rice Reinstated) - What Message Did That Deliver?

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    Domestic Violence in the NFL (Rice Reinstated) - What Kind Message Did That Decision Deliver?

    The NFL was forced to reinstate running back Ray Rice by Judge Barbara Jones, making him eligible to return to the field after missing 11 games during the 2014 season, per multiple sources. The NFL has agreed not to pursue any further punishment for Rice. After the conclusion of an appeal hearing that featured testimony from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the league lifted its indefinite suspension, which it levied on Sept. 8, an increase of Rice's original two-game suspension.

    Domestic violence: The Bureau of Justic Statistics (BJS) summary data bunches domestic crimes with their respective counterparts. Because the vast majority of these are assault cases the assault data was broken into domestic and nondomestic, based on another BJS report which states that approximately 21 percent of violent crimes are domestic. (How exactly that translates into arrests is very tricky; the tentative number closer to 15 percent, but to be conservative, 21 percent baseline for purposes of this analysis). The study did not say that all of the players arrested were guilty, and only a small number are ever prosecuted or disciplined (which is also true to varying degrees for the general public).

    Let's discuss this case and what kind of impression the final decision gave other women that are being abused. 

    Thank you for your continued support. 

    Dr. Wendy  

    Source: FiveThirtyEight.com & SB Nation.com

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    The Age of Information Is Aquarius Age and Justice!!

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    In the age of Aquarius Justic has return and many are not ready for Justice, why is that? I will be speaking on the Hoildays {aka Helladays} and how man made Hoildays do not make a civilization. How this planet and the many civilizations were Great without the help of the external technoloy today. The side effects of so call modern technology and how do we get out of it or change it?  This is your Host Das with Psychic World , Listen in every Thrusday and Sunday at 11:00pm  email your questions to   bright_ann@ymail.com

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    How the Greatest Civilization did not use External Technology

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    Universal take over is here and this is the time of the Age of Aquarius has brought Justic here in this depensation!! The old paradigm is dying the new paradigm  is being birthed.  What are the Major changes that are happening in the Age of Aquarius?  How is the civilization of technology different from the greatest civilization that had no need of external technology.  This is das with Psychic World, listen in on the program and email your questions to   bright_ann@ymail.com  Thank you

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    Greatest Civilizations no use for External Technology

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    Find out how many are stuck here on the third dimension in polarity consciousness.  As we continue in the Age of Aquarius you see more and more things exposed and set right , how is that and what do you mean?  At this time and day and age Justic is here!!! what will happen is Justic for all?  What happen in the Horse year2014 and how will it be different in the sheep (Goat year)2015  this is Das with Psychic World your Host /  Thank you for calling in and your gifts. Email your questions to     bright_ann@ymail.com

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    The Michael Brown case-Lets keep it real

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    Random is keeping it real. My heartbreaks at the loss of another young person. The reality is the boy comitted a crime. NOt only stole but grabbed a clerk up by his shirt. Now I dont know where you people come from but here in ky that assault . Everybody wants to throw in that race card. At some point you have to look at justice and not race .

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    Meeting the Behavioral Health Needs of Youth Involved in the JJ System

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    Meeting the Behavioral Health Needs of Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justic System

    A few years ago, Spotlight on Youth highlighted Ohio’s Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice (BHJJ) initiative. BHJJ was developed to meet the complex and multiple issues faced by delinquent youth, including mental health, substance abuse, and other behavioral needs as well as to provide courts an alternative to incarceration.Since that show, a formal evaluation of BHJJ has occurred resulting in a publication of those findings.On this episode, guests will share the results from the evaluation and one county will offer its insights into integrating BHJJ into its cadre of approaches.


    Kathryn Castele-Smith, MSSA, LISW-S, Integrated Co-Occurring Treatment Supervisor, Bellefaire JCB

    Jeff Kretschmar, PhD, Research Assistant Professor and Senior Research Associate, Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education, Case Western Reserve University’s Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

    Melanie Miller, Behavioral Health Juvenile Justice Manager, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division

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    Single Fathers: The Invisible Man

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    Today we celebrate single fathers that are raising their children with love and determination no matter the circumstance of their situation. Meet three sinlge fathers as they share their stories of the beauty of fatherhood.

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    American Disabled Veterans in Action

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    Hosts Dr. Jorge Anderson, Johnathan Bibbins, Michael Fortune. We are a group of disabled Veterans who are active advocates for the rights of veterans who have served in the United States Military and their families. We advocate for the rights of veterans. We talk to the the poloticians who want to talk to us and we promote Americanism.   

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    A Special Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Message: Martin's Greatest Gift

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    A Special Martin Luther King Day Message: Martin's Greatest Gift


    "If one member suffers, all suffer together with it; if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it." -- 1 Cor. 12:26.

    January is a very dreary month and we can all use a break.

    Over twenty-five years have passed and "Martin Luther King, Jr. Day" has slipped into the rotation of routine events that shape our lives -- smack in the middle of the NFL playoffs and right before Groundhog's Day. But Martin's greatest gift to us is not just a day off or another three-day holiday weekend of promotional sales to kick-start the economy.

    Neither is his greatest gift a seat on a bus or at a lunch counter for a minority of us. It's not even his wake-up call to a majority that was comfortable living in atrophied isolation, actively oblivious to the catastrophic rot around us. Behind it all, his greatest gift was to vividly lay bare the Body of Christ and challenge us to live in it.

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    WTF Wednesday - Transphobia and the Cotton Ceiling

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    Hey gang

    In this episode, I'll be reading some posts by others that I saw in blog comments and social networks... And then I'll read a post that I put up in response.

    I don't know much about this topic except that I want my social justic folks to check this out and check me if I'm not tackling this correctly. 



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    Super Dave Show-Whats With Our Justic System?

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    On 48 hours the other night, I was watching the story about Ryan Ferguson out of Columbia Mo.   What a horrible excuse for a Justice system and what are with these prosecutors?  Is it about justice or is it about winning?
    This story caught my attention and make me ill 

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