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    Dream Catchers - Jurisprudence - Michigan prison system

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    Jurisprudence TBI and the Michigan prison system - Cyndy Mistead Anzak a long time disability rights leader  will be my special guest Tonight!!! As described by the CDC, many people in prisons and jails are living with traumatic brain injury (TBI)-related problems that complicate their management and treatment while they are incarcerated.

    Because most prisoners will be released, these problems will also pose challenges when they return to the community. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes TBI in prisons and jails as an important public health problem.

    What is known about TBI and related problems in prisons and jails? There are more than two million people currently reside in U.S. prisons and jails. According to jail and prison studies,

    25-87% of inmates report having experienced a head injury or TBI as compared to 8.5% in a general population. Prisoners who have had head injuries may also experience mental health problems such as severe depression and anxiety, substance use disorders, difficulty controllinganger, or suicidal thoughts and/or attempts.

    I have a particular interest in this topic because my little brother suffered several concussions in his 33 years but very little attention was ever given to him with regard to their effects on him.  Tonight I wish to share with your listeners my brother’s story and why I would love for anyone who is so moved, to contact the Michigan Department of Corrections on my brother’s behalf for his upcoming parole hearing.  I will provide more details and information on your talk show.  I look forward to sharing my family’s story.


    Cyndy Milstead Anzek

    Dream Catchers with Les Paul

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    TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT RISING 360! as Sis. SentAsha KeyAma-Joy EL moderates the walk down the Jurisprudence Road as Bro. Richard EL Bey and Bro. Priest Eliyshuwa Yahweh brings forth thorough details about the Common Law Doctrine of Corpus Delicti and a HOT! stare decisis. Focus Points: • What is Corpus Delicti?  • How is it applicable to the most simplest of alleged allegations?

    Key for further ongoing study: Harvard Law Review 

    Civil Alert Rising 360!
    Informative, Engaging & 3rd Eye Opening

    ***LAW MEMO***
    The Creator of the Universe brings forth Universal Law of which is interlaced in our customary maxims and ancestral laws. 
    The Constitution for the United States of America is the Supreme Law of the Land (Article 6)
    United States Department of Justice: Report a Human Rights Violator

    ***Law of Nations UN***
    Per The UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders
    Article 6 Everyone has the right, individually and in association with others:
    (a) To know, seek, obtain, receive and hold information about all human rights. Read Declaration / Submit Complaint

    *Matthew 11:45 *
    Woe to you  lawyers (scribes) also! for you load men with burdens hard to bear and
    you yourselves do not touch the burdens with one of your fingers."

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    V.O.T.M.: Basic Terms in Islamic Jurisprudence [Usul Al-Fiqh]

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    This Deen is still alive and intact in the Qur'an and Sunnah. It is from these two sources that we will explain the nature of Islam and fundamental elements associated with its foundation of law (Usul Al-Fiqh), In'sha-Allah. Join A.J.A.M. as he discuss the principles of Islamic jurisprudence.

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    Occult means, Hidden from view; concealed.
    Jurisprudence is from the Old Moorish Latin words,
    jurisprudentia, juris, and jus – meaning, right, law, a foreseeing, knowledge and skill. Moors also penned the primal books on the subject matters and disciplines of Jurisprudence, which are now used universally. Jurisprudence is that Science which treats of positive
    law and the philosophy of law.

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    "Atoms for Peace vs. the Hig": Dr. Reich's Contempt Trial

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    This episode concludes our study of Wilhelm Reich's Philosophy of Law presented in the last episode.  We will examine how his jurisprudential philosophy of natural law played out during his trial, as revealed in the trial transcript and some additional observations from his biographer Dr. Myron Sharaf.

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    The court case the “UNITED STATES vs. THE HEIRS OF HENRY TURNER (TUNICA) case 32 UNITED STATES APPELLATE COURT” in 1850 was an appeal to an earlier case won by the Heirs of Henry Tunica called “THE HEIRS OF TURNER (TUNICA) vs. THE UNITED STATEScase 191” in 1848. In otherwords, on June 6, 1848, a Supreme Court Decision read by Theo H. McCaleb (Judge), declared that the United States does NOT own the land of The Ancient Ones (Uaxashaktun) Mound Builders of North America (more than 1,000,000 square miles of land). Mu'urs (Moors) are the Title holders. 

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    Dr. Wilhelm Reich's Philosophy of Law

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    Your host, Dr. Steven Katz, lawyer, philosopher, and theologian, will speak on the philosophy of law behind Dr. Reich's defense of the FDA legal action against him.

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    Muur Jurisprudence Part Two: The Art of Law

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    jurisprudence is the philosophy of law and how it works in court.  Keng El Bey And Chief Noble Bandele El Amin discuss the legalities of various charges.  Whats probable cause and did the officer violate your due process.  Is sovereignty remedies applicable in these courts? 

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    Thru the Legal Looking Glass~ Confessions of a ex-BAR Attorney w/Joseph Sapp

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    Join us on another Evolve Quest as we venture into unprecedented territory~ interviewing a convert from the Dark Side, Joseph Sapp- a renegade, maverick cowboy who traded in his BAR card for a new lease on life as an honest and honorable member of the Human Family~!

    Topics to be covered:

    ~American Jurisprudence: Born in Blood and Betrayed by the BAR~!

    ~How Power really works in American Poilitics

    ~The Spiritual Side of Jurisdiction and Joinder

    ~"Lawful" vs. "Legal"

    ~Practicing Law and Providing Legal Advice as a non-BAR Member

    ~Pitfalls and Traps: What to look out for in the Courtroom

    ~The Dirtiest Tricks that Attorneys Use to Maintain Full-Spectrum Dominance

    ~The Secret Oath- Do BAR Attorneys Swear Fealty to the Crown Corporation

    ~The Titles of Nobility Act

    ~The Legal Name Fraud

    ~The Power of the County Sheriff

    ~The Power of the Notary Public

    ~What is State Sovereignty?

    ~ The inevitable Article 5 Constitutional Convention and what it means for the Federal Gov't and for State Governments

    ~Message from One Human Soul to Another~ What Really Matters?

    ~Next Steps we can take to Restore Law and Order in a System Gone Haywire?

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    NATIONALITY VS. SOVEREIGNTY: What's The Difference?

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    In this episode, we will thoroughly address the issues of nationality, sovereignty ideology, and their impact on the Moorish Divine National Movement. Some of the questions that will be covered on this show are:

    What is nationality?
    What is sovereignty?
    Should Moors be nationals as opposed to citizens?
    Did Prophet Noble Drew Ali teach Moors about sovereignty?
    Can an individual function as a sovereign in America?
    Are corporations (religious and otherwise) bad for the Moors?
    Can Moors proclaim their nationality outside of the MSTA?
    Are Moors within the MSTA part of their own nation or are they just a religious congregation?
    Should Moors just proclaim their nationality and leave religion alone?
    and much, much Moor!!!

    In light of the recent media coverage of various Moorish groups and individuals, along with their legal battles, it is time to set the record straight once and for all. This episode is for all Moors... from the well-versed Moorish jurist to the average Temple Moor. Bring your Moorish literature and a good law dictionary. You do not want to miss this show!!!

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    Direct Courtroom Activism~ Stealing Back Gold from Smaugs Lair w/Rand Cadmus Pt2

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    The "powers that were" cut Rand's phone line. He said he usually throws aways phones and renews them but went too long with this phone. He will be obtaining a new phone and continuing the show tomorrow Friday November 7th at 6pm EST- Join with us again for PT.2~ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evolvequest/2014/11/07/direct-courtroom-activism-stealing-back-gold-from-smaugs-lair-wrand-cadmus-pt2

    Join us for yet another ground-breaking 2-hr. Law Jam Session with Courtroom Activist and Legal Scholar Rand Cadmus. Rand is modern-day hero and advocate for victims of the corrupt and fraudulent Legal System. He recently has brought a case to the Supreme Court of Virginia and will be sharing war-stories, victories, strategies and accounts of how people just like you can become involved with direct action and activism in a courtroom setting. Most would tremble at the thought of entering such a Dragon's Lair to expose corruption, exercise rights and to firmly secure and establish the reign of Justice for future generations, but more and more people like Rand are educating themselves and taking honorable and lawful actions to reclaim the American Legal System from the fraudsters, crooks, pimps and gamblers who currently occupy American Jurisprudence.

    Topics to be discussed:

    ~ Law and Tyranny: When "Laws" Violate Rights

    ~ The Legal Fraud: How Best to Expose it?

    ~What Constitutes a Crime?

    ~How To Stand Your Ground in the Courtroom

    ~Courtroom Nuclear Options: What works?

    ~Policy Enforcement vs. Law Enforcement

    ~How to Get a Corrupt Judge Removed from the Bench

    ~Jury Nullification

    ~Common Mistakes and Courtroom Entrapment: What to Avoid

    ~Violation of Rights Under Color of Law

    ~Conspiracy to Deprive Rights

    ~Lawful Rebellion

    ~BAR Attorneys and the Titles of Nobility Act

    ~When Courts are used for Terrorism

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