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    Jobless in America! What Should They Do When They Cant' Find a Job?

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    WallStreet is doing wonderfully well this day! Stock markets have climbed over 17,000 which is a first. Prices of goods and services are rising from month to month. Utilities and gasoline both are necessities are becoming more unaffordable every year. There are two Americas this day. There is a rich America and a poor America. Politicians and CEOs are increasing poverty across America. People need jobs, are searching for jobs, and cannot find jobs to supply daily needs anymore. Never before have I witnessed such an America. CEOs are locking out workers, keeping wages low, and providing little or no benefits. Politicians are labeling jobless generational lazy, mismanagers, too stupid to hold down a job. Jobless in America continue to grow. What should jobless do when they can't find a job?

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    Being Joyfully Jobless - Meet the "Gypsy Teacher" Barbara Winter

    in Business

    Join Heidi Anderson and Victoria Boyd as they interview Barbara Winter, Founder of Joyfully Jobless and author of the timeless book, "Making A Living without A Job". A visionary, Barbara describes herself as the ‘gypsy teacher’, offering a wide range of seminars on careers opportunities and being an entrepreneur. Barbara will share her experience, strategies and philosophy on being a successful entrepreneur. Tips that can help you avoid the trials and mistakes often experienced by new start ups. You will enjoy her wit and learn tips on success and failure.

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    When Jobless Citizens Become Squeaky Wheels

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    Change comes when we become the change we want. Jobless citizens must make noise. When jobless citizens become the squeaky wheels they will start to make money. Then and only then will the jobless experience weekly paychecks again.

    Jobless citizens include our veterans, middle class, working poor, new to job market, retirees returning to job market, ex-felons, yearly high school and college grads.

    The jobless group is varied but goals are the same. Everyone need to make money. They need to spread the message daily that they need paychecks. They all need to become a vocal issue based singular group and stay on top of elected officials and CEOs until employment is reality. 

    Jobless citizens must communicate their employment needs not just to those they go to for jobs. The jobless need to post online directly to companies for employment. They need to post for all to see the constant rejections they are receiving and from what company. This jobless situation is political, and therefore the job search has to fit the problem. The jobless should write letters to corporate and to CEOs expressing their desires to be given the opportunity to show themselves as capable Americans.

    Employers are beating down the jobless in media with statements like, there are no qualified applicants to hire. Applicants has to show the employers the information they are taking as fact is nothing more than erroneous opinions. Make political noise about your desires for employment and your goal materializes. It is your responsibility to work daily until you hear "You got the job"!

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    Labor Day Special: Voting Matters for Employed, Underemployed, and Jobless

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    This show is as special Labor day show for people who work for their money. Those who work for their money and have great  jobs this labor day can thank union members for the opportunity to have a paycheck and other benefits that comes with the paycheck. You owe union members before you owe the corporation you work for. If you have a union you can join, you should do so this month. If you have no union available, you can support union members and you can register to vote, talk to your elected officials about jobs and homelessness in your city and vote Nov 4 for the people who will support jobs and not outsourcing jobs.

    The under employed who have a job can thank union members for the jobs available for many of you today and for the opportunity at hand for you to join a union and make life much better for your and those who depend on you. Being in a union brings more opportunities to employees. Union representatives can negotiate for workers and employers are willing to negotiate when they know these are the wishes of the workers. You can be instrumental in a better America by registering to vote, contacting your elected official about the need to raise minimum wages, and be sure you go vote Nov 4th for the person who is for more jobs for Americans, and against outsourcing US jobs.

    Those jobless today you have some serious decisions to make. 25-30million of you need jobs. You can encourage corporations to create jobs by registering to vote during September 2014, by contacting your elected official during September and make clear that you will vote against their job if you are not working come November 4, 2014. Then you go and boycott businesses that refuse to hire, and you join protest against politicians.


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    Jobless More Than 6 Months? You Need My Help

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    The President says 2014 is the year of actions for jobs and the economy.

    Let's go get hired guys! The economy is doing great and only thing we need is for workers to get their piece of the pie. A job. If you have been jobless for more than 6 months, you need to listen to my shows.

    My archived files are available 24/7.

    I am live on mondays 4:30PM CST.

    You can call in with specific questions about what to do.

    You can email me and I'll answer question.

    We can talk by phone, and I'll answer questions.

    My desire is a full workforce before the end of 2014. We are here to help at The Work for Life show

    If you think you can, or if you think you cannot, you are right ~ Henry Ford

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    Jobless in America

    in Comedy

    Why is it so hard to find a JOB?!!!! I know people who have had 3 jobs in one month and is now jobless again!!! What's really going on in the USA? Tonight we will have open discussions about the adventures of trying to be an employee in America. Tune in at 11pm and don't be afraid to call in to help with a solution to this national problem!!

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    Politicians Focus= 2016! Not jobs!? Not wages!? Not Healthcare!?

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    General elections favors people resulting in angry republicans. Midterm elections favors Republicans resulting in republicans saying the people want us to rule. Republicans rule is to favors the top 1% of wealthies of Americans. There are 80% of Americans sharing 7% of the entire wealth of the nation. Surely this is not enough for you and your children? With no jobs, no increase in wages, no healthcare, will you be able to leave to your children more than or at least as much as your parents left to you? Are you content to live with less than what is required to retire and live comfortably? Hold people in leadership roles accountable. Work to gain the best of America for self and family. Fail to require more get less. Immigrants come to America expecting more. They leave their homeland and come and gain rewards from jump street. Immigrants get jobs with good pay and Americans remain jobless. Immigrants claim more for themselves and their families. Politicians and CEOs reap monetary rewards, and Americans sulk and complain and settlle for whatever crumbs thrown from the tables of politicians. Demand more gain more. Politicians focus is on 2016 elections. Not on Americans jobs, not wages, not healthcare!

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    That if any would not work, neither should he eat?

    So why is it you remain jobless my friend?

    Get a job or quit complaining about the way things are

    Freelance services and get paid or quit complaing about the way things are

    Sell stuff to others: make it, bake it, grow it, buy it, and SELL IT or quit complaining about the way things are

    Go to work yourself and make America better or quit complaing about the way things are.

    That if any would not work, neither should he eat~ 2Thes 3:10

    The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof~Psalm 24:1

    As a man thinketh he is~ Proverbs 23:7

    All unrighteousness is sin~ I John 5:17

    We can do all things through Christ which strengthens me~Phil 4:13

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight~Proverbs 3:5

    Let us not be weary in doing well~Galatians 6:19

    Cast your bread upon the waters, for thous shall find it after many days~Eccl 11:1

    For I was hungred, and ye gave me no meat: naked, and y clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.~Matthew 25:43

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    Find Work You Like That Pays More, Using the Skills You Have

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    Whether you are jobless or in a job with no benefits, think about doing work you like, for the first time ever. Whatever  your work history, it is valuable work experience. Take from that work experience that which are good at and like most. Look for these same skills in a career that pays more.  Spend 3-4 hours finding jobs you qualify for based on skills you already have. Visit www.myskillsmyfuture.org and begin a new career. Find yourself doing work you like and getting paid more.

    Listen to my archived shows. They are available 24/7.  Download your favorites and keep them for easy listening. All shows are 30minutes or less. They are all loaded with material to help the average job seekers. Listen to this show. It is 4 years old and it still gets hits from listeners. Veterans click here.

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    Jobless Talk

    in Politics

    Jobless Talk is where unemployed Americans come to vent.

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    When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

    in Lifestyle

    Join us in a conversation with Teneyse Williams, co-founder of Dapper Dads Magazine in a conversation about small business ownership and entrepreneurship.

    Accordingly to NPR, although the national unemployment rate has fallen steadily in recent months, youth unemployment remains high, and the jobless rate is even higher among young minorities. For young people between the ages of 16 and 24, unemployment is more than twice the national rate, at 14.2 percent. For African-Americans, that rate jumps to 21.4 percent.

    Our conversation tonight will highlight a young entrepreneur as a way to inspire our youth to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option and to be optimistic about their future. We want to encourage them to embrace a can-do attitude in the face of high unemployment statistics, adversity or misfortune.  Also, we want to remind them that when life gives them lemons, which is a metaphor for bitterness and disappoint, that they have the potential to create an opportunity for themselves where they can turn those lemons into lemonade to make it sweeter and advantageous to them.  


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