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    Tales From The Field: Who is the Mobile Applicant?

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    Episode Description:

    You know they’re out there, and their numbers are increasing… but who is really applying to a job from their phone?  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Joe Essenfeld, Founder & CEO of Jibe.  Joe will share actual stories about mobile jobseekers who have chosen their phone or tablet to apply for a job.  Get the good and the bad of the mobile application experience from the perspective of jobseekers.


    About Our Guest

    Joe Essenfeld | Founder & CEO, Jibe

    Joe Essenfeld is the Founder and CEO of Jibe. Prior to starting Jibe, Joe was COO of Insomnia Cookies, where he was responsible for hiring hundreds of employees. It was his experiences with those hires that led him to start Jibe. Beyond Joe's hands-on hiring experience, his relationships with senior recruitment executives at the Fortune 1000 have shaped the recruiting solutions Jibe has built.

    Joe received his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and currently resides in New York City with his wife.

    Request a mobile apply demo:  http://www.jibe.com/mobileapply