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    Author Jeff Pearlman Compares The 80′s Lakers and the 90′s Cowboys

    in Sports

    Comparing the Dynasties of the 1980's Lakers and 1990's Cowboys

    By Bryan Houston and NYTimes best selling author Jeff Pearlman

    New York Times best sellng author Jeff Pearlman, who wrote “Boys Will Be Boys” depicting the 1990′s Dallas Cowboys, talks to RattleandHumSports.com  host Bryan Houston upon the release of his newest book “Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980′s. Jeff compares and contrasts the two dynasties with Bryan, detailing the dynamics between the two organizations. Pearlman shares his insight on the players and the leadership that made up the two organizations during their championship runs. 

    If you are a Lakers, Cowboys fan, NBA or NFL this is a can't miss episode of Rattle and Hum Sports Talk!!! Listen to this broadcast at 7:00 pm CT Tuesday night, April 15, 2014

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    Sweet 16 with a Little Bit of Showtime, featuring Jeff Pearlman (ep. 194)

    in Sports

    Join us once again for your favorite sports roundtable!

    We'll discuss the NCAA Tournament and how we got to the Sweet 16.  We'll also discuss tanking in the NBA, whether or not college basketball players such as Andrew Wiggins & Jabari Parker are worth tanking for, the future of the NFL, and a WHOLE LOT more!

    We'll also reminisce on the Showtime era of Lakers basketball with New York Times bestselling author Jeff Pearlman, as we discuss his latest bestseller, "Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s"!!!

    You're in for an action-packed show, so DON'T MISS IT!!!

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    Cincinnati Business Talk #219 Al Pearlman, CPA, 2015 Tax Planning

    in Business

    Cincinnati Business Talk highlights the positive side of Cincinnati area businesses. We will be talking to CEOs who have won awards, innovated with new products and services.

    Today's guest is Al Pearlman, CPA at Partner at Smith Pearlman.  Al will share his perspectives and insights on current HOT business issues in the area of Tax Planning for 2015.

    The show streamed live on Friday January 16th at 4 PM. Listen to this link: http://tobtr.com/s/7096425

    You can listen to the show on Apple iTunes as a Podcast. You can add the podcast at:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss

    You can add Cincy-Business-Talk as an RSS feed to your Outlook email program. The exact feed http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Trumpeter Hasani Arthur

    in Entertainment

    Trumpeter Hasani Arthur premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. 
    From Brooklyn New York and Classically trained ,Hasani's influences include the likes of Wynton Marsalis, John Coltrane, Billie Holliday, George Benson and Grover Washington Jr.. Hasani, a consumate professional is a force  to be reckoned with. Hear all about his amazing story and featured cuts from his latest album "King Arthur" TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online!!

    Contact Hasani....

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    Four Steps to Law of Attraction Journaling Mastery with Dr. Michael Pearlman

    in Self Help

    Did you know that the ability to create the life you desire is completely in your hands?  According to today's guest, Dr. Michael Pearlman, it's absolutely true!

    In today's episode, we'll learn more about "Law of Attraction Journaling," which is a fascinating "4-Step Roadmap to Create the Change You Want in Your Life."

    Michael Pearlman, M.D. is a well-known Boston area psychiatrist and Personal Life Strategist with a spiritual focus. He uses the Law of Attraction as a touchstone to help people reveal their Divine Self-Expression to live the life of their dreams.  Throughout his own journey, he has used journaling as a way of gaining clarity and insights, and, at a deeper level, as a way of listening to his soul. The process, which has evolved over time, allowed him to use his own life as the subject of the creative process. This awakening led him to develop Law of Attraction Journaling. The Law of Attraction Journal provides a direct route to Self-Realization by guiding people to effectively separate their heart's will from their ego's will.

    Find out more about Law of Attraction journaling at www.lawofattractionjournaling.com.


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    Showtime: Jeff Pearlman Joins The Broad Street Line - Episode #185

    in Sports

    New York Times best-selling author Jeff Pearlman joins us on a very special edition of The Broad Street Line to discuss his new book "Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s."

    Later in the show, we'll recap Allen Iverson's retirement ceremony and discuss A.I.'s place in the pantheon of great basketball players. We'll also give you our thoughts on a whirlwind week by the Philadelphia Eagles as the Birds' front office stayed busy and did their best to keep the band together for another run at the Lombardi Trophy.

    So, for all of that and more, come and take a ride on The Broad Street Line: The future of sports talk radio has finally arrived.

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    Jeff Bushman Experience

    in Politics Progressive

    More on the idea of Free College and the Middle Class. The rest of the show may depend on what happens in the news. We'll talk about the  Week in History, which won't depend on the news. Tune in, call in, but don't drop out.

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    The Jeff Foxx Show with Dawn Reynolds of "Bessie's Best Sweet Breads and Such

    in Entertainment

    Dawn Reynolds, proprietor of "Bessie's Best Breads" premiers Today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. Bessie’s Best Banana Breads are delicious and affordable. It’s good old fashioned recipe includes sugar, flour, vanilla and butter, ingredients grown and produced in the USA, with no preservatives, additives and zero trans-fat. Named for her greatly loved and cherished grandmother Bessie, Dawn infuses a piece of that love and grandmotherly goodness into every loaf she bakes, for you to taste in every bite. Scrumptious!!! TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.
    Contact Dawn at

    For your Exclusive Jeff Foxx Show Interview hit me at jefffoxxband@gmail.com

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Author Mikey Brownstone

    in Entertainment

    Author Mikey Author Mikey Brownstone premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. Yes we are BROADCASTING  LIVE!!! at the book signing for Mikey's newly released erotic novel " P.I.P.E. Juice". P.I.P.E. Juice is revved up to the end-of-the-year’s hottest book release, so pull up a chair, lay back on your couch or bed, pour yourself a glass of Merlot and get ready to sip slow...TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. 


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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Kevin Smallwood of "Two Fish and Five Loaves"

    in Entertainment

    We all Love Great Food!!!
    Today on The Jeff Foxx Show we welcome
    Kevin Smallwood, the proprietor of the best soulfood  restaurant in the tri-state. "Two Fish and Five Loaves" in Union New Jersey. 

    Kevin a native of Newark, NJ, his grandparents were originally from Georgia and credits his beloved mother 
    Jessie Mae Grandparents Emmett and Sarah with passing on the love for cooking as well as the recipes for classic soulfood dishes.
    Two Fish and Five Loaves originated through the encouragement of his Pastor and friend Bishop Donald Hilliard in 1999. A graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelors in Economics, which is helpful in  running a successful business. This is one Delicious Interview!!!! Today on The Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.

    Contact Kevin....

    Wedsite   twofishfiveloaves.com

    Email      kevin@twofishfiveloaves.com

    Phone    (908) 227-9065

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with Tracey Rhymes of Saphya Shoe Straps

    in Entertainment

    Entrepreneur Traces Rhymes premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online.Tracey, the creator of Saphya Straps is the owner of Shoe  Straps Unlimited. Ever need to go from the office straight to the club? What shoes do I wear? Shoe straps are your solution. Hear all about Tracey and her innovative product TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online!

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