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    3/31 Janeane Garofalo: The Majority Report’s Ten Year Anniversary

    in Politics

    Janeane Garofalo joined us to celebrate the Majority Report’s ten year anniversary, Janeane’s bold stance against the invasion of Iraq, Sam and Janeane discuss aging, Janeane’s disappointment with the Walking Dead finale, Cadillac’s disgusting new ad, advertising and the white/right … Continue reading →

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    11/27 Janeane Garofalo: Thanksgiving Special

    in Politics

    Comedian and former Majority Report host Janeane Garofalo explains why she isn’t going back to the Catholic Church, why Janeane’s father is a conservative, racism and the Republican Party, the real reasons there are problems in healthcare, responded to listener … Continue reading →

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    Entities are Us... the World of Terri J Garofalo

    in Entertainment


    Graphic Designer, Artist, Illustrator, Author, Cartoonist, Photographer... i.e. Creative Engineer.

    Terri J. Garofalo began her design career in advertising while still at the University of Hartford Art School. She worked for top agencies Askey Associates and Church & Main in Keene, New Hampshire, and later at Emery & Associates and Chronin and Company in Connecticut. 

    Terri, Etc. Design became a reality in the 1990s. Clients included Hightower Associates, Milgray and Tanqueray. Working mostly with startup companies in brand development and strategy, she kept Terri, Etc. going until moving to Dutchess County, NY. 

    For a change of pace, she took an art director job at a local publisher and printer, Southern Dutchess News. Managing three weekly newspapers, client publications, catalogs, etc., this was an opportunity to work in a face-paced industry with an outlet for Terri’s cartoons…

    Valedictorian, Masters of Media Design, Full Sail University
    Director's Award for Design Strategies and Motivation
    Director's Award for Effective Copy Writing
    Director's Award for Defining Client Needs




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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Kevin Kitrell Ross: Author of "The Designer Life: 5 Distinctions for Living Life by Design and Not by Default," http://www.unity.fm/program/DesignYourLife

    Marci Fair: Author of "TILT - 7 Solutions to Be a Guilt-Free Working Mom," http://www.guiltfreemom.com

    Robert Sharpe: Author of "Joy Potential: Where You'd Least Expect It," http://www.joybook.me

    Cheryl Bartky, LPCC, NCC: Author of "Angelina's Prayer," http://www.Counseling4theSoul.com

    Peg Conley: Author of "Imagine the Life You'd Love to Live, Then Live It: 52 Inspired Habits and Playful Prompts," http://www.wordsandwatercolors.com

    Steven Garofalo: Author of "Right For You, But Not For Me - A Response To Moral Relativism," http://www.ReasonForTruth.org

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    5/23 Shocking New Drone Disclosures And Janeane “Katherine Harris” Garofalo

    in Politics

    The Obama Administration maps out its new drone and counter terror policies, new disturbing revelations on drone strikes on American citizens in Yemen and the Administration’s push to continue the “War on Terror.” Janeane “Katherine Harris” Garofalo, called in from … Continue reading →

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    2/19 Janeane “Katherine Harris” Garofalo: & Healthcare Exchanges

    in Politics

    “Katherine Harris”, celebrated Presidents Day in Shelby County Alabama, reacted to President Obama’s SOTU, explained that “white people have it hard enough” she and Sam argued about Stop and Frisk, the Jesus “entrance strategy”, what’s going on with Michele and … Continue reading →

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    Making It Last Radio Show: Transition from Career to Family

    in Family

    Transitioning from a career mind to a family oriented mindset takes some true adjustment. Many wives are wanting to be home 100% to raise and care for their kids; however, they don't understand the true way to transition from a career woman to a SAHM. Janeane Davis has done it and did it well. 

    Janeane Davis is a wife of 24 years and the mother of four children ages an18 year old daughter, 11 year old son, and twin 7 year old girls. As an attorney and a litigator and she helped clients with a variety of legal matters including murder charges, bankruptcy, real estate transactions and family law matters. With the birth of her twins she stopped working outside the home and began working primarily in the home in order to care for all her children. While working at home she started James, Davis and Associates a consulting firm for small and midsized companies to help them grow their businesses in a strategic manner. Additionally she created the blog Janeane's World where she writes stories designed to encourage, inspire and motivate women to be their best at work and home. Currently she is completing work on her first book "How to Advocate for Your Child's Success." Janeane chose to start a career as a writer because it made it possible for her to be at home with her family and to earn money while working around her family's schedule.

    Janeane on Twitter

    Janeane on Facebook

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    12/14 Casual Friday: Cliff Schecter & Janeane Garofalo

    in Politics

    Cliff wants to know why did Obama pick Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense? Hagel’s positive record on Iraq, HSBC launders hundreds of millions of dollars in drug cartel money and will not be prosecuted, why Cliff and Sam are … Continue reading →

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    11/6 Janeane “Katherine Harris” Garofalo & Myla Seder All The Election Analysis You Need

    in Politics

    Janeane “Katherine Harris” Garofalo wanted to know how Sam was doing after last weeks “plague”, was confidant that Romney would win, commented on her  own history of voter disenfranchisement or “voter cleansing” and explained what are “sex pests” are. And … Continue reading →

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    Real Talk With Jabari Davis Ft - Roland Lazenby

    in Sports

    Jabari Davis and Jamieson Welsh is joined by NBA Author and Historian Roland Lazenby as they discuss his latest Michael Jordan biography project, Minnesota House Representative Pat Garofalo racially insensitive tweet about NBA players, the Jim Buss vs Phil Jackson latest, and a few more NBA topics on this week's Real Talk With Jabari Davis.

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    The Music Exposure Episode pt. 1

    in Entertainment

    This week we are exposing a bit of ourselves to you fine folks out there. Not in the Pee-Wee Herman way, it's radio after all.

    This week we are going to play a few joints that we have in our heavy rotation.  Whether its at the Gym, Plane, the  J-O-B, or anywhere in between.  So sit back enjoy the show, and maybe we'll turn you on to some dope music that you might not have otherwise gave a listen.  Lik and Verse have vastly different taste, so get ready for some differing views.

    After we record the show we will be putting the list of music tracks and links so that you'll know where to get them.

    Also we'll be discussing Congressman Garofalo, The Malaysian Airliner Disappearence, and Russia vs Ukraine... and whatever else we can squeeze in.

    Brought to from the fine brotha's of YWIRPodcast.  Peace.