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    NFC North Week 3 Match Up Predictions

    in Football

    Join us today as we go into week 3 with iur fist divisional match-up.  The Lions, while showing more maturity on the field, have yet to overly impress many.  They face divisional opponents the Green Bay Packers today and we will really see if hey are or can be they kings of the NFC like they did last Thanksgiving.

    No Vikings fan will ever love the Saints (think back to 2009). So today this re-match shoud be a pretty good one. Many have choosen the Saints since Adrian Peterson is inactive, but this has been a week full of football surprises so we will see.

    The Bears travel to the Big Apple to take on the J-E-T-S on Monday night. anad we will see just how good Cutler really is missing a few weapons.

    So tune in today at 10AM CST via Blog Talk Radio to hear our thoughts and stay for the laughs.... the'll be plenty of that



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    Lets talk computers (rescheduled)

    in Computers

    Rescedualed from last week, after a last minute unavoidable guest cancilation.  
    Just how it sounds folks.  IUR has gone tech show, at least for this episode.  Come on over tonight for an evening of basics on everything computers, and information technology.  Have you just got your first computer, and now want to know what it can do?  Need a couple of tips on how to choose your new system.  This and hopefully more tonight.  

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    Shift Happens! End of an Age Special Episode

    in Spirituality

    Well here we are then, finally puttign together the long awaited special IUR episode for December 20th 2012.  No one knows what will happen on the 21st.  Maybe something, maybe nothing... maybe something that will look at first like nothing at all.  Many do know thouhg that whatever the 21st date is, it's one of  potential for so many things and for so many reasons.  While great numbers of people here on planet earth all begin to undoubtablly consider the coming day for their own reasons and in their own ways, I want to be on the front line of the underground media, covering the approach of this much debated day, with my small panel of guests.
    You are more than welcome to join us as well.  Call in with your own info, personal experiences  , or concerns relating to the coming day and those to come.  Are we evolving? Is this the end?  Are our friends from distant worlds coming to take us away from hre?  So many thoeries, so little time.  Let's have some fun in good company, as we wait for the calander to flip over!   

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    Power Women Prayz Premiere

    in Women

    Welcome to Power Women Prayz Premiere Radio Show. Join us each Sunday Morning for bible study, christian musicians, christian authors and much much more. Like iur facebook page to keep up to date on our guests and radio shows http://www.facebook.com/powerwomenprayz

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    la joda talk show

    in Entertainment

    la gozadera!!

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    Dealing with Iur Issues

    in Religion

    On our November 19th show we will be discussing physical and emotional abuse. My guest, Rev. Val Lamon who is also a host of a show on blog talk called Alabaster Box, will be sharing her story of the abuse she endured and then eventually her deliverance. You don't want to miss her powerful story!! So tune in from 1 - 2 pm, EST.

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    Dealing with Iur Issues

    in Religion

    The candidate for the U.S.Presidency has been elected so I and a guest/or guests will be discussing.....you got it, the ELECTION..tune in and share your thoughts.

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    Dealing with Iur Issues

    in Religion

    The candidate for the U.S.Presidency has been elected so I and a guest/or guests will be discussing.....you got it, the ELECTION..tune in and share your thoughts.

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    Architects of Change with Elvin Dowling & Friends

    in Politics Progressive

    During this episode of Architects of Change with Elvin Dowling and Friends, we will tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our world, our nation and our communities.
    Tonight's Topic: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Get In Where You Fit In. Iur guest tonight is Jose Thompson, President of Erotser, LLC a Human Resources Firm in Atlanta, Georgia.
    No topic is off limits as The Architect of Change himself, critically acclaimed author and speaker, Elvin J. Dowling, speaks truth to power and inspires us to believe on this most important episode that you won't want to miss!

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    Mark Rodeghier, Scientific UFO Data Collection

    in Paranormal

    Mark Rodeghier has been President and Scientific Director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies since 1986. He earned a B.S. in astrophysics from Indiana University in 1975. After a year of graduate study at the University of Sussex in England, he returned to complete a M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in sociology. His dissertation, Factors Influencing Attitudes Toward Controversial Research : Quantitatively Disentangling the Social from the Scientific, explores the attitudes toward the study of extraterrestrial intelligence by the scientific community. Other publications include numerous articles for IUR and the Journal of UFO Studies, and UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference: a Catalog and Data Analysis (Evanston, IL: Center for UFO Studies, 1981).

    In this interview, we talk to Mark about CUFOS, his interests in UFOs, and an exciting new project he has helped create called UFODATA. Mark, along other scientists and professionals, started UFODATA in order to develop observation stations that will obtain scientific data on UFOs.

    For more information about CUFOS, visit www.CUFOS.org, and for more information about UFODATA, visit UFODATA.net.