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    An Interview with Martha Munizzi

    in Business

    An Interview with Martha Munizzi on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. God is raising up an army of worshipers to lead this generation into battle. One of those God-appointed worship leaders is Martha Munizzi. An energetic and praise-filled woman of God, Munizzi has captured the hearts of gospel music lovers with songs like “Say The Name”, “Glorious”, “Because Of Who You Are” and “Jesus Is The Best Thing (That’s Ever Happened To Me)”. A protégé of praise and worship icon Israel Houghton, Martha Munizzi has become a household name in the Christian music industry. Singlehandedly, the GRAMMY and Soul Train Award Nominee and Dove and Stellar Award Winner has literally changed the face of the inspirational genre. With her dynamic and unapologetic style of praise and worship, she touches the very heart of the believer. Not only has she changed lives through her ministry, but she has savored the success of it as well becoming the best-selling independent artist in the history of gospel music, selling over 500,000 units. Not one to rest on her laurels, fans of her music can expect even more with her upcoming 6th release dropping in 2011, Make It Loud.

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    The Martha Fast Horse Show & Crazy Horse Booking Agency Hinder Interview 3.21.15

    in Rock Music

    Fast Horse Productions' The Martha Fast Horse Show

    Special Guests: Marshall Dutton, Joe Garvey AKA Blower, Cody Hanson, Mark King, and Mike Rodden of the band Hinder.

    Featured Songs: "What Ya Gonna Do" & "Hit The Ground" by Hinder, from the Album/CD "When The Smoke Clears" (Available May 12th).

    The Martha Fast Horse Show & Crazy Horse Booking Agency Present: HINDER

    Hinder Official Website: www.hindermusic.com

    Producer/Host: Martha Fast Horse (Sicangu Lakota). Producer/Co-Host: C.w. Bearshield (Sicangu Lakota). Engineer/Talent: Brian Curski (Minnesotan).

    Airing Sunday 3/29/15 at 5:30 a.m. CDT on KQRS (KQ92) 92.5 FM, and at 6:00 a.m. CDT on KXXR (93X) 93.7 FM & WGVX 105 The Ticket (Sports Station) 105.1 FM in the Twin Cities, MN, US.

    Streaming Monday 5/4/15 at 1:00 p.m. CDT on Blog Talk Radio. Enjoy the Show!

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    Train Martha Davis Alexander

    in Finance

    Noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific: training session with Martha Davis Alexander

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    Understanding Martha

    in Religion

    Have you faced some challenges, undergone some setbacks, encountered some heartaches?  Then you don't want to miss this month's W.O.R.D. Fellowship.  For those that are new, W.O.R.D. represents Women of Right Design.  But don't let the name fool you.  This is not just a woman's get together.  This is a time where women share the Word of God and our brethren gain knowledge of the issues that women of past and present face on a day to day basis.  We have had even men speakers, so don't miss out thinking it's just about women.  The W.O.R.D. Fellowship is all about The Kingdom.

    Join us Monday night 7:30pm EST6:30pm CST for a power hour of empowerment, encouragement, and enlightenment. Dial (646) 787-1836 and listen live. 

    Guest Speaker:  Pastor Kathy Dejesus, Wilmington, Delaware

    Invite, family, friends, loved ones, and women from all walks of life.  

    The Kingdom of God Fellowship Church is a teaching and evangelistic ministry.  So make sure to come with your Bible, pen and pad ready to take notes. God has a Word just for you!  Don't miss it!

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    Training Martha Alexander Part 2 "promoting a show"

    in Finance

    Noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific: Training session for Martha Alexander, Part 2, Promoting a Radio Show

  • Political Crimes Are Grave Sins: Chat W/ US Army Whistleblower 2LT Scott Bennett

    in POTUS

    America's intensifying denial of sin since the 1960's has offered Political Operatives pathways to grave crimes against the American people, crimes unimaginable in our country's youth, young adulthood and early middle age. As America settled into what most hoped would be a comfortable 'mid' middle age post World War II, rather than enjoying the freedoms we fought so hard to preserve, our moral laxity cultivated the overgrowth of wickedness amongst our politicians. 

    Americans are not the only ones victimized by the crimes of its Political Sinners; due to our historical positioning and might so is the entire human race.

    Dreadful, shocking criminal activity is now routinely conducted in our once-sacred government offices. Americans suffer blatant theft, destruction of our Constitutional rights and freedoms, Treason, perversion of Justice, willful destruction of The American Dream, government threats and intimidation, assassination of civilians deemed 'Enemies Of The State', psychopathic militarization of civilian domains, and sadistic, deranged stalking of American Citizens' every move. Global activity ditto.

    What are Political Sins? How do individual humans suffer by their commission? How does America as a Nation suffer? How can we, a Nation established under God, vigorously weed out of office Political Sinners, and replace them with citizens of utmost Integrity? How, then, does America skillfully, sincerely communicate with the world that we will do our best to 'sin no more'? 

    U. S. Army 2LT Scott Bennett, Whistleblower, is today's guest.


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    The Laser Light Of Truth: Obama Identity Fraud I

    in POTUS

    RE-BROADCAST 22 September 2015 

    Apparently, The "Obama" Conspirators refused to accept it: TRUTH CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR DESTROYED. This episode of TERRIBLE TRUTH At BlogTalkRadio examines the core "Obama" lie, his Identity Fraud.

    Why did the man who presents as "Barack Hussein Obama II" lie about whom he truly is? Did he concoct this lie on his own? If not, with whom did he work? 

    What data was utilized in the creation of the fraudulent "Obama" Identity?

    In days to come, will Aka Obama be held responsible for his treasonous, criminal Identity Fraud? Or, will evidence prove that he was coerced into playing the role he plays?

    This show links key data used in the forged, fraudulent "Obama" birth certificate with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich; Hitler being the actual maternal grandfather of the man who fraudulently presents as "Barack Hussein Obama II".



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    Fall Of Berlin: Stopping The Nazi Heart

    in POTUS

    This short documentary audio recounts the defeat of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Reign Of Terror from the perspective of Russia, whose military moved in to Berlin 16 April 1945 - driving Adolf Hitler out - effectively ending World War II in Europe. As you will hear, the May 1945 raising of the Russian flag over Germany's Reichstag became symbolic of Russia's defeat of Hitler's Nazi Fascism. 

    The information contained within this documentary is useful in comprehending today's clandestine Nazi 4th Reich retaliatory struggle against Russia; and Russia's recognition of, and response to, that agenda.

    Please note that this audio is from RT's documentary video Fall Of Berlin: Stopping The Nazi Heart which can be found at YouTube.com.


    NOTE: Adolf Hitler did NOT commit suicide in his Berlin bunker. Just past midnight on 28 April 1945, as Russian forces moved in, he and Eva Braun fled Berlin, destination Argentina, where he lived, outrageously undisturbed by The Allies, until 1962. See Dunstan & Williams, Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf Hitler, Sterling Press, 2011.

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    Prophetic Corner Prophetess Martha Williams / by Prophetic Corner | Christian

    in Christianity

    Join us live Prophetic Corner with Prophetess Martha Williams 5:00 pm for a powerful word from the Lord.This word will change your life.These are the last days and God is pouring out his spirit upon all so come and listen to a word in season.God is still moving.

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Martha Cervantes

    in Books



      Abandoned as a baby to an old couple who kept him outside in their barn, Pedro suffered years of abuse and neglect. Looking for a way to rid himself of a life as a beast of burden, he begins to seek immortality in all the wrong places. Pedro's desire to live a life free of the burden and fear of fatality ultimately leads him to a cantina where a man playing the guitar as if in a trance tells Pedro of the Great Spirit. Eager to live a new life, Pedro sells his soul to the Great Spirit but at a great cost. Immortality may not be all that he bargained for, as Pedro suffers the consequences of having his wish granted.

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    Ep 127: Martha Weber on a Highly Sensitive Person's Guide to Family

    in Books

    Join Angela Lauria as she interviews Martha Weber on the publishing of her book, Is it them or is it me? A Highly Sensitive Person's Guide to Family.

    Martha Weber wrote this book when things started to fall apart after a family member’s death. She decided to step back and take a long, hard look at her family and the patterns that were playing out. She discovered some interesting things which she now shares in the book.

    Readmore and get the transcript here: Martha Weber on The Author Incubator