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    JCHC SLAM AND DANCE - Pat Nobody of Nobody Special

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    So this show features an interview with Pat Nobody of old school punk band, Nobody Special, one of the original Christian punk bands. Also we will be giving away 2 downloads of their last release, “Call it whatever you want”. Answer the question correctly after the interview and be the 1st or 2nd person to post the correct answer on the JCHC Slam and Dance show page and I will give you the free code to get your free digital copy.
    Bands played on this episode:
    God So Loved The World , Killing Goliath , Grace and Thieves , Grave Robber , Platoon , Happy unemployed , Hit the deck , The Rugged Spud , Nobody Special , Scattered few ,
    Senseless , Peter 118 , Liv , Veracity , A broken Line , Christ Sake , The Lonely Revolts

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    JCHC SLAM & DANCE SHOW - Jamie Kucinski of MPACT Events

    in Religion

    Tonights show features an interview with Jamie Kucinski of MPact Events and drummer for aggressive groove metal band FAR FROM SANITY. You'll hearing a bit on both, as well as some do's and dont's in the promotional events business, plus some great advice on wife and husband working together in something. Jamie is really great, down to earth and confident guy, both as a person and in his relationship with God. Was an honor to have him as a guest on the show.

    Music wise, here is the list of the bands:
    Five Iron Frenzy, Close Your Eyes, Morning dwell,
    Ballydowse, Thee Pirates, Deluxetone Rockets,
    My Red Hot nightmare, Phinhas, For Today, Sleeping Giant
    Refuge, Far From Sanity, Seven Sorrows, States Alike,
    Static Line, Anvah, Saints n Servants, Your Pet Moose,
    BludSlugs, The Furries, Saint Hooligan, Sacrament, False Idle

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    Just B Honest

    in Entertainment

    fareal just b honest........how can u live w/o a phone,internet,etc

    like do u think u can live w/o any of these things? n if so....why??????

    but i know tvs important,but fareal tho,i remember when there wasnt cell phones,when we didnt know about the internet.

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    Ghost Hunting and True Ghost Stories The Spotlight #152

    in Entertainment


    On our 152 episode it gets spooky as we talk the subject of the Ghosts with Ghost Hunter Chuck Manning who also runs the site Going Beyond Radio and Sherri Emily, Rebel Meddler and Nancy Meryl from the show “True Ghost Stories”.

    Host: Kinte
    Co hosts: RamZee
    Guests: Chuck Manning, Sherri Emily, Rebel Meddler and Adrian Ibarra
    Engineer: themonk
    Production information: 152 Ghost Hunting  & True Ghost Stories (8×03) 1/23/14


    Going Beyond Radio is a listener supported humanitarian and alternative streaming network.

    Going Beyond Radio professionally produces live humanitarian and alternative entertainment for our hosts. For more information on how you can host your own show "Like" us and feel free to hit us up here on facebook or visit us at www.goingbeyondradio.com.

    True Ghost Stories, paranormal activities.
    www.w4cy.com Radio, The Intertainment Network
    Monday nights at 10:00 pm EST

    True Ghost Stories

    True Ghost Stories was founded by Sherri Emily, Actor/Radio Entertainer/Author/Promoter. She has had paranormal experiences most of her life, she has faced death and knows what is beyond death. 

    She wanted to share her experiences and truth with the world and help others understand the truth about ghosts, nebulous image or spirits (whatever you may call them).


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    Interview With The One And Only Kevin Grover

    in Lifestyle

    Today I will be giving my good friend an interview as well as x boy friend whom got me Angel Alexander in and that my friends is the one and only Kevin Grover. He has been in Tyler's Room, Spunk Stars, and Boys First Time. Come by and have some good laughs with us as wel talk about and what its liek to be in it. The slid show shows Kevin Grover through out the years. The last three images is Kevin Grover most recent pic's.

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    in Television

    Come join Dawn Katzin, Christina Nelson, Sophia Alise and Sarah adelle as we discuss the crazy and wild story line of the new CRAZY WILDLY FUN show the Walking Dead, we will talk about the weeks prior and future episodes and give you our input of story plots, our predictions and even the do's and dont's.. Come on by if your a HUGE WALKING DEAD FAN or better known as a (DEAD HEAD) and listen up you will hear our predicitons and input and will take callers, we want to hear your input and take on the show. And we will have the chat room open so come on in and type your thoughts we are watching..

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    THE ATTITUDE SHIFT Users and Abusers Attitude

    in Self Help

    Have you been used, abused or the target of a loser who only knows one way of dealing with people and that is to negatively affect their lives? To take without notice, thanks or caring. Never giving, never regretful, never wrong in their minds. 
    Riding with us on this episode is fellow radio host Nancy Ferrari of her self titled show, The Nancy Ferrari Show, which currently airs every Monday and Friday on W4CY Radio on The Intertainment Network. Nancy will hang out with us and share her life experiences and opinion about coming face to face with users, abusers and losers.  www.nancyferrari.com
    With us on this ride is abuse survivor, Maxine Browne. She writes and speaks about her 35 years under the abuse and  control of man after man. She is the author of Years of Tears and will be happy to speak at your next event about domestic violence. www.dv-recovery.com
    Brought to you by the ever shifting attitudes of Donna M Butler and Siobhan Shaw. 

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    Nancy Ferrari

    in Business

    Nancy Ferrari is acknowledged as a transformational leader, inspirational speaker, author, and radio/media personality.  Her passion, innate curiosity and discovery of her true calling within her personal journey has provided her with the opportunity to connect with influential global leaders, such as Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson and others, many of whom she has interviewed. 
    Nancy is dedicated to helping people connect, evolve and discover their true authenticity and core values.  She applies the power of visioning with her clients to help them attain clarity of life purpose.  She moves people to inspired action within her coaching and mastermind programs designed from the principles she covers in her book Discover the Essence of You©. Nancy also applies her accreditation as a Certified Essential Feminine Success Leader, facilitating monthly Feminine Success Circleworkshops. 
    A best-selling co-author within Selling with Synchronicity, Nancy is also a contributing author in the upcoming book Contagious Optimism.  She also frequently writes for publications and online periodicals.  As host of The Nancy Ferrari Show on W4CY Radio on The Intertainment Network, she shares what's right in the world featuring experts who make a difference, to her global listening audience.  Nancy is also a regular speaker on stages across North America sharing her message of authenticity and inspiration.
    To learn more about Nancy:  http://www.nancyferrari.com/

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    Access all our past shows and view our Guest Interview Wall of Fame and Top Listener Wall of Fame and leave a comment on our message board at: pdradio.site40.net
    Tonight PD RADIO excitedly welcomes to the show Multi Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Vocal Arranger DR. ANTOINETTE ROBERSON! The very talented Ms. Roberson has longevity and much deserved praise in the game as she has worked with best as the late Luther Vandross, Gerald Levert, Janet Jackson and Busta Ryhmes just to name a few..Listen and Learn from this incredible entertainer!!
    Brooklyn native and ShaTown Entertainment artist Mr. Sha! Tune in and learn all about his love of music and where he plans to go as we share with you two of his smooth singles THE GROVE and 143. As always your hosts Ms. PD & Black bring you Real Talk and Great Music!
    Follow us on Twitter: @poeticdsigns @blackdistrict
    Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/poeticdesignsradio

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    Guests: Wendy Duncan and Nancy Ferrari

    in Management

    Charmaine welcomes Wendy Duncan and Nancy Ferrari to the show.
    Wendy Duncan is an author, speaker and internet radio host for BookMark Radio.  Her soon to be re-released book, Lead Employees To Success Not Out the Door, was written after 18 years in the corporate world of insurance and extensive research on employee satisfaction.  She pulls from her interactions with ineffective managers, as well as highly effective leaders, providing constructive commentary towards changing workplace relationships.  BookMark Radio was created after her trials and tribulations at writing her first book.  Appreciating authors’ efforts to get their work to the masses, her show offers authors a venue for reaching an international audience.  
    Nancy Ferrari is the radio host of The Nancy Ferrari Show on The Intertainment Network, life coach, author and speaker, sharing her messages of inspiration and living an empowered life.  Nancy is also the founder and CEO of Nancy Ferrari Media, providing media and mentoring programs to attain personal and professional success, utilizing her signature coaching program Awaken the Essence of YouTM based on the principles within her book Discover the Essence of YouTM. 
    Host Charmaine Hammond known as The Bounce Forward expert is a sought after expert in leadership, team resilience, and courageous dialogue. As a professional speaker and corporate trainer, she helps teams move beyond the barriers to success.   Website:  www.hammondgroup.biz

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    Conversations with MsQuietStorm - LeJit

    in Music

    A New Beginning is the perfect statement to describe the soulful & dynamic trio "Le'Jit". These 3 blood brothers, John, Chris & Roi Anthony are definitely leading the movement, proving R&B/Soul is the root of all music genres today. Le'Jit is being hailed as the south's best kept secret.  They are a favorite among many of the southern border's to many fans    From Texas to Louisiana to Georgia, LeJit has graced many stages for over 15 years.  They have become a premier entertainers, attracting fans across all demographics. 
    After 12 years, LeJit is preparing to release a new album giving fans old and new the best feel good music ever recorded.  This after Roy Anthony's successful release of two classic albums-True Soul Lifestyle and Who Am I Part 1. These project garnered hits such as Long Way From Home, Brand New, Why Don't People Slow Dance, and the hot line dance track Work it. LeJit's name has always been near the top of the independent industry's list.
    As Roi's company Mohitz INTERTAINMENT moves into a major distribution and partnership, it's"Le'Jit's time to lead this well deserved movement.Fans are already loving the new singles.  Thisalbum is guaranteed to be one that will go down in history as one of the best feel good albums of all time.

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