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  • 01:18

    The Declaration of Interdependence

    in Health

    One of our favorite guests, BiBi Farber, Singer, song writer and environmental activist will share her latest music and concerns for Mother Earth on our next BTR - 

    Bibi is an incredible artist who uses her music to support her passion to help all of us refurbish our health of our environment.

    Learn how animal have feelings to, how to become independent using whatever space you have, the need to re-mineralize ourselves and our planet plus much, much more.  We never know what new and innovative concept Bibi will bring to the show.

    We bring you information and ideas in support of responsible living by your authentic self.


    Bibi Farber's sites:



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    Declaring Interdependence with The Thirtysomething Coach

    in Relationships

    In honor of the FIFTH of July, declare your interdependence! Interdependence is an essential, but sometimes scarily vulnerable, part of being human. Join Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach, as we explore interdependence in partnerships, friendships, families, professional relationships, and dating. We’ll discuss what interdependence is and how it relates to and differs from independence and codependency. You’ll learn some of the common blocks to embracing and living in healthy interdependence, and you’ll get concepts and tips that will help you cultivate an interdependent mindset and improve your own relationships.---
    Carrie Spaulding helps thirtysomethings who aren't who or where they want to be with their relationships, careers, and lives. Through individual coaching, group coaching, and seminars, she helps people move through thirtysomething panic to boldly create the thirtyawesome lives they want.
    Visit Carrie's website at www.carriespaulding.com. 
    Sign up for free tips and tools from Carrie here.
    Connect with Carrie:
    Twitter: @SpauldingCarrie
    Who says camp is just for kids? Register for Thirtysomething Summer Camp today. No bug juice or uncomfortable bunk beds--you can call into camp from anywhere in the world!

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    in Relationships

    How does interdependence and independence affect the Black men and women in the Black community

  • 01:06

    BeSimply...LoveSelf {Interdependence}

    in Self Help

    Join 'She' for 54 minutes to work on the inner self.
    During this segment:
    Emerse self into Interdependence.
    Explore and Align with 'Self', Gaia, and Community. How to reconnect to Self, Soil and your Tribe?
    Parables shared...Walk through a guided release experience/meditation. This will assist you in BEing...YOU!
    Opening your heart center...the gateway to the universe.
    Please send in your questions to s@suzannetoro.com or call in during the episode.
    Music by
    TBD Connect with Suzanne Toro Bare Naked Bliss Meditations-Audio Book BareNakeBliss e-book

  • 01:16

    Declaration of Interdependence: The Andre Lampkin's Story

    in Lifestyle

    Special guest Andre Lampkin and friend Nelson Gideon tell the story that espn.com did not. This challenge for all is to live life in community. Your were not created to live Independent but rather by a Declaration of Interdependence. Only on Blogtalk Radio.
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  • 00:57

    Interdependence Day

    in Spirituality

    BlogTalkRadio show for healers to learn, share and build community. Topic inspiration: Interdependence is now a part of everyone's lives -- from our basic utility services, to the house we live in, to our Internet access, etc. we are simply dependent on others to provide services and technology so we have the lifestyle we want. How do you balance independence and interdependence? Live every Monday at 5pm EST 2pm PST.

  • 00:30

    TC 261: The Transformation Cafe

    in Self Help

    Join host Robin Masiewicz and her guests for a lively conversation about the current trends and up to the minute topics of transformation. We'll be chatting about independence and interdependence and 5 ways to a healthy relationship.  We've saved you a seat...

    Transformation Cafe - a fun way to nourish your soul!

    Visit http://transformation-cafe.com for show notes, links to previous podcasts, and additional resources.

  • 00:37

    Living Life Through The Eye of Source

    in Spirituality

    Sankofa Productions was created to bring forth a message or messages to encourage and assist humanity in spiritual cultivation and soul development.  It is our intention to help others to strive towards living an authentic life, while having the human experiences.

    Today Yashua Eloheem will speak on the quality of interdependence and why it is a helpful way to interact with those who surround you and beyond.  I say to all listeners come as you are and enjoy the show. Namaste'

  • 01:07

    Gathering in Truth - Creating Sacred Spaces with Jason Cohen

    in News

    Today we speak with Jason Cohen, musician and founder of Unifier Festival, about the importance of setting space for genuine human connection and creative expression, visionary culture, and music as medicine. 

    Unifier Festival is held in Tolland, MA, June 11-14, 2015.



    BIO: Jason Cohen, the creator of Forestdance, Sacred World Interdependence Day and founder of Unifier Festival has experienced numerous healing and expressive arts rituals around the world.

    His knowledge, experience, sensitivity and training as a ritual facilitator and his life long pursuit of exploring passion and subtlety in music, has led him in service to spark and curate the Unifier Festival Gathering.

    Forestdance at the root of the Unifier lineage has taken place in 7 US states and in Costa Rica! These are powerful  transformational ritual gatherings designed to bring people into their full power through the process of burning off symptomatic energies, coming fulling present, and balancing heart, mind, body and spirit inside and out of the sacred fire circle. When not facilitating one of these gatherings, Jason often is composing and performing with his musical projects Incus and Sacred Side Project, or directing events for the heARTbeat Collective in Jamaica Plain, MA. His latest endeavor is called Unifier Festival, a larger healing and expressive arts festival with a mission that includes bringing people together to create a community owned Land Trust. Jason is a community organizer deeply committed to creating spaces where people can become empowered and inspired.

    Jason has held ceremonial space and studied with many blessed teachers, and takes much of his inspiration from his humble and direct connections to nature and his ancestors.

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    Interdependence Relies on Respect (1m) Russ Williams

    in Management

    Russ Williams, Founder of the Passkeys Foundation and the Ethical Edge, explains that a building block of our society, interdependence, depends on a healthy attitude of respect for one’s self and others.

    We update content daily, so come back often! 


  • 00:31

    How to Not to Fall For The "I'm Getting Older So I Need a Partner" Trap

    in Relationships

    Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, guides committed couples to find solutions to the challenges that life and family bring, helping them move closer, get stronger and share greater intimacy. Working with her, couples find healthy ways to balance independence and togetherness, experiencing once again the joy and mystery of true love. Join us to learn how to not fall into the trap of settling for the wrong partner because you're getting older.

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