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    "The Flava" featuring Leevance Williams Sr

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    Tonight we will be featuring a great inspiraional speaker Leevance Williams Sr. Come and join us for this hour of inspiration. 

    About our feature:

    Following a life of trials and tribulations, Author Leevance Williams eventually embarked upon a triumphant, enlightened path that led him to write his first book entitled, “From the Depths of My Soul”. Williams hopes his poetic words are taken from parts of his life and impact those who read them in such a way that gives them hope, wisdom and strength. Those ideas are key elements that enable his readers to push forward through troubled times and more importantly, to persevere through both rainy and sunny days. Williams reminds his readers there is no progress without struggle; he manages to take this concept to a whole new level. Williams also talks about a great life of sunny days and white picket fences, while reminding his readers that even though the sun rises in the morning, it also sets in the evening – further, that while the white picket fences are “white”, they also have to be maintained so they do not succumb to erosion due to the harsh elements of “life”. “From the Depths of My Soul” is an exemplary sample of Williams’ storytelling ability, as well as a foreshadowing of his future work. Williams’ fans can look forward to much more to come in the future. Williams has additional projects on deck, which will demonstrate his absolute progression as not only an author, but as a man who is most certainly coming into his own.

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    Author That Inspire Series

    in Christianity

    Have you been wounded by leadership and having a hard time getting past it? Tonight we speak with Daniel Duval author of Wounded by Leadership.

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    Why Doctors Don't Work

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    My guest this week is John Searle.  John has a real inspiraional story to tell, he was medical doctor but was fored into retirment  when he got rheumatoid athritirs in his mid 50's    It was then that he discovered the true benefits of exercise and decided to become a qualifyied  personal trainier.     On tonights show John will discuss the limited horizons which doctors often have and their rather woeful lack of knowledge about physical activity and exercise. 

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    Live Chat with Contesa Tate

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    Tune in to Contesa Tate Live and here inspirational and encouraging words of wisdom.

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    Elvis In The Morning: The Second Coming

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    So you think the terrorist will attack?  Do you see The God Father?  What fool would mess with Obama?Ok breakfast, give orders to wack a guy, visit Alabama with the wife and kids, dinner to make fun of those who do not understand who I am, do an inspiraional speech to a college, play golf and then for entertainment, get popcorn and watch my guys shoot the guy in the head.   Double tap!! Hell I want the guys to know I am watching just to make sure they do not screw this up!  Oh. I am going to film it all just to let the world know this is childs play to me.   Well DAMN!  No bombs. No Missles!  Let's let the world know I can get personal.  I told you before I was in office by the way. Message sent! Message recieved. Ol'school!  The Second Coming!
    What you missed in the news that make you go,"What the Bleep"!All of us should be a mixed bag. Republican? Democrat? Wrong Side of The Tracks? On some subjects you should be conservative. Some you should be liberal. And finally on some you should be progressive. Make politicians work for your vote and nobody gets a free pass. Why buy a cow if the milk is free? Well some people are saying just pull that cow on up! Let Nothing or Nobody take you for granted. If you do not have time to do it during the week, tune in and listen. Join The Huns as we wipe out falsehood and attack with enlighted reason. You can't talk about it work but you can talk about it here. When it is time, you will know what to do!

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  • Come Meet "Ib" and dinner guest for Taigating and a little convo

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    On tonight's  episode Inspirational Beauty is coming off of a Bank robbery(last weeks episode, so she needs a moment to relax. Come join Inspiraional Beauty and Team I Am Me as they tailgate, watch a little football, and share some  good good recipes. Also make sure you stay for tonight's cliffhanger. I have a  feeling something will happen to something she loves very much. It all happens tonight, so hang around to meet this weeks cast after theshow, and share in the conversations of healthy eating, and spiritual soul food. Exclusive on #Iammeradio. Call at 8pm eastern 845-241-9898 or listen at blogtalk radio.com/Iammeradio 

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    Morning Inspirations with Min.Kenneth R.Jenkins

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    Welcome to your early morning Gospel and Inspirational Program "LIVE" from the JAM Radio Studios in Savannah, GA.
    Feel free to tune in and call-in at:
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