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    Ukraine: Informed Not Inflamed

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    Let’s get informed not inflamed on Russia invading Crimea which is currently part of Ukraine.

    The best analysis, so far, comes from Fareed Zakariah’s GPS on CNN.  One of his guests is Steven Cohen, a Russian expert from Princeton.  He offers perspective from the thinking of Russians and especially Putin.

    It’s interesting and scary.  Cohen says we are not far away from another Cuban Missile Crisis or even war with Russian in eastern Europe.  After all, U-S fighter jets have moved to Poland – a NATO ally.  Russia can bring more troops into Ukraine.  Earlier this week I tweeted: this is eerily looking like 1914 again.  If you get a chance, Read Barbara Tuchman’s great history on the start of World War I, called The Guns of August.  It might scare you with the similarities to today.

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    Social Media Informed Not Inflamed Style

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    Beverly Macy talks about social media and how to use it to gather and disseminate what is happening in the news.

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    Ferguson Lessons: Informed Not Inflamed

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    The events in Ferguson are tragic. But they should also provide lessons for us.

    These lessons should apply to all of us especially those who are in social media and who consider themselves part of the media.

    I have not been to Ferguson. But there's a chance I may be there soon. I want to tell you about a crowdfunding project that is going on that I'm involved in. You will be seeing more soon. Check out my website www.JohnDaly.tv and also www.thebreakingnewsnetwork.com and www.BreakingFergusonNews.com

    We are going to try to put citizen journalist tools in the hands of people in Ferguson Missouri. This way they can report the story is they see it. However we want to add journalistic skills and integrity and tools to the mix. So it's not just here's a video and put it up without context. There has to be reporting that goes along with it. I recently wrote a blog about not jumping to conclusions about what happened in Ferguson Missouri. My point: wait until all the evidence is in and all the evidence has been weighed in and analyzed. Yet on my Facebook and twitter pages the responses have been incredibly biased. When the initial autopsy reports came out saying that Michael Brown had been shot six times the conclusions of people on social media was incredibly wide. I won't go into them but let's just say that the conclusions of these people were based on incomplete information mixed with their own biases. Again my point: let's wait for all the analysis and the evidence to be reviewed before we make decisions. All we are doing on social media is muddying up the waters. If your aim is to get noticed by a certain group based on a certain list of biases, that's fine. But don't consider yourself an agent of the news and information that is helpful to the country. Some tips while posting.

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    Benghazi Through Informed Not Inflamed System

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    We take you through the murky facts and distortions connected to the attack on Benghazi that killed Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans.  Who's to blame for the nonsense and uproar after?  Ultimately, you and me.

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    Bergdahl: Informed Not Inflamed Look

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    Let’s discuss the Bowe Bergdahl story. He is the young soldier released by the Taliban in exchange for 5 prisoners at Gitmo.

    There is some evidence that Bergdahl deserted after being upset with US military operations.  That has led to a lot of controversy.  And it has split the country.

    Here’s my take.

    First, read two good articles.  The first is a New York Times piece out today examining if Bergdahl’s walking away or his abduction led to the 6 deaths of fellow soldiers.  In short, the Times says as in war details are murky.  So blaming Bergdahl for those deaths is a bit of stretch.

    The second piece was written in May of 2012 by Michael Hastings in Rolling Stone.  Hastings is the journalist who died in a car crash last year after his expose in Rolling Stone brought down General Stanley McCrystal.  Hastings profile of Bergdahl is very revealing.  It is worth the read to understand the psyche of this 20-something we sent off to the horrors of war.

    The other half of us don’t want those years of fighting terrorists over there to go to waste.  There is still the fear of the Taliban controlling Afghanistan again and maybe the nuclear weapons of Pakistan.

    And again, I am siding with the President here.  We need to keep some troops and advisers in that region – just for that reason.  Granted, Obama may be playing both sides here – getting us out of combat but keeping our presence there.

    The Bergdahl story is going to get bigger.  It is also going to cause a lot of anger and emotion.  Work to defuse that while understanding the feelings on both sides.  However, let’s all wait for the facts.


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    Cantor Loses: Informed Not Inflamed Take: Don't Buy Media and Pundit Hype Yet

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    Let's go into an Informed Not Inflamed discussion on the victory of Dave Brat in the Republican Primary of the 7th District of Virginia.

    By the way, it just came across that Eric Cantor will step down as House Majority Leader, as well, while he serves out his current term to the end of the year.  So, politically this is huge.

    When it crossed my breaking news alert on my iphone last night -- my wife Teri was worried because of the bizarre look on my face.  I thought it was an Onion headline.  But it wasn’t.  How big is it?  It’s the first time since the 1880s that a sitting House Majority Leader lost in a primary. 

    However, let’s look at this primary without the knee-jerk hype of the media and the political partisans.


    So let’s go beyond the headlines and the hype on the Brat victory over Cantor.  After all, media and political pundits got this wrong.

    First, we don’t know if this is strictly a tea party win. It could be more of an anti-establishment victory. The things that upset the tea party about Cantor were also the same things that people in the middle and on the left are angry about. Primarily, the Washington establishment is owned by special interest.  You know who is really upset today about Eric Cantor’s defeat?  Wall Street.  He was a big advocate for them and a recipient of lots of money to protect Wall Street on regulatory matters.  The tea party does not own that anti-establishment issue. Granted, the tea party is a big part of this “throw out the bumms movement”.

    But we also don’t know if Democrats or independents, trying to hurt the GOP, voted for Brat, just to get Cantor out.

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    NFL Draft Preview: Best Informed Sources To Watch or Read

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    So where do you go to get the best pre-draft coverage? Our football insider Eric Snyder has a few but his best one is from the NFL network. Our football insider Eric Snyder says Mike Mayock of NFL Network is the best.  That is no knock on Mel Kiper, Jr. and Todd McShay both at ESPN ProFootballTalk.com is another good source.  He is giving us his informed not inflamed path to the NFL Draft.  Let us know what you’re finding out.  Stay informed not inflamed.

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    The importance of being informed on today's business

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    The informer today present a series of business programs to keep you informed on todays business matters.

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    COTTO & CO: Dr. George Lakoff on the American politics & the informed voter

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    Dr. George Lakoff has devoted a great deal of his career to answering the tough queries about matters such as this. A cognitive linguist who has taught at the University of California, Berkeley for over four decades, he is the author of a library’s worth regarding the scientific aspects of political belief.

    The Doctor joins us for a conversation about the taboos of human intelligence as they relate to American politics on this episode of Cotto & Company

    Read more at http://www.commdiginews.com/politics-2/cotto-co-george-lakoff-cognitive-politics-informed-voters-blog-talk-radio-28433/#9cEbLPs4qOW1jjAf.99

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    Chris Steely: Find Your Purpose in Business; Here's How

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    Many of us seem lost in this new economy.  What should we be doing for work?  But does that job or vocation even exist in this new economy?  And if it does how do we figure out how to find it or how to do it?  I asked Business Coach Chris Steely to talk about that.  He says it’s about being a warrior, a fighter, but first you must understand your purpose.

    80% don’t like their jobs… Dick Bowles What Color is Your Parachute… what you are good at … now discover your strengths… what you want to do… with mastery.”

    But if so many of us can’t find fulfilling work or any work at all -- doesn’t it say that this is a new economy that might not offer us the work we want to do -- but the work we have to do for the economy.

    “It’s called compromising your soul…once discover fire in your heart… soul suicide… diluting capabilities… compromise to pay the bills… not go through life as compromiser… market may not be receptive… like being a gladiator… innovative but a warrior or gladiator… The Alchemist … the Peaceful Warrior… in a war … who tell you you can’t do it… with an imminent arrival.”

    His site is bizkickers.com where you can learn more about innovating yourself and your business. My take: you have to get interested and involved to become successful.  That’s why I offer my ROIL System which is Read, Observe, Interview and Learn.  My website has 5 short instructional videos on that at informed not inflamed dot-com.  More with Chris in our next segments. That’s informed not inflamed.

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    Dirty After Dark Episode#10

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    This show like all the others are a listener driven show.. Their grown & sexy topics will be discussed with a mature audience..No HOLDS barred on the mature tip.

    So sit back and get ready to be entertained and informed...

    924 network ...

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