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    what is so great about life is life itself

    in Health

    Why do people get cancer? Why are there earthquakes that destroy entire cities? Why do people have to work so hard just to have enough money to barely feed their families?

    Subconsciously, we probably ask ourselves questions like these quite often. But consciously we rarely do. We're so busy living our lives we rarely stop and wonder WHY?

    But then something happens to wake us up. Our parents get divorced. The girl down the street gets abducted. A relative gets cancer. That wakes us up for awhile. But then we can often sink back into the denial. That is, until another tragedy hits, another incongruence. Then we're likely to think, Something isn't right here. Something is really, really wrong. This isn't how life's supposed to be! Then we can understand that Choice matters.  Tune in Wednesday at 7:PM est for the rest of the transformation story.

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    Complexity to Simplicity

    in Spirituality

    Do you feel like you’ve striped away so many layers of who you used to be, that you’re not sure who you are NOW? This is the incongruence and disharmony that comes with change, disintegration, and letting go. Tune in this week as Nancy Herold and I discuss the sensation of moving from complexity to simplicity.  Unity, is transforming patterns and structures that free us from things that no longer serve our emerging wholeness. Tonight’s show is looking through the surface appearance of our spiritual work, letting complexity dissipate so we can become the blessing of simplicity. This means we must reexamine, illuminate, and transform our cherished ideals, beliefs, and images of who we think we are. Define what appears dissonant in our lives. Then, let go! Embrace the disintegration process without resisting or judging it. The rigid walls of our resistances are being broken down. Going through our resistances and boundaries prepares a space for greater wisdom. We are becoming an open system. Anything that defines us is being stripped away. As our façade crumbles and our walls come tumbling down, the true illumination of self bursts through! Tune in as this show is likely to resonate with some aspect of your journey.

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    M E. Porter- Unforgivness -

    in Spirituality

    I am a mom, a mogul in the making and a minister. I am the CEO of Marilyn Elizabeth Unlimited LLC, a company comprise of 2 distinct coaching platforms : Align ME – I help women become keen,y aware of incongruence in their lives and stomp out inner chaos and confusion  and Charming ME- teaching young woman to be Christ Classy. 


    Woman. Mother. Minister. Motivator. Teacher. Leader. Anointed communicator of wisdom and truth.

    I am wonderfully, authentically and completely M.E.

    The Woman: I stand gracefully in the world as a woman called to divine purpose. I am a woman without regret of my womanhood and I have no desire to assume the role created for man.

    The Mother: My children are a gift from God and I am always aware that He has entrusted M.E. to guide them in the way in which they should go according to His will.

    The Minister: NO matter what the situation or circumstance I will always give you Jesus. I may not give you scripture, but I will always give you Jesus.

    The Motivator: I am anointed to empower and propel other forward in their life journey. I guarantee to never let anyone in my presence remain in a state of mediocrity.

    The Teacher: I am not an unintelligent woman, however it is not my learned knowledge that is the most powerful. I have a God-given gift of wisdom and it is with this gift that I teach others to be and become seekers of God and His intended purposes for their lives.

    The Leader: Even as a child other children were drawn to M.E. to lead the way. Never afraid to step into the water first. Always willing to take the seat directly behind God and carry those behind to the finish line

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    Powerful Question: Are You Feasting on Crumbs?

    in Self Help

    Are You Trying to Feast On Crumbs?


    Many of us were trained to care for everyone else, but often forget about caring for ourselves.

    It’s been said that we teach others how to treat us, but what if we’re the one neglecting ourself?

    Join professional Life Coaches Nicole and Kimber as they discuss the ways self-care-incongruence disguises itself and how to truly implement caring for yourself.

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    Spirit Empowerment - Universal Love Meditation

    in Spirituality

    Join Jeremy Moser, psychic, healer & teacher and Founder of Spirit Empowerment for an hour of meditation to super charge Universal Love within your individual journey towards Source.

    This 60-minute  meditation offering health & healing energy and expansion of your own heart center through Universal Love outward to all Beings into infinite. You will be offered an opportunity to examine your own incongruence and/or misalignments as well as an opportunity to create a pathway to move forward in life with a new/refreshed lens of Universal Love.

    Listen by phone: (646) 595-4663