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    Creation Energies channeled by Brenda Hoffman

    in Spirituality

    Summary of the November 4, 2015, Creation Energies show - Brenda's 15-minute channel at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: Eons ago, you created deep-seated fears to limit the depth of your joy in any 3D lifetime. Those fears are likely appearing in your life now for you to thank them for their service and to be transmuted into joy. In essence, you're turning lumps of coal into diamonds so the earth dreams you're now creating are larger than anything you ever dreamed possible.

    You're Redoing Your Fears With New Outcomes is the title of this week's Brenda's Blog - her channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.

    Overview of the November 20, 2015, Creation Energies show: Many are experiencing fear, anger or pain. Such is so because you're clearing fears you created to function in the heaviness of 3D earth. Most likely, you were part of earth's inception. Some of you returned to earth within various segments of your totality. Others observed earth from the ethers. For earth has been your project since you created it eons ago. 2015 is about clearing your earth fears and rewarding yourself for doing so with the creation of your earth joy. In 2016, you'll shift beyond your earth being to more of the totality of you.

    Brenda's Blog and her Creation Energies show contain different channeled information.

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    Pt. 2. Connecting Prophetic Dots Globally: Will Blueotter on Inception Radio

    in Religion

    WOW! Truly thought provoking and interesting! (Cizz, Female, age 47, NC)

    Prerecorded August 10, 2011

    "Project White Paper" interview of Will Blueotter on the Inception Radio Network. He explains how the prophecies of the Hopi, Mayans, Cherokee, Lakota, Mormons, Catholics, Jews and others intertwine with regards to 2012. The sum total of the entire picture yields a much less mysterious picture than one might think of what is about to happen 2012 and beyond. 

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    Pt. 1. Connecting The Prophetic Dots Globally: Will Blueotter on Inception Radio

    in Religion

    WOW! Truly thought provoking and interesting! (Cizz, Female, age 47, NC)

    Prerecorded August 10, 2011

    "Project White Paper" interview of Will Blueotter on the Inception Radio Network. He explains how the prophecies of the Hopi, Mayans, Cherokee, Lakota, Mormons, Catholics, Jews and others intertwine with regards to 2012. The sum total of the entire picture yields a much less mysterious picture than one might think of what is about to happen 2012 and beyond. 

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1233

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Barbara Ochoa from San Francisco, a returning NAASCA family member who's Executive Director at Help4Guys.org. Barbara's here once again to talk about the events that are planned in celebration of "Male Abuse Awareness Week" (MAAW) which is held each year during the first week of December. MAAW is an awareness campaign that was started by the P. Luna Foundation in 2008, and the website is an extension of that program. The main focus is to change the negative social stigma that goes along with the topic of males who are victims of sexual or emotional abuse and domestic violence. "Most abused males avoid therapy and treatment because they are too ashamed or afraid of being judged for doing so," according to the web site. "By bringing the subject to light once a year we hope to make this topic more socially acceptable and in return more men will feel comfortable enough to seek the help they desperately need but in many cases avoid." Since the awareness campaign's inception in 2008 we at NAASCA have been pleased to participate hand-in-hand with Barbara Ochoa, and Bill Murray has appeared at several of the live events. We too want to help men who were victims of past abuse break their silence, in order to inspire younger men into getting treatment. Like Barbara, we have seen more and more celebrities come forward and many more news stories reporting on males who are victims of abuse.

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    Fraud and Cover up by Office of Inspector General for and by Maximus Inc

    in Politics Progressive

    Host Bio and Connections to These Criminal Organization and the Cover Up

    Born unable to Vote in Texas 1965 Born with Chiari malformations, due to Fraud and Concealment of the child birth defect I now have steno-sis of the foraemen magnimus Moved to Colorado in 1973 Maximus Inc in 1974 takes over and begins Fraud of children from black communities, defrauding by use of knowledge involving disables  Estates, Insurance benefits and other program and or services in tx and Colorado,

    From 1988- 2015 I have along with others known to me and the following agencies, and we have copied many in HHS SSA DOJ, OCR OGC and the  OVAL OFFICE and  HUD any and all Offices of Inspector General and United State Justice Department and the President's of the United States Clinton, Bush and Obama did nothing to stop the fraud against Black children in the Health and Mental health arena, and the Fraud that persist in the State of Texas, Colorado and many other states where these type of Fraudulent Acts that have been deliberately covered up. 

    Maximus in 2008 pays Millions to cover up Fraud with help of the DOJ, they DOJ have allowed Maximus Source America and The Ability to Work program obtains all medical records from these victims. Maximus over seers are folks like Wellington Webb of Colorado, Mayor and Auditor for Denver Colorado and the Board of  Directors/Governors for Maximus since it's inception, as well as Source America, Ability most if not all of these folks have worked in HHS, SSA and many other areas of our government. My voice has been voiceless by government Impedement. 

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    ISIS From JV to Pros what are they now?

    in News

    ISIS has gone in the eyes of Barack Obama being a JV team to know by the world from inception as a force far greater than a junior varsity, but now what? We've seen the extreme without regard measure they will go to in the name of their religion, now what?

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    Wings of the Spirit with Special Guest, Sister Tracy V. Price

    in Christianity

    Tracy Price is a member of Grace Beyond the Walls (GBTW) located in Baltimore City.  She currently serves her church as the Outreach Coordinator for the Reach All People (RAP) Ministry under the leadership of Pastor Antoine Payne.  Tracy has been a member of GBTW since its inception in March of 2013.  Prior to joining GBTW she was a member of New Song Bible Fellowship Church located in Bowie, Maryland for 22 years.

    Tracy’s passion for people can be found in her ministry.  While attending New Song she founded and directed Manna Ministries, a grocery relief program for food insecure families.  As the Director of Manna Ministries, Tracy trained and equipped 18 additional churches in the surrounding area to adopt this program as part of their outreach ministry. 

    After two years of successfully distributing groceries to the community at a reduced cost through Manna Ministries, she established FEED THE 500 an annual event which takes place the week before Christmas.  Tracy, along with her team of volunteers solicit funds from individuals, corporations, and churches to provide a one week’s supply of groceries (free of charge) to families in Baltimore City, Prince Georges County, the District of Columbia, and Ft. Meade Military Base.  Since FEED THE 500 first began in 2009, the nutritional and spiritual needs of over 12,000 people in our region were met through this outreach.

    Most recently Tracy was appointed as the first female board member to the Thirst No More Corporation (TNMC).  In this capacity she brings a wealth of energy, knowledge and passion to their projects nationally and internationally.



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    Utopia con Veteran Interview with Teal Haviland

    in Books

    Join host Jo Michaels, of the Jo Michaels blog, and author Teal Haviland as they discuss books, writing, and UTOPiAcon! Teal has been with Utopia since the beginning, and she won an award at UtopYA 2013 for Debut Novel of the Year. We'll be discussing her social networking site for authors My Endless Endings (MEE), awards she's won, and her books. Included in her awesome lineup is Inception (The Reaping Chronicles, 1). You can check it out on Amazon here, and follow her author page by giving it a like here.

    You can also find Teal's page for The Reaping Chronicles on Facebook and give this lovely author a follow on Twitter!


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    The ORACLE Speaks With ... YOU!

    in Spirituality

    Yesterday, Saturday, Novemember 7, 2015, Alumni, supporters and L.A.'s finest communed at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, formerly The Ebony Showcase, to pay homage to C. Bernard Jackson, in celebration of his Bearthday and the 50th Anniversary of the inception of ICCC. I was an ICCC Babe, starting my studies there in my teens. I always felt at home, cared for, and mentored by so many who themselves have gone on to greatness. More about ICCC on today's show.....


    This week's Theme, from The ORACLE Cards....


    Your strength is not determined by your ability to love others. It lies in your ability to allow others to love you. Open your heart to the possibilities for love. Then your capacity to love others increases tenfold.


    The ORACLE Speaks ....

    "all-ways remember to love yourself"

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    C.D. - The Criminal Justice System "Reforms" by Barack Obama

    in Islam


    At this writing, I've not gone into great detail on Barack Obama's criminal justice system "reforms", as they apply to the "rights" of ex-felons, as they attempt to re-fold into civic life.

    As I understand, there is much ado, regarding disclosures on job applications, which arguably, has precluded former inmates' ability to obtain an honest job, and be able to create distance between their past violations and present life-circumstances.

    In this, one can argue that this very policy, as it severely limits one's ability to function in his or her "new" society, puts such persons in a situation where a return to crime is inevitable, so of course, questions arise as to the very purpose of incarceration, and the perception that these long-standing policies, including the loss of the privilege to vote, were at their inception, targeted at black Americans.

    How can these policies be justified, if one has "paid their debt to society"?

    Indeed, there are many people, ex-felons, given a chance to more forward, who have indeed proven themselves worthy of respect, honor and being seen as living examples of Allah's / God's redemption.

    On the other hand, what about their victims; When and how are they "paid"?

    I will research this issue in more depth, so we will have a most meaningful:


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    Cadarrall Eddings - Team Member - Mississippi Awakening Revival Tour - MART

    in Christianity

    Cadarrall Eddings was born on May 30, 1982 in Edmond, Oklahoma.  He is the proud husband of Karla Eddings and father to (2) beautiful young girls, Imani Grace (7) and Abigail Joy (2).  After graduating from Columbus High School in May 2000, he went on to further his education on a full athletic scholarship to the University of West Alabama where he completed his BS degree in Education in the Spring of 2005 and has recently finished his Master’s degree in Government (Public Policy) from Liberty University in July 2015.  He has plans to further his education by pursuing his doctorate in Leadership beginning in January 2016.

    Cadarrall has been ministry since 2005 and has a dream in his heart to change the world through helping to usher in the greatest reforming revival that history has ever recorded that would ultimately bring glory to God.  He is the CEO / Director of his own 501 © 3, non – profit organization called Fire Revival Ministries, Inc. with a mission specifically geared towards spreading the fires of revival and reformation on a global scale and to seek justice for those enslaved in the global crisis of Human Trafficking.  Since the inception of the organization dating back to 2009, Fire Revival Ministries, Inc has birthed a ministry called Be Free that is strategically designed to successfully address Sex Trafficking locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

    Cadarrall Eddings is also an author of (2) books, Identity Crisis and Southern Awakening: Whirlwinds from the South.  He is currently working on his 3rd book, Leader – Shift.