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    Donald Trump Says "Deport All 11 Million Illegal Immigrants" What's Your Opinion

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    Join us as we discuss the problems that this country has with illegal immigrants. There are 11 million of them and how do we handle these people. Join the show at 10:30am. Call (818)301-5834.

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    87% of Unauthorized Immigrants To Remain in US & Hope For Nations

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    Robert J. McWhirter-According to the Migration Policy Institute up to 87% of unauthorized immigrants would have a degree of protection to remain in the US, and not be the focus of deportation. Attorney McWhirter is an award-winning, internationally recognized speaker and author on trial advocacy, immigration law, and the history of The Bill of Rights.

    Samantha Mills-The Good News Girl reports on the Latest Viral Videos That Are Getting Millions To Watch

    Dr Tom Holland-Hope for the Nations: Paul's Letter to the Romans: correcting misunderstandings that have existed for two-thousand years.  He is a Senior Research Fellow in Biblical studies at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology.

    Heather Higgins-CEO and President of the Independent Women's Voice says, Conservatives: Stop Enabling ObamaCare

    Dr Gus Mueller & Dr Thomas Powers-Groundbreaking Innovative Technology Helps 48 Million Americans Hear Again

    Alex Epstein-is the author of the book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels explains how the systematic roll back of advancements we have made through the use of Fossil Fuels is not helping.

    Juliana Barbassa-AP’s Rio de Janeiro correspondent and award winning journalist discusses her first book, DANCING WITH THE DEVIL IN THE CITY OF GOD: Rio de Janeiro on the Brink

  • United States Incarceration Industry Exposed/ Public Exploitation

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    Between October 30 and November 2,2015,  the United States will release 6,000 federal prisoners in accordance to new guidelines that went into effect November 2014 when an independent federal commission proposed shorter sentences for drug offenders. The result of the commission's decision that -just because someone was sentenced to a long prison term during the peak of the tough-on-crime era, he shouldn't automatically have to serve more time than he'd get if he were sentenced today. Of the 6000 to be released, only 4,000 are US citizens; about 2,000 of the prisoners scheduled for release are unauthorized immigrants, who will be detained and deported immediately after they're released from federal prison and legal immigrants

    In January 2014, the Commission indicated it  would reduce the drug sentencing guidelines and in March 2014, the Attorney General supported new guidelines being applied to on-going drug cases. As many as 46,000 prisoners are eligible to apply for shorter sentences under the change.

    In 2011, Congress reduced the sentencing disparity between "crack" and powder cocaine and the Sentencing Commission decided to allow current prisoners sentenced for crack cocaine to apply for shorter sentences. The United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. Ten thousand people are released from prison every week, most of them from state prisoners.  Typically, the federal government releases 55,000 prisoners a year. It will be interesting to see how the federal criminal justice system will help ex-inmates reenter society. 

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    Grace Lee Boggs dead at 100

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    Michelle and I were saddened to hear of the passing of author, philosopher, and activist Grace Lee Boggs. Grace dedicated her life to serving and advocating for the rights of others – from her community activism in Detroit, to her leadership in the civil rights movement, to her ideas that challenged us all to lead meaningful lives. As the child of Chinese immigrants and as a woman, Grace learned early on that the world needed changing, and she overcame barriers to do just that. She understood the power of community organizing at its core – the importance of bringing about change and getting people involved to shape their own destiny. Grace’s passion for helping others, and her work to rejuvenate communities that had fallen on hard times spanned her remarkable 100 years of life, and will continue to inspire generations to come.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Grace’s family and friends, and all those who loved her dearly. President Obama

  • Light Must Shine In an Darkened World

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    Radicalised Muslim teenager, 15, 'heard lecture by extremist group' and stashed material linked with Islamic bookstore before gunning down accountant outside Parramatta police HQ

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3259358/Parramatta-gunman-heard-lecture-extremist-group-Hizb-ut-Tahrir-hours-killing.html#ixzz3nc4Mdoff
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    The band of brothers who voluntarily patrol the US-Mexico border: Heavily armed vigilantes led by a veteran dubbed 'Nailer' act as the final guard against what they call an 'immigrant invasion' 

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3258980/What-guarding-border-really-looks-like-Pictures-veterans-retired-private-security-experts-patrol-Mexico-border-stopping-immigrants-smugglers-human-traffickers.html#ixzz3nc4QHH8A
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    illegal immigration and the Trumpster

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    illegal immigration and the Trumpster

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           An Historical and Cultural Day when THOR meets the Nation of Islam for a discussion on culture. In preparation for the Million Man March an event that will see Africans, (so called Blacks) and Mexicans come together in UNITY to announce to the World their position and goal.

           THOR Welcomes Brother Professor Akbar Muhammed, son of the Honorable Elijah Muhammed, and right hand of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. With the Million Man March coming on October 10, 2015 we thought it would be wise to open a forum to hear the driving force behind the movement. It is no secret our History has been tainted tremendously whereby the current social construct deems Mexicans to be "Illegals" and Foreigners". Therefore the Mexicans in essence has been coined the new Blacks. This falsity has been the goal of many by treating and making those Original to this Land feel like visitors to their own Country when in fact, it is they who are the Foreigners and Immigrants to America. Pope Francis in his recent to the America pretty much impeached the entire scam of Mexicans and even Blacks being Foreigners and Immigrants. The Pope spoke profoundly, and revealed to the World (those who didnt know) and the corporate United States Congress that they in fact were the Immigrants, as well as himself.

         Those who really want facts can find easily, evidence that the original American is which is; A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. Thus the perversion of History has for many caused an identity crisis amongst many. LETS UNITE ALL PEOPLE!

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    To Win A War Without Firing A Shot

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    The West is being invaded. In the U.S it is being invaded by immigrants from Central and South America. While in Europe, they are being invaded by the African nations as well as from the Middle East.

    It is in man's nature to better one's lot in life, to move to another country and to assimilate and help provide for one's family. But this is not the case today. Much of today's immigration is illegal. The immigrants today are coming here skirting the laws, looking at the host country for food and shelter.

    In addition, in most cases, the media outlets are criticizing the West for not doing enough. But what about the host countries themselves from where the people are fleeing? Doesn't Mexico, Honduras, Syria, Turkey, Serbia, etc all have a responsibility to their people? Shouldn't they be providing the means by which their people could flourish?

    Unlike in generations past, many immigrants no longer want to assimilate into the host culture. They are bringing with them customs that the West does not promote and then they are getting upset at the citizens for living in a manner foreign to them. Women, Christians and Jews have been subjected to harassment not seen in years.

    The political class has been absent in this battle because many stand to benefit from the chaos and new wave of immigration.

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    Your Weekly Dose of Political Incorrectness - 09-24-2015 with Jon and Ira

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    Ninja's are taking out ISIS

    French are getting to the point where they've had it with Muslim immigrants

    Pig farmer has beautiful way to show how much he loves the Muslim call to prayer

    Trump does a good deed, that most people never even heard about

    Dog proves just how loyal they are

    College students think Socialism is great, until it effects them

    CJ Pearson is back in the news

    Why do Athiest care if people believe in God, when they don't?

    Who's really stopping America from becoming energy independant?

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    Crisis in Haiti: Just Deportations or Genocide? Should U.S. Care?

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    BLACK SOCRATES  & co-host CHRISTY GAYNELL bring attention to the CRISIS between HAITIAN IMMIGRANTS and the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.  What's behind the D.R.'s decision to deport it's Haitain immigrants who cannot prove their citizenship dating all the way back to 1929.  Did this decision lead to the recent rise in violence against Haitians in the DR.  Similar to the Blacks in the U.S., Black Haitians in the D.R. are wondering do #HaitianLivesMatter.  With refugee situations popping up all around the world, will this crisis right in the U.S.'s backyard go unnoticed?  Also EVERY SATURDAY at top of 2nd Hour, we will take our break from the show for the MONEY AND POWER 15 (11:00-11:15)  to discus economic empowerment in the community.  "ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK"

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    Voice of Migrants Radio: Episode

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    African Media Association Malta is a new NGO bringing together African journalists who have come to Malta. The organisation has won start-up funding* for it's first project “Somali Media Malta”.

    The aim of the Project is to bring information to African immigrants in Malta, such as news, current affairs, information how to live in Malta, music and culture etc. The team has been formed by professional journalists who escaped persecution in Somalia to set up new life in Europe, and have gained legal status here.

    In the short term the plan is to set up a website and produce radio programmes to broadcast in Somali language on internet based Blog Talk Radio (or similar), and any Community Radio Network willing to co-operate. Somali nationals are the largest African immigrant group in Malta.

    Longer term, other languages will be added.

    Many immigrants from Africa are unaware of the One Radio show for them, Connect Africa, mostly playing African music, and in English language. That is the only radio broadcast currently in Malta for immigrants, broadcast weekly on Thursday evenings at 8 pm on 92.7 FM, on-line streaming at www.one.com.mt 92.7, and with podcast links to past shows – find Connect Africa Radio on Facebook.

    One objective is to seek consent of Malta Government and Agencies to enable new arrivals in Detention Centres, and those who have been processed and are in Open Centres, to be able to hear information in Somali language from the time of arrival in Malta. There is no such service at present and many do not speak English or Maltese on arrival.

    The young team are all under 27years old, as are most of the African immigrants in Malta.

    * EEA and Norway Grant Funding administered by SOS Malta NGO.