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    Legitimate Points About Illegitimacy

    in Religion

    There is nothing new about children conceived outside of wedlock; it can be found in scripture, as far back as Genesis, even in the house of Judah, who unwittingly impregnated his daugher-in-law, believing her a harlot when he had intercourse with her.   Let's just say, of that situation, it was complicated.

    Interestingly, the Lord Jesus is a direct descendant of one of the twin boys born of that physical union (see Matthew 1:3 and Luke 3:33).  Depending upon how one reads, Boaz, who married Ruth the Moabitess, and was the great-grandfather of King David, may himself been conceived out of wedlock.

    Finally, the Lord Himself was not conceived in the usual way, and his mother was thought a fornicator (see John 8:41), and his earthly father Joseph was presumed a cuckold.

    It would seem God regards illegitimacy differently than do we, and this is not a new phenomenon.  Upon seeing a 13-year-old Ishmael, Abraham's son by her handmaid Hagar) mocking the newborn Isaac, whom she bore to Abraham, Sarah declared that Ishmael would not be an heir alongside Isaac, and petitioned her husband to cast out Hagar and Ishmael.

    Perhaps Sarah could not separate the child's conception from how she blieved his life should be, and what it should contain.  That thinking remains common even to this day...but it has never been God's thinking.

    How we view people, if based upon anything they could not control, says much more about us than it says regarding the person at whom we are looking.  The same is true regarding our view of people that overlooks how they handled those things that are in their control.

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    The Nature of a Bastard -When a son Forfeits his Inheritance

    in Christianity

     AUTHOR: Dr. Kenneth D. Grimble
    In the past, children born outside of marriage have carried a stigma of illegitimacy as they were not raised by both a father and a mother. The stigma of being a bastard or (an offspring without a parent) has caused many children to feel unworthy, unwanted, and undeserving of real undaunted love.
    This same pattern has spilled over into the churches. The leaders in the churches have abandoned the thought of the welfare of their spiritual children to seek after fame, wealth and notoriety. In some cases, sons have done the same. Within this book,
    Dr. Grimble uses the natural aspects of “sonship” to explain the spiritual. He explains how lack of such an understanding of true fatherhood, “sonship”, and proper spiritual alignment can be a stumbling block for The Church.

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    Living and Laughing Even when Life is Hard

    in Women

    "Turning 50 is a B^-*-*~" is a series of essays documenting Cheryl Gittens-Jones' life journey, from illegitimacy to legitimacy, on all levels. The work deals with identity, race, aging, culture, parenting, 'otherness', loss and more. She wrote these essays over the space of two years in order to help her deal with a host of complex issues, which were continually emerging from her life, as she transitioned to 50. 
    Cheryl's life to this point has been traumatic, chaotic and multifaceted. In order to arrive at this point she took full responsibility for a life that was careening headlong into disaster. She was saved from herself when she found the practice of Buddhism. The practice is now her life's philosophy. It is incorporated in her every thought, word and deed.
    In order to survive her life Cheryl created two existences. When the pain and trauma was visited upon her physical, her spirit retreated into one of them and was never touched by the pain experienced by her body.   
    About the Author
    Cheryl Gittens-Jones is a Permanent Resident of the USA. She is a practicing Buddhist, a stay-at-home mom, poet, writer and novice photographer who has an opinion about everything. Cheryl visited Senegal, West Africa, on a research trip the 1990s. There, she came face to face with the horrible legacy of slavery at the Door of No Return on Goree Island. Her writing is centered on the plight of the 'other', and thematically holds to the relationships between exile, displacement and identity. Cheryl is a 1999 Frances Perkins Scholar and graduate of Mount Holyoke College. 
    Coppyright © 2013 Cheryl Gittens-Jones

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    Where are the Men

    in Spirituality

    There are nearly 1,000,000 African-American man incarcerated in American prisons. Illegitimacy is on the rise as well as the homeless rates of man has elevated to proportions that have never been seen before. My special guest this week is pastor Barrett Coachman of the Agape House, which is a transitional home for men in Augusta Georgia.If you are not part of the solution then you are the problem. We are signing up one Million Men to mentor and change our communities. Meet the 1 million men movement Every Monday at 7:pm. 1-213-226-0400 Conference Code: 393374. We want to talk about Community issues.

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    Conversations with Trolls

    in Politics

    Not politically related....
    About Trolls. Who just need a liitle loving sometimes too.
    try another eisode before you judge me..
    "Government (of whatever form) cannot righteously rule without consent of the governed. Without your consent, this entity cannot rightfully claim or require any contractual obligation upon you. No individual or collective entity can declare legitimate authority over your life or property without your explicit consent. Without your consent, their claims of ruling you can then only be backed by threatening violence upon you, further illustrating their illegitimacy. And no, you cannot be rightfully born into such an arrangement, just as you cannot be rightfully born a slave. Make your claim to individual sovereignty clear by declaring and affirming your personal secession." (10:18)
    Related Links: http://truth-out.org/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=5989:have-the-superrich-seceded-from-the-united-states

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    Poverty and Dependency in America

    in Politics Conservative

    people who live in (what we call) poverty in America are fairly well off, compared to the poor in other countries.  Second, decades of government intervention has only made the problem worse.  Trillions of tax dollars have been spent fighting poverty, but instead of encouraging people to get jobs and get themselves out of a financial rut, the welfare system creates conditions favorable to pregnancy, childbirth and illegitimacy.  The "safety net" has become a hammock for the laziest people in our society.

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    in Current Events

    On more than one occassion, some have made the claim that children born out of wedlock are a blessing from God.  For those who make that claim, where are the verses within scripture to support your claim? There are countless verses throughout the bible which CLEARLY indicates otherwise and being this belief is pervasive, we shall discuss it.

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    Repentance is the Key:Does Black Culture Spawn Violence?

    in Religion

    Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Joe Dudzik issued an official statement in response to the flash mob attacks that occured at the Wisconsin State Fair on Aughust 4th.  They claim the violence is a "reprecussion" for the many ills that have directly affected the African American community.  One solution they suggest is "that change must come from within the African American commuinty."  They cite a high illegitimacy rate, little to no positive male involvement, little to no supervision for children and a high teen pregnancy rate as some of the issues that will address the underlying cause of "black youth violence" at its root.  While some may consider these "generalizations" imflammatory, it begs the question.  Do these statements have any merrit or is it just another case of racist white people "telling it like they see it?"  Join us as we discuss this topic according to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.

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    Put The Police In His Place! Make Him Respect The Law!

    in Psychology

    It is time for black citizens to see the other side of judicial, state, and municipal principalities. Obedience and subordination have polars. It is the responsibility of the citizen, federal, state, and public officials, employees of municipal, federal, and judicial systems, to obey the same laws they enforce. And you have to make him or her obey the same laws they suggest you obey! If you do not they will continue to abuse, harrass, and kill you. The same thing that he has been comfortable doing, to you, ever since you arrived to this country!
    It Is Your Constitutional Right To Maintain Self Defense And Defense Of Everyone Who Looks Like You!
    The police has no right to come into your home and take your child without you being there.
    The police cannot search your belonging without a warrant.
    The police cannot confiscate your belonging without permission of the courts.
    The police cannot enter your home without permission.
    You have the right to refute any charge, brought against you, through legal procedure.
    If you are charge by the court system on any particular matter - you have the right to research the history of such matter and debate its legitimacy or illegitimacy according to the charge.

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    Weekend Smackdown

    in Politics Conservative

    Young, blue collar workers are getting married less frequently. Why and what's it costing you.

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    "SHATTERED EXPECTATIONS" Presents - "A Bastard's Refuge"

    in Radio

    Gutter to Grace to Glory Ministries - "Shattered Expectations" Presents - "A Bastard's Refuge!"

    Did you know that the term "Bastard" or "illegitimate" is in the Bible? Did you also know that there were those who thought of Jesus as being illegitimate and told him so to His face? Though the critics of His day did not get indignant enough to come straight out with the dreaded "B Word", they may as well had, for all implications were the the same.

    Here we are in the 21st Century, about to celebrate the birth of our Saviour in the Year of Our Lord, 2009. We are happy and full of glee; even sinners celebrate Christmas, though I am not sure why THEY would celebrate the birth of someone they do not serve nor believe in. Alas, for the Christian as we celebrate, let us also remember...the birth of Jesus, and the plight of Mary His mother. Having a child is to be a joyous occasion, it can also be tainted by scandal. How did Mary handle the critics? What did Jesus say concerning His own birth. Come, as we walk the pages of Holy Writ!"

    For every (so called) "illegitimately" born child, you need to know that while you may have been rejected by man, you have indeed been adopted by God. You and the Saviour may have more in common than you know.

    We indeed hope to catch you on the airwaves for this awesome day of liberation.

    Join me as we "Debunk the Legitimacy of Illegitimacy" (taken from the "Master Thesis" and "Wolf taming" book of Prophetess J. Godley-Ramos "Be thou set free - in Jesus name! Sincerely,
    Pastor D. Gideon & Prophetess J. Godley - Ramos