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    ALS Crowd Radio: Barb Newhouse; President & CEO--the ALS Association

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    Join us for our interview with Barb Newhouse, President and CEO of the ALS Association,. Discussion topics will include the Association's mission and vision, the ice bucket challenge, and emerging topics in the field of ALS research.

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    R3belutionRadio presents: RadioFreeRover A new season

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    RadioFreeRover :

    Current events super show, did you know some went down over the past little while?

    #Ebola is still ravaging Africa, racial tensions are once again high in America, innocent Slurpee machines are being murdered and some parents think it is okay to let little kids fire fully automatic weapons.

    People are a$$mad about the #IceBucketChallenge and have raised some good points...none of which mean squat, quit crapping on something has raised peoples attention about a serious illness.


    Did you also know that people in the USA still don't give a about Flint? that people are getting shot in Chicago every weekend and the MSM doesn't care?

    Kinda sounds depressing doesn't it?

    Don't worry, we will put a Canadian spin on it and take your phone calls....maybe.


    Be sure to start your evening off right with @Bree_mars and @JoePrich followed by @Cnyr3bel hosting @RebelutionRadio and then little ole me <3





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    #ALS Ed Dobson's Story Tamara Leigh's TREND ON

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    Who hasn't done the #ALS #IceBucketChallenge by now? Everyone from Presidents to celebrities to everyday folks -- all have jumped in -- or jumped under that is - the TRENDing Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or more commonly known, Lou Gehrig's Disease, that has raised more than $100 million in donations. 

    ALS has no known cause or cure -- the hope of the fundraising and research from the Ice Bucket Challenge is to change that.

    The hope of Flannel.org the non-profit behind the film series "Ed's Story" is to change lives -- through the journey of Pastor Ed Dobson who was diagnosed with ALS 13 years ago. 

    Our guest, Steve Carr, Executive Director of Flannel.org shares the message of Ed's story of truly LIVING while DYING with ALS on TREND ON this Wed., 9/24/14 at 10:00am CST.

    "Ed's story is raw, honest, and offers hope in the midst of suffering." Not everyone has ALS, but we all can relate to suffering. 

    flannel.org is a donor supported group dedicated to discovering ways to look at the teachings of Jesus" through visually beautiful and creative films including True Beauty, Nooma, Basic, and the soon to be released, God on Campus series.

    https://flannel.org @flannelsteve 

    Follow us: @tamaraleighllc @heidifeemster @linkedlocalnet: Linkedin; G+; FB;

    tamaraleighllc.com; linkedlocalnetwork.co

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    Wellness Wednesday, Won Year Anniversary Show!

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    Join "Miss Erudite" as she express herself freely about all topics.
    Building Communities through. Knowledge, Wisdom, & Understanding.

    We Are Celebrating a full year of Wellness Wednesday, Join Sparkle and Friends as we Congratulate "Miss Erudite"  on a job well done!

    Ice Bucket Challenge. Are we losing sight of what's really happening?
    Recent Police Shootings, that's leading to the death of black youth/men. Too many to fast?
    Common law versus Martial Law
    Featuring Motivational,Inspirational Speaker, "DeeKae"

    "MaryAnn Zani" from Young Living will be sharing some wealth by suggesting some of the best essential oil(s) to use  with grief, loss and or depression.

    Happy Wellness Wednesday Braveheart!

    #SparkPlenty your Moderator


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    New Season: From this Day Onward?

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    Friends, join us on onCUE! Radio Sunday tonight @6pm CST (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/oncue) as we go into the New Season and celebrate our first anniversary.  We are leaving one season and going into the next – baseball to football, vacation to school, old to new, …  We will share some past moments, thank you for sharing our ministry, and answer our question of the day – what’s next “From this Day Onward?”


    To listen to last week show about “ALS: Respond to My #IceBucketChallenge?” -- http://tobtr.com/s/6845419

    To Listen LIVE -- (Download Flash Player http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/)


    Host: Eric Powell, Founder of CUE Leadership Institute –http://cueleadership.com/

    Series: Transformational Leadership: SEASONS

    Genre: Talk radio to teach spiritual leadership, highlight everyday leaders, and help leaders "lead where they are"

    Replay of Shows: http://cueleadership.com/oncue-radio-show-replay/


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