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    True Christian From A Hypocrite & Why Christians Shouldn't Argue On Social Media

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    Join us Friday 5/15/2015 as we discuss two great articles.  

    First we discuss How to Distinguish a True Christian from a Hypocrite and then we discuss Why Christians Should Stop Arguing on Social Media 

    You can follow along with us by clicking the links below.




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    Paula White - Sermon On The Mount Reveals She Is Hell-Bound Hypocrite! [6] (125)

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    The content of our Lord's homiletical masterpiece "The Sermon on the Mount" reveals Paula Furr, Knight, White de Cain is among many things, a HELL BOUND HYPOCRITE!   Tune in as Wolf Tracker sheds ample light on this matter.

    Wolf Tracker cordially invites Paula White to be his special guest on this can't miss two hour program.  She can call in by dialing (347) 308-8221.  He wants to give her the opportunity to debunk everything he has to say!  Wolf Tracker also invites all of the current leaders and members of New Destiny Christian Center Church to also tune in to hear the lively exchange between their "Mother" and this valiant servant of the Lord.

    Wolf Tracker is a tireless protector of Christ's global flock and an avowed enemy of all Prosperity wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing in order to fleece gullible saints!  Please spread the word by telling others about this Christ-honoring, wolf-exposing, sheep-protecting internet radio program!

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    in Self Help

    After Monday's show... I was called a "HYPOCRITE". 
    So tonight we're asking "is Michael really a HYPOCRITE"? 
    Where do we start when it comes to changing the image of our communities in America? Ourselves 1st... but who next? LETS TALK!!!
    It's Thursday so that means... News with Ashley C. 
    The normal cast will be droppin by Neicy G with What's Goin On and Our Sports Guy Keith Roberts.
    Join the conversation (347) 994-2063 or watch live at www.michaelmcfadden.com 

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    Hypocrisy & Christian Singleness

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    Episode 90 Hypocrisy & Christian Singleness w/ George Alvarado

    You are listening to G220 Radio! I am your host Ricky Gantz and I want to welcome you and thank you for joining the program. The purpose of G220 Radio is to talk about a wide variety of topics from a biblical worldview. My hope is that you will be edified, equipped and encouraged during the show. And I would love to hear your feedback about what you hear on G220 Radio, by going to our facebook page or twitter account or you can send your feedback by email to rickygantz@g220ministries.com or call 1-216-744-9581 and leave a message. If you have an iTunes account then go subscribe to G220 Radio on iTunes then once you do that please rate and review the podcast.

    By now many of you have probably heard about Josh Duggar being on Ashley Madison and involved in an adulterous relationship. How do we view hypocrisy? What should our responses be to someone who comes to us struggling with hypocrisy?

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    Transform your life with Kellie and Lisa

    in Self Help

    Today we're throwing caution to the wind and taking on a topic straight out of the headlines. Everyone knows about the recent scandal involving the eldest Duggar. The Duggar clan is known for their very strict religious views, yet one of their own family members has become known for being a hypocrite.  Today we're discussing this event and others pertaining to religion and hypocrisy.  I'm certain it will be interesting and entertaining!

    As always thank you so very much for listening!

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    Josh Duggar Sex Scandal: Isolated Or Indicative Of Christian Conservatives?

    in Religion

    Today on Church Folk Revolution we will take on Josh Duggar’s latest sex scanldal and why he called himself the biggest hypocrite ever. What does this say about the Christian Conservatives now that another one of their wholesome heros has fallen?

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    The Wrath of God - Part 2

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    Do you feel like what the preacher says isn’t for you, but for the person sitting next to you? Or do you believe because you haven’t done any of the “bad sins”, that makes you ok with God? After all! You go to church, you have a nice job, you take care of your family, you pay your taxes, help old ladies cross the street, and on and on it goes.

    Well, all these things may be good in and of themselves. But, if you believe going to Heaven is based on doing good things rather than trusting and believing in Christ for salvation alone, you could be a moral hypocrite.

    Pastor Woods explains what this means in part 2 of his sermon series, taken from Romans, chapter 2:1-16, entitled, “The Wrath of God”.

    Call 858-365-5507 to listen live.

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    Sharpton gets a pass - Durban a hypocrite!

    in Politics

    Hr1   What are the chances? Fires destroyed Al Sharpton’s tax records TWICE! Does that mean he gets a pass on campaign filings and taxes? Criminal!

    California Assemblyman Scott Wilk is in-studio talking about the CA bullet train (debacle). He says it's not the high-speed rail, it's the kinda-fast train. 

    Hr2   If Senator Dick Durbin thinks it's racist for Republicans to hold off the vote for the first black, woman nominee for Attorney General... what was it when he actively spoke again the nominee Condoleezza Rice as the first black, woman for Secretary of State? Hmmm... I guess he's evolved.

    The majority of Israeli's don't trust Obama. Hmmmm... shocking!

    MichelleO plans to “spend the 1st yr (post White House) hanging out a window.” Hellloooo, they're sealed for YOUR protection. Do you really have to complain about everything?

    I'm sure when you proudly said my child attends Vassar College, their high-end sex toy auction wasn't what you had in mind. 

    Hr3   Leo Battenhausen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Alcohol and Drug Counselor and author of Defeating Depression: The Calm and Sense Way to Find Happiness and Satisfaction, and his latest release, Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death joins Joe to discuss when Being Anti-Social on social media is OK! Did you know... There are actually rehab programs to treat addiction to social media?

    If Liberals don't like it, they classify it as racism or sexism. Now they're saying a DC comicbook cover promotes rape culture.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    TD Jakes and the Worldly Church

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    Famous televangelist TD Jakes said his position on same sex marriage is "evolving" and that it is a myth that America is a Christian nation. He also said each church should make their own policies dealing with homosexual issues and that homosexuals should find a church that reflects THEIR values! WOW! Join us as we prove by scripture that TD Jakes is a hypocrite and false prophet only concerned with PROFIT!

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    Interview with Khym Ringgold

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    Dr. Umar Johnson is a certified school psychologist, educator, political scientist and Pan-Africanist. He has made a name for himself across the country as a great orator who delivers dynamic messages that empowers Black people and Black parents. He, indeed, is one of Black America's most sought after lecturers. Khym Ringgold is an entertainer who is involved in the Black Consciousness community and currently works as an activist and advocate for home schooling. What happens when one is highly respected, but is exposed to be a hypocrite? Do we go on as if nothing has happened or do we want answers? Khymm Ringgold was involved with Dr Umar Johnson and discovered he didn't practice what he preached and she exposed the inconsistencies. Was she right to do so or should she have kept it to herself? Tune in to hear her story.

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    Separation of Church And State Discussion

    in Christianity

    Thanks again for taking time to be with us tonight.  As people of faith do we fill the need that our voice be heard in what is happening around the world today?  Do we think we need to shout from the house tops, "that God said the practice of homosexuality is a sin?" Do we feel the need to call out our leaders in government on the hot topics of politics that we feel attack what we believe?  Do we feel that we need to talk about it and make a plan to circumvent the direction the government is going?  Take a moment and ask yourself these questions.  Then answer these.  Has the government stopped you from going to the church of your choice?  Has the government ever forced you to marry someone you did not want to marry? Has the government ever stopped you from praying? Has the government stopped you from the right to have children, or forced you to have an abortion?  Are you thinking?  Lets try going someplace else.  Have you ever heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease?  Have you heard that actions speak louder then words?  As people of faith have you ever heard that love is a verb and not just a noun?  Do you have ears and can no longer hear or see your part in how you can make things worse?  God tells us that there is life and death in the tongue. Nowhere in the word of God do we read of God ever liking a whining people!  Never approving having a spirit of fear!  Never telling us when looking at the signs of the end time to place blame and use our tongue to attack people!  If to be Christ like is to be like Jesus, what we call being a christian.  WWJD, When things turned against Jesus what did he say?  One more to think about before Wild Bill kicks off the show.  Do you know what the word hypocrite means?