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    "Crowdfunding: The New Hope for Minority Entrepreneurs?"

    in Lifestyle

    Minorities face continuous obstacles in the quest for financial success. Entrepreneurship is a dream that is a slim or almost non-existent possibility in our economy, and while many ideas are born, very few options allow the dream to flourish. 
    Huefunder, is an innovative new company offering minorities a gateway to success through crowdfunding, a network of finacncial pledges from various donors to one pool of resources. Using blog-like boards that allow unestablished entrepreneurs to post their project to potential investors free of charge, minorities may just have found the engine they need to get their dream on the road. join us as Flint, Michigan's own Sherrod Pigee, the Director of Global Marketing of Huefunder, will be our guest panelist tonight to explain in detail how the program works.

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