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    The Sack Heads Christmas Spectacular!

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    What does Christmas mean to you? We tell you what Christmas means to us! We also ask our good friends who join us live!

    Special Guests! Greg Phillips of Jump Vote tells us "A Hubcap Christmas Story, Radio's Tami J will drop in to tell us about Norwegian Christmas Traditions, Rooster from Conservative Outcry discusses Toilet Paper and Christmas and, finally,  Ken McClenton from the Exceptional Conservative Show tells us a story about Mr. and Mrs. Claus!....

    We will also be reading One Solitary Life, a story about Jesus that was cut from a Disney presentation lately "for time"

    Everyone on the show will be discussing the meaning of Christmas, and we hope you will join us! Phones (374-205-9399) and Chat will be open! 

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Todd Simon!

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    Truth be told, I've never had a guest who has won multiple medals from the U.S. Navy - including The Global War on Terrorism Medal!
    But Todd Simon is a different breed of cat.  A red, white and blue one, no doubt.  Guess when you "find yourself" early, the unique in you spreads its wings and flies :)
    Born in Dover, Delaware - but closer to Baltimore/DC turf now, Todd is a sought-after pianist, saxophonist, arranger and composer.  It's probably a no-brainer that he would follow a musical path - Dad is the founder of the extraordinarily popular group, The Fabulous Hubcaps.  Guided by a sublime harmonic direction, then,  Todd came to Baltimore to study Jazz Piano at the revered Peabody Conservatory.
    Having paid his dues at hotels, restaurants and various events where he might have been in the shadows, Todd is ready to take his turn, front and center.  His spanking new project is called (this is so cute that I can't stand it!), "Simon Says."  Of COURSE it is!  On the CD are ten original tracks, featuring the cream of the region - including our good friend (recently on the show), Todd Marcus.
    There is a song about McCoy Tyner, one that is reflective of his time in Boot Camp (think scribbled music in a spiral notebook) and a tune that pays homage to 70's Hancock.  And we don't mean John :-D
    Ten tracks, ten-piece band and ten star rating.  There you have the debut of Todd Simon - and we must mention that his colleagues from the U.S. Naval Academy are also playing with him on this world-class production.
    In the musical world, as in life, there is a season for everything.  We have just lost the legendary Mulgrew Miller - and some of us have wondered aloud: Who will fill his shoes?  We dare not speculate as to who - but this is sure.  The passion of Jazz continues in the fingers of Todd Simon.

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    Hybrid Jazz FTH - with Don Mark and Fire Escape!

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    Don Mark's Dad has a vast record collection - and Don would listen after school to all sorts of Jazz and Swing artists, pretending to be in the bands he heard.  A pro at 14, Don doesn't have to pretend anymore.  He has played with the best in his hometown of Baltimore - and has traveled across the U.S. and around the world - to play alongside some of the legends in music.  And FOR world leaders.  A master of the sax, Don is experiencing his "second wind" in a career that would be dizzying for most to conceive.  Besides being a member of The Fabulous Hubcaps, Don's new CD is about to drop - featuring his band, Fire Escape.  We'll be joined by Don on Tuesday, October 4th, and we're hoping that ALL of the band members chime in, too!  Jesse Powers, Johnny Jones, and Dawoud Said are among the finest in the business - you'll hear the results of a beautiful colloborative effort when "HJFTH" comes your way next time!

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    Off-Topic Radio Ep. 53

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    get yourself a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, hot pink, with whale skin hubcaps and all leather cow interior and big brown baby seal eyes for headlights. Yeah! And drive around in that baby at 115 miles an hour, getting 1 mile per gallon, BECAUSE GLOBAL WARMING IS A FARCE!!! Plus we have the Assassin's Crees II Review and How Mac fans tried to take over Microsoft's Windows 7 ad at Saks on 5th Ave. in NYC! join the conversation 646-200-3175