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    Buffalo Breakdown: Tight Ends, Aaron Walker Free Agent Fantasy Impact

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    With the NFL Draft looming 6 weeks away, the Buffalo Bills "Draft" for quality players in Free Agency has seemingly reached its final stop with the offer sheet presented to TE Charles Clay.  The Miami Dolphins have 5 days to review and either sign Clay or let him go to Buffalo.  This has a mixed reaction from the Hashtag Crew. 

    Also, a return staple, Aaron Walker of www.sportswalk2014.com and on Twitter @sports_walk will be joining the Crew as he explains the impact that Free Agency has on Fantasy Football in 2015.

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    Buffalo Breakdown: DE/OLB/DT, Free Agency

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    Part 3 of the Buffalo Breakdown sees the Hashtag Crew focused on the defensive side of the ball for the first time in the 10 part series.  Also, with free agency just opening, who are the big names who have new residences for the 2015 season. 

    With Marcell Dareus, Mario Williams and Kyle Williams making the Pro Bowl last season, what does that mean for the Bills to sign Jerry Hughes?  What role will Manny Lawson play in Rex Ryan's scheme?

    All that and more on a brand new episode of Hashtag Sports. 

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Running Backs

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    With the shake up at One Bills Drive with the soon-to-be arrival of LeSean 'Shady' McCoy, the Bills fans are split on the trade.  Some of the fans are happy to get such a productive player in a position of need, while others are upset that the 'Legend' of Kiko Alonso will be in Philadelphia next year.  What does this mean for the Buffalo Bills, their offense, and what Greg Roman has in store for the Bills in 2015? 

    The Hashtag Crew will breakdown numbers, salary, and the philosophy of the Bills for 2015 on the edge of Free Agency. 

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Quarterbacks

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    In year two of the Buffalo Breakdown, the Hashtag Crew examines the state of the quarterbacks to lead off their 10-part series.  The Bills have been starving for a franchise quarterback, but the real question is who.  And it seems that it will always be who.  Hashtag Sports will breakdown the current roster, some notable free agents, and (if possible) who the Bills should target in the draft. 

    All that and more will be covered on the next installment of Hashtag Sports. 

    Click the link, stay for the chaos.

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    Hashtag Sports - NFL Combine, Free Agency, Bills Talk, Rookie Contracts

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    The Boys are back in town as the Hashtag Crew comprised of the Closer, Loop, Legend and the Game return to give Hashtag Nation their weekly fill of analysis mixed with humor in the world of sports.  Highlighted on tonights episode will be the NFL Combine, Draft Prospects, looming Free Agency and Bills Talk. 

    Join the crew for the chaos and mayhem that will ensue as they also will talk about the Rookie Wage Scale, and a breakdown of that scale that can be seen at www.hashtagsports.net


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    PPF Interview with Michael Miranto of Daemen College

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    In July of 2011, Mike Miranto was promoted to the position of Athletic Communications Director at Daemen College after one year as the Assistant Sports Information Director.  Miranto's appointment to the position came as part of the College's efforts to reorganize and strenghten its Athletic Department in pursuit of acceptance into the NCAA Division II membership process.  In addition to his duties in this capacity, Miranto also serves the College as its Associate Head Men's Basketball Coach.

    In his current role at Daemen, Miranto is primarily responsible for the daily maintenance of the Wildcats' online presence, most notably the College's athletic website.  Miranto played a leading role in the collaborative effort to broaden Daemen's online reach through the design, development and launch of the College's new athletic website (wildcats.daemen.edu) in the fall of 2012.

    Miranto was also instrumental in the launch of the department's social media initiatives and now oversees the Wildcats' main Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, as well as individual accounts for select Daemen teams.

    In addition, Miranto is responsible for the department's media relations, specifically providing relevant information to local media outlets for newspaper articles, online blogs, and feature television news stories, all of which have seen a significant increase as a result of the College's pursuit of NCAA Division II membership.

    Bio taken from http://wildcats.daemen.edu/staff.aspx?staff=10

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    PPF Interview with Certified Trainer Nick Mancuso

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    For those of us who knock around the game from time to time, that think we know what we are doing when we step into a gym to train for anything athletic, there are a select few who go beyond the weights and focus on the individual and what their goals are.  Nick Mancuso is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Via National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and knows how to get his clients from Point A to Point B.  "Athletes spend hundreds of hours perfecting their craft. Many times, coaches may be unaware of basic human physiology and the essential movement patterns necessary for increasing performance."  More than a trainer, more than a coach, Nick has helped many achieve their goals by remembering the single greatest idea, that people can go much further than they ever thought possible.  Hashtag Sports will have the honor to interview Nick and his unique and passionate approach to training, the partnership he has with his clients, and much more. 

    Check out Nick on Instagram: http://instagram.com/nickytreatz/

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    Interview with James Kriger and Mike Guittar of Buffalo Bruises

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    Uncensored, unfiltered, and often times unhinged, the local media outlet known as Buffalo Bruises has been making waves in the 716 for their selection of topics, and language, that speaks to the passion of any Buffalo Bills fan.  Tonight, put the kids to bed, or get out the ear muffs, because James Kriger and Mike Guittar of Buffalo Bruises will be joining the Hashtag Crew for an interview on Past Present and Future to talk about the beginning of Bruises, where the articles stem from, and the current state of the Buffalo Bills.  Join in the discussion tonight at 10pm.  If you want more information about Buffalo Bruises, you can see them and their articles on www.buffalobruises.com or follow them on twitter @BuffaloBruises


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    Hashtag Sports - NFL Hall of Fame Finalists, Bills New Head Coach

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    Its amazing what can change in a weeks time, as the Buffalo Bills are closing in on solidifying their coaching staff with the addition of a familiar AFC East rival.  What other changes are in store for the Bills during the 2015 off-season?

    Also, the finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame have been announced, so who is in, and who will be out to wait for another year?  Check out who the Hashtag Crew has as their 2015 inductees. 

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    Buffalo Bills Seasonal Recap, Playoff Preview, Patriots Recap

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    What seemed like a meaningless game to the Patriots meant very much to the Buffalo faithful, as the Bills secured a 17-9 victory at Gilette Stadium.  The Bills finished better than many thought, going 9-7 on the season, but the million dollar question remains, what do the Bills do to capitalize on the 'success' they experienced this season?  Many millions might have to be shelled out by new owner Terry Pegula, in order to keep some key play makers on this defense. 

    Join the Hashtag Crew tonight at 9pm for some honest Bills Talk. 



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    NFL RECAP: Buffalo Bills vs. Denver Broncos, Week 14, NCAA Final Four

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    Although the scoreboard will show years from now that the Bills lost by 7 points to the Denver Broncos (24-17), those who were watching the game know it was much more lopsided than the score...or was it.  The Buffalo Bills defense came to play against the reigning NFL MVP, and in many other contests that Peyton Manning had against a Jim Schwartz defense, he utilized the ground game to secure a victory. 

    On the offensive side of the ball, the Buffalo Bills looked as if they were playing with a 14 point lead at times, which can only circle back to two variables: Kyle Orton or Nathaniel Hackett. 

    Check out the insight from the Hashtag Crew on a brand new episode of Hashtag Sports.

    Tweet your comments to @htagsports at 9pm tonight

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