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    Setting Loving Boundaries: How to lovingly enforce them

    in Self Help

    As an Empath, do you have difficulty setting healthy boundaries? Tune in to this week's program where we continue our converstation about setting healthy, loving boundaries and how to enforce them with the different relationships in our lives. Particularly, how to "draw the line in the sand and not cross it" with our children and how to lovingly communicate to your spouse/partner what you need from him/her.

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    Setting Loving Boundaries

    in Self Help

    Empath's often struggle with setting healthy loving boundaries with others out of fear of "hurting their feelings". During this program, I'll be sharing tips and strategies on how to set loving boundaries in a way that honors your truth without hurting others' feelings in the process.

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Healthy Solutions Exposed with Co-hosts Dr.H and LetyM: Transforming Your Bubble - One Blow At A Time-Do you embrace or reject change in your life? The ability to change your perspective and awareness in your life can be a metamorphic simile to the development of a butterfly. The process of change is not attractive, but as you develop and are able to arrive at your best self you are able to transform into a better version of yourself. Metamorphosis of a butterfly is a similar analogy to the development of your inner being…we were born with a purpose that we then have to discover, nurture and develop so that we may reach a deeper level of inner consciousness. This is only something that can transpire like the air of blowing a bubble...something on the inside reflecting out through the force of pressure and expansion creating change along the way.It cannot be something on the outside feeding the inside; this will only cause your bubble to burst, once we can own this part of our divine soul and line up with our purest we can create an inner flame that will fuel the fire and nothing can stop you and you can and you will expand one layer at a time by creating change along the way and then allowing adversity to be the creative force for a brighter future, the choice is yours!

    The Laura Longley Show ~ Where authentic change takes flight! ~ Are you an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)? Learn how to tell, and what you can do to experience less overwhelm and exhaustion in your life.

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    Highly sensitive person- HSP- How to take care of you!

    in Spirituality

     I'm a highly sensitive person (HSP), how do I handle this?
    What do I do with my Gift? Why do I feel so isolated and different?
    Do You Ask Yourself: What is my life purpose? What’s my spiritual purpose?  Am I worthy?
    What if I misuse my Gift? How do I Trust my Spiritual Purpose?

    All of your questions are answered in this terrific little book
    that empowers you to manage your sensitivity to people and your environment,
    You learn techniques to employ your sensitivity to benefit others and not be a detriment to your life.
    You’ll feel secure, empowered, worthy and ready to live and go work in complete TRUST that you’re on the correct path to LIVE your spiritual purpose! 

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    Sensitivity is a Beautiful Thing! w/ Guest Kathryn Stefans

    in Goals

    Many of us have been told "you are too sensitive" in our lives.  We have come to believe this to be a negative trait, and that something is wrong with being sensitive.  Kate Stefans is an expert on Highly Sensitive People (HSP's- maybe you are one?), emotional eating, and another whole box of crayons.  Her insights will inspire and enlighten you.  Join us for a great hour to hear about those topics, hear her story, and what she's up to next.  Bring your questions, too!

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    Creativity Talk: How to Handle Critics

    in Self Help

    Oh, my! I never thought when I published my first book that I would receive so much criticism! As a highly senstive person (HSP), some of the comments and emails really hurt me. As a creative person, we take the risk to get our work dissed by putting it out there. Instead of being scared, we can find ways to feel good with taking the risks, in gentle ways. I'll share some tips I learned (the hard way) about how to handle your critics.

    About Me: I'm Lisa Selow, a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach™, Author of A Rebel Chick Mystic's Guide, and Rock 'n Roll Rebel. I'm also an electric guitarist, singer, mixed media artist, crafter, and knitter. I'm a creative freak!

    Here's my website: http://lisaselow.com/

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    Junior Positively Autistic: Ryan's Spectrum Talk

    in Lifestyle

    Tune into the next broadcast of Junior Positively Autistic: Ryan's Spectrum Talk.  During this show, host Ryan Comins will discuss how autism differs from hig sensitivity with reference to Elaine Aron's book "The Highly Sensitive Person."  Later in the broadcast, Ryan will discuss the topic of autism and independence.

    This show will take place Thursday, December 5 at 6 pm EST, 3 pm PST, and 11 pm UK time.

    If you would like to call into the show and contribute to the discussion, you can do so by calling (619) 393-2848 or you can call in through Skype.  Hope to see you there!

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    Nothing Is Personal (Rinse and Repeat)

    in Spirituality

    One of the main themes I'm seeing with my astrology clients right now is in the area of taking things personally and feeling others' energy as a personal message to them.
    If you're an Empath or a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), you can probably relate to this theme - perhaps as a constant throughout your whole life.
    In this special show, I'll provide the astrological connection to this experience, and offer ways to honor YOUR boundaries, personal energy fields, and emotional needs.
    Molly McCord is a Consciousness Catalyst whose Spiritual Awakening began in 2002. She shares her gifts as a writer, author, intuitive, astrologer, messenger, and teacher in this weekly show. Discover more on her popular spirituality website, Conscious Cool Chic.com
    WOW! #1 on Amazon in Spiritual Self-help and Memoirs: Adventurers & Explorers ~ thank you, thank you!
    Celebrating over 10K FB likes ~ Woot, woot!

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    The Tufts Get Going!

    in Psychology

    9 am Wednesdays, host Rosanna Tufts
    "How to Become a Skilled Empath." Sensitivity, you may feel, is both a blessing and a curse. Well, that "curse" component can be defused with self-recognition. Ambivalence about a person's lifelong sensitivity wiring, sigh! Discomfort goes even deeper for us empaths than regular HSPs. Let's get going and discuss the most important things to know, if you're wondering "Could I be an empath?" Our guest is Rose Rosetree, Empath Coach and the founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Rose has developed the system of Empath Empowerment(R) and is the author of two books for empaths, "Become the Most Important Person in the Room", and "Empowered by Empathy." 
    For EMPATH EMPOWERMENT,http://www.rose-rosetree.com/FAQ-Empath-Empowerment.htm
    For Become the Most Important Person in the Room: http://www.rose-rosetree.com/empath-empowerment-book.htm
    For Empowered by Empathy: http://www.rose-rosetree.com/empath-book.htm

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    Bonnie Strehlow, Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

    in Self Help

    Are any of these things true about you: I am easily overwhelmed by bright lights, crowds, loud noises or strong smells – I have a rich, complex inner life – I startle easily – I get rattled or irritated when I have a lot to do in a short amount of time – I tend to know things without knowing how I know them – I make it a point to avoid violent movies and TV shows – When I was a child I was told that I was sensitive or shy. If so, you may be an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person. Join Laura’s guest Bonnie Strehlow to learn more about how to know if you’re an HSP, why it matters, and what to do about.

    Bonnie Strehlow is a trained Medical Intuitive, coach, healer, teacher and co-author, along with Asara Lovejoy, of the Nightingale-Conant program The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint for Vital Health– the key to finding your own healing blueprint that is the most cutting edge health and wellness program out on the market today.

    As a child she was highly intuitive and found that she just knew things that people were thinking and feeling. It made for an interesting childhood as, like many of us, she never quite fit in. What didn’t work for her as a child, however, is now one of her greatest strengths—being able to quickly get to the heart of an underlying issue and bring release and relief to those who are experiencing life-altering challenges.

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    THE ANCIENT YOUTH - Highly Sensitive 101

    in Youth

    Living Aligned Radio OFFICIAL NEW LINE-UP Kickoff starts TODAY with Stilts "Shaman Hands" Goldman and Moma Bonfire Az!! What is this HSP term all about?  What does it mean to be not just senstive but HIGHLY SENSITIVE?  How come we have all these challenges with the youth of today, and why is everything so different?  What do the parents need to know?  Sit back, relax, light your incense, and your candles, break out your pens, pads and highlighters as Stilts breaks it all down for us, with help from co-host Momma AZ (Miss Aariizonaass) our elder from the Pleiadian star system!!  And of course we are accompanied by the lovely GiGi (Gi-Twice), DNA (Destroying Negative Attitudes) and the rest of the Living Aligned family! The Indigos have been speaking for YEARS now, but for a long time they have ALSO felt (and had GOOD REASON TO!) that no one was listening.  In 2013, ALL OF THAT HAS CHANGED!
    If you missed the show this past Friday, CLICK the LINK below now, to catch up!! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/livingaligned/2013/03/16/special-edition-the-indigo-crystal-children Living Aligned Radio provides high quality broadcasting on awareness, balance and expansion of your alignment with Self and the World. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/livingaligned

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