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    Ask THE WISE ONES How to Reinvent Yourself in 2016!

    in Spirituality

    KAREN CRESSMAN, a Spiritual Interpreter, Self Empowerment Coach, Author & Speaker, brings forth wisdom from other realms and her higher consciousness known as THE WISE ONES, who are the combined mastery of knowledge she has accumulated from all of her lifetimes on Earth. Its 2016, time for a New Year and a New You! THE WISE ONES want to answer your questions about how to reinvent yourself in this New Year! They share their divine wisdom with lots of love and light heartedness to guide us as we shift consciousness during this amazing time in human evolution. THE WISE ONES love to answer questions for you, so call or join us in the chat room for joy, fun, laughter, and divine truth. 

    Learn more about Karen at http://www.KarenCressman.com,

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    How to be true to yourself

    in Motivation

    My desire and passion is to help others fulfil their god given purpose and destiny. I talk about issues weekly that I believe can hinder this and give you the keys to help you overcome those hindrances. I speak from experience and from a place of strength after finding my path to a more fulfilling life. My life is still filedl with challenges but I am better equipped to deal with them. 

    Join me on today's podcast where I will be talking about "How to be true to yourself"


    I look forward to sharing with you


    D x

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    CHI FOR YOURSELF guest: Helene Segura

    in Self Help

    Chances are you suffer from the too-much-to-do-not-enough-time syndrome that wreaks havoc with health, marriages, relationships, and family time. Our CHI FOR YOURSELF guest intends to rescue you from the procrastination, distraction, and overwhelm that foster work/home imbalance.

    Helene Segura is the author of  THE INEFFICIENCY ASSASSIN: Time Management Tactics for Working Smarter, Not Longer.    Whether you want to streamline, downsize, better manage paper and information, organize tasks, or simply make your work and home lives more efficient, Helene meets you where you're struggling most with quick, easy-to-implement strategies and tactics to, as she promises, “kick chaos to the curb.”

  • How To Love Yourself As You Age with Lori Hart

    in Fashion

    People are so confused about the difference between Sunblock and Sunscreen.  You will hear the best solutions to protect your skin and prevent future sun damage.  Learn which ingredients not only protect your skin in the sun as well as how you can still get a tan in the sun

    CONTACT: lorihart.com   424-249-3809 for your complimentary skin care assessment

    Lori Hart is a well-known Hollywood beauty artist specializing in healthy alternatives to plastic surgery. Her nurturing and very private healing rejuvenation spa, Lori Hart About Face And Beyond, is conveniently tucked away for your privacy and comfort. As you enter this exclusive wonderland of comfort and bliss, you immediately feel relaxed. Recognized as an anti-aging expert, her clientele reads like the Who’s Who of Hollywood, Mariel Hemingway, Martha Stewart, Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, Pamela Anderson, Linda Gray, Donald Sutherland, Eddie Murphy, Timothy Dalton, Peter Coyote and many others. Lori is featured regularly in magazines such as Glamour, Self, LA Times, Ms Fitness, Women’s Health & Fitness, Entrepreneur, LA Business Journal and has appeared on TV’s Fox News, Good Day L.A., Eye On L.A., ABC, NBC, CBS, KCAL to name a few. She has worked on photo shoots for Playboy, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Forbes and worked on shows for HBO and Showtime. Lori was also selected for the exclusive Haven Beauty annual event for the Oscars

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    How To Do It Yourself From A to Z with Diane Tegarden

    in Education

    Join me in March, during Women's History Month, as I interview women who are making a difference in their communities. On March 5, 2016, Diane Teagarden will join ASWIFTT RADIO Host Brenda Johnson Padgitt to talk about her latest book “How To Do It Yourself From A to Z.” In the book Diane gives step by step instructions on topics such as How to Dress for Success-for Less, How to Eat Healthier, Turning a No into a Yes, How to Avoid Being Burglarized, Be on a Budget without feeling Poor, Save money at restaurants and on Your Utility Bills and many other topics.

    Diane Tegarden lives in Pasadena, with her husband and 4 kids. She has been a print journalist since 1992, writing on a wide range of subjects such as renewable energy, environmental concerns, holistic health, women’s issues, and restaurant reviews. Her work has been published inThe Pasadena Star News, Security Sales Magazine, The Pasadena Weekly, The Solar Flare, The Feral Forest, The Daily Sundial, the West Coast Well Being, and Health Breakthroughs.

    For more information on Diane Teagarden contact her at: rosefirewalker@aol.com 

    For more information on this show contact ASWIFTT RADIO Host Brenda Johnson Padgitt at aswifttradio@yahoo.com.

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    CHI FOR YOURSELF guest: Kira Asatryan

    in Self Help

    On the surface in our 24/7 world of social media, texting, emails, and seemingly endless in-person meetings in and outside the office, it would seem that loneliness wouldn’t register as a problem, but the statistics say something entirely different: Our CHI FOR YOURSELF guest Kira Asatryan says  there is good news — we all have the power to create closeness with any willing partner.

    Kira Asatryan is the author of STOP BEING LONELY: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships. 

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    How To Protect Yourself From Con Men on Dating Sites

    in Relationships

    How to avoid con men on dating sites. What to look for, warning signs that you’ve been targeted, and how to protect yourself to stop it from ever happening. Also, what to do when guys send unsolicited X-Rated photos of their private parts.

    Don’t become a victim of dating site scam. They are out there and they are looking for you.  Many women of all ages who use dating sites to find an honest connection with a kind and caring man, are being targeted by con men. Con men intentionally go after educated, women, single and divorced, who are doctors, lawyers, university professors and other professional because they have large sums of disposable income. The modern con men peruse social sites for their victims and set up very legitimate looking profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and other sites. They take their time to slowly develop their con with women, sending her hundreds of emails, text messages and phone calls over months of ‘getting to know her’.

    You need to learn how to protect yourself from con men who may have already marked you for their long, slow target. You don’t need to lose your savings or your emotional investment. This week I answer questions by Rapunzel, a woman who has been approached by 4 con men and 1 flasher on dating sites.

    Nancy Murdoch is an artist, author of 3 books and a licensed HeartMath coach . She helps women pick up the pieces, start over and rebuilt their lives after a break-up. To contact Nancy or set up a coaching session, please visit NancyAtNoon.com or send an email to her directly at nancy@nancyatnoon.com.

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    Learning How to Heal Yourself SPROUTING SPIRITUAL ROOTS

    in Spirituality

    This will be an exciting show . Healer Zoe Niclaus will take us into a deep medtation to help teach and remind us on how to  use her meditations daily to help center and empower our lives. Zoe uses a wonderful healing method called  THETA HEALING . Zoe is a powerful and dedicated therapist who has been working in the spiritual realms for many years . She is a well known psychic , Her insight and vibration is something to experience . This will be a four part series that will address all of life questions . HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS,WEALTH, PURPOSE, each week she will give meditations and healing so that we will live a happy and more fullifilled life.

    SO, get ready, get quiet and be apart of this amazing show. We be taking calls to help heal and release any stuck areas of your life. Have one focused QUESTION that you would like to work on in mind. For a more in-depth session you can reach Zoe at 1-310-651-1545 or you may go to her website,

    zoe.niclaus@gmail.com to book a session with her.

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    #65 - How to Take Care of Yourself Like a Boss

    in Entrepreneur

    We recently took a trip to New Orleans—just the two of us—and decided to record an episode on self care because if you don't take care of yourself, then how can you expect to be boss? We're talking about building a healthy foundation, fitness, food, beauty, boundaries, and investing in yourself as much (or even more) as you do your business.

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    #65 - How to Take Care of Yourself Like a Boss

    in Entrepreneur

    We recently took a trip to New Orleans—just the two of us—and decided to record an episode on self care because if you don't take care of yourself, then how can you expect to be boss? We're talking about building a healthy foundation, fitness, food, beauty, boundaries, and investing in yourself as much (or even more) as you do your business.

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    FINDING Yourself vs FIGHTING Yourself

    in Entertainment

    As we go through life it is a process of discovering our authentic selves and our purpose.  However, life is unpredictable and with no direction or vision- people will fight their purpose, fight themselves internally or externally, and fight with life.

    Joining me is Mark Dunn, Motivational Speaker and Effectiveness Leader as we discuss ways to find yourself instead of fighting yourself.

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