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    Julia Schopick: Honest Medicine

    in Self Help

    As Dr. Michael Platt said during his recent appearance on Full Power Living, modern medicine is dictated by……drumroll……the pharmaceutical industry! It’s no wonder that every time you interact with today’s media you hear about another medicine for a common medical condition (and its long, long list of possible—and oftentimes horrible–side effects). What’s particularly sad is that these medications usually don’t address the cause of the illness, either. “Relieve the symptoms” seems to be the catchword of medicine these days. Enter Dr. Julia Schopick with her Amazon best-seller HONEST MEDICINE: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life Threatening Diseases. She’s offering a return to the times of my childhood, when I lived with my grandparents on their farm, many tedious miles from any doctor.

    Just like everything else these days, medicine is going through a metamorphosis. Doctors work hard. They spend years learning their craft. Most of them care a great deal about the patients they see. I can’t wait to find out what Julia Schopick has found out about treatments that actually work to heal conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Liver Disease, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Click here to visit Dr. Julia Schopick’s website!

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    I.A.M.S.: Be Honest With Myself

    in Spirituality

    The Divine Consciousness that I am is forever expressing its true nature of
    Abundance. This is its responsibility, not mine. My only responsibility is to be aware of this
    Truth. Therefore, I am totally confident in letting go and letting God appear as the abundant
    all-sufficiency in my life and affairs. And as so, Its safe for me to be honest with myself and others I speak my truth with love.

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    Honest Moments in Modern Parenting

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Sue Reninger of Family Finest Communications shares tips on inspiring the family dinner. Spotlight on Moms features Marge Gerwels of tinybitsofmagic.blogspot.com. Julie May, prototypical modern mom and entrepreneur, shares how she finds time to balance it all. Emily Flake, author of Mama Tried: Dispatches from the Seamy Underbelly of Modern Parenting, shares some unflinching honest and humorous moments in modern parenting. Halie Fulton, President and Founder of MAF Industries and creator of Dream Frenz, shares tips for moms looking to start a business.

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    Julia Schopick - Honest Medicine

    in Health

    Today we’re taking an amazing journey with Julia Schopick the best-selling author of the book, HONEST MEDICINE: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases … as she empowers and opens doors for Honest Medicine that supports people with healthy health choices.

    Her work and essays have been featured in the British Medical Journal, Modern Maturity and the Chicago Sun-Times. Julia’s mission is to use her writing and public relations skills to inform the world about little-known but promising treatments via her website and her presentations.

    Julia Schopick is a seasoned radio talk show guest who has appeared on many radio shows including Coast to Coast with George Noory.

    Website: www.HonestMedicine.com

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    Honest Hypnosis #3: The Law of Least Effort & The Joy of Profanity

    in Self Help

    Honest Hypnosis #3: The Law of Least Effort and the Joy of Profanity

    We are all hardwired to seek the path of least resistance.

    This is a LAW of the Universe. Look at Water!

    We are ALL lazy asses!

    When you seek personal mastery which is basically being good at what you do, we want to get the most return for the least investment of time and action. Here's a chant to try out today: "I'm good at what I do because I've paid my dues."

    Think the kinds of thoughts that get you where you want to go.



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    How Honest Are You With Yourself?

    in Entertainment

    "Being totally honest with oneself is a good exercise"

    ...but have you ever asked yourself this question? How Honest Are You With Yourself 

    Why is it so important to ask yourself this question;  because it could make the difference between you reaching your

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    Encouragement for the Honest and Straight Talk with Preacher Bashers!

    in Spirituality

    I don't normally do this, but sometimes we all need a little amusement, let's see it we get some Straight Talk with Preacher Bashers! Some preachers need bashing but be careful, the scripture says: Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.Psalm 105:15 (context not perfect, but makes the point) Encouragement for the Honest and Straight Talk with Preacher Bashers! Encouragement for the Honest and Straight Talk with Preacher Bashers! Encouragement for the Honest and Straight Talk with Preacher Bashers!

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    Fairytale Hypnosis vs. Honest Hypnosis

    in Self Help

    So many people believe the fairytale myths about hypnosis that it creates a set of unrealistic expectations. The truth is that hypnosis IS a POWERFUL way to create rapid and long term personal transformation, HOWEVER, ultimately YOU are the world's MOST POWERFUL hypnotist in the world.

    Whenever you DO make a significant change in your life, change a belief, change a habit, change a mind set, it is ALWAYS self hypnosis that is the PROCESS of communicating with your unconscious mind to get the result you want.

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    Brutally Honest with Tim Black

    in Entertainment

    This weeks Brutally Honest Live with Tim Black features: Bernie Sanders Pulls Ahead, Ariana Grande Wendy Williams Firestorm, Target Goest Gender Neutral and Preggo with Kim Kardashian.  Be here or kill yourself!

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    I.A.M.S.: Smarts and Darts of Being 100...Be Honest With Yourself

    in Spirituality

    Affirm:. Money is not my supply. No person place or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding and knowledge of the all providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited,

    and as so,

    It is safe to be honest with myself and others. I speak my truth with love.

    Mission: Our mission for the I.A.M.S. Darts and Smarts of Being 100 iMinistries, is to be the presence of African-American Cultural Awareness. In which, we as people of culture, can become empowered, and succeed by gaining a wakefulness and understanding of the knowledge of our ancestors of antiquity.

    This gen has erected Great civilizations, but has been left out of our field of cognizance.

    At I.A.M.S., we encourage and support the demonstration and application of our ‘Deific Gifts’ in living fully from that perspective of ourselves on a daily bases. 

    With a realization of the art form of "Imaginal Conception=IC,” SolLuna Alchemy is an exploration of the mind, body, spirit in its fullest expression of its sovereign cogency! (Inspired by Doreen Virtue, "Healing With The Fairies"...John Randolph Price, "The 40 Day Prosperity: Abundance Book".)

    We feel it is necessary for I.A.M.S. to dream and think big; as well as develop a strong constitution of obtaining individual, as well as community aspirations, through study and practice of applying the proper mind set and feeling nature to all deeds.

    Our media graphics are/were created and submitted by L A Williams, an apprentice of I.A.M.S. (Imagicatii Academia Mellannium SolJahs)

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