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    Julia Schopick - Honest Medicine

    in Health

    Today we’re taking an amazing journey with Julia Schopick the best-selling author of the book, HONEST MEDICINE: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases … as she empowers and opens doors for Honest Medicine that supports people with healthy health choices.

    Her work and essays have been featured in the British Medical Journal, Modern Maturity and the Chicago Sun-Times. Julia’s mission is to use her writing and public relations skills to inform the world about little-known but promising treatments via her website and her presentations.

    Julia Schopick is a seasoned radio talk show guest who has appeared on many radio shows including Coast to Coast with George Noory.

    Website: www.HonestMedicine.com

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    How Honest Are You With Yourself?

    in Entertainment

    "Being totally honest with oneself is a good exercise"

    ...but have you ever asked yourself this question? How Honest Are You With Yourself 

    Why is it so important to ask yourself this question;  because it could make the difference between you reaching your

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    Honest Medicine

    in Lifestyle

    My guest today is Julia Schopick, author of Honest Medicine:, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life Threatening Diseases.She is a health writer and award-winning blogger at www.honestmedicine.com. The book is a result of her experience as the wife of a brain tumor patient who survived 12 years beyond his doctor's prognosis due to Julia's research into non-toxic treatments.

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    Brutally Honest With Tim Black Drake Kills Meek

    in Entertainment

    This week of CRAZY

    - SAM DUBOSE, SANDRA BLAND theories, Drake Kills Meek Mill, CECIL the LION and how RUSSELL WILSON broke the bank! All this and more on Brutally Honest with Tim Black LIVE! ?

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    Is Marco Rubio honest?

    in Politics Conservative

    Is Marco Rubio honest?




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    Honest Medicine

    in Health

    Honest Medicine - We used to trust our doctors with our lives.  We respected them as pillars of our communities and we respected their medical recommendations.

    Where has that trust gone?  Is there such a thing as Honest Medicine that doesn't include $$ as the bottom line?  Are optimal health treatments being withheld from the public?

    Join us as author, Julia Schopick, shares the inside scoop about research and methods that are being withheld from the public.  Join us as we speak with Julia about her dream of the future:  HONEST MEDICINE.


    Julia Schopick - for more information Honest Medicine


    Sound Health Options

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    Toddlers are A$$holes - Featuring Honest Toddler

    in Moms and Family

    It's the triumphant return of the TFB & Friends Radio Show! Our first guest is the beloved Bunmi Laditan of Honest Toddler fame! We'll be talking about her new book "Toddlers are A**holes" and what it's like to parent the most infamous toddler on the internet. Call in and ask questions!

    Join us live or catch up with the podcast on iTunes.

    Pre-Order Bunmi's new book here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/toddlers-are-a-holes-bunmi-laditan/1120860745?ean=9780761185642

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    Being A Player Or Being Honest Which Is Better

    in Music

     It's clearly a hot topic, and it pushed a lot of men's buttons. Emotional honesty isn't part of any feminist agenda, and contrary to some comments, being emotionally honest with a woman actually strengthens a man's position in a relationship.

    The notion that emotional honesty isn't necessarily the best path to follow in relationships sounds like something a lawyer might say to cloud the truth. Honesty in all its forms is non-negotiable. Frankly, men who insist otherwise puzzle me. Whether or not every woman respects or appreciates a man's emotional honesty is irrelevant. Living in integrity as a man is what matters, regardless of the consequences.

    The ideal relationship that every man dreams about is one in which he can be completely himself and be loved for the man he actually is. A man who can't share his emotional truth with a woman is in the wrong relationship because he can't be honest. There's nothing ideal about that.

    There's another issue that came up that reflects the fear some men have of other men. There is nothing unmanly about men getting together to talk about their issues in confidence. Men who are secure in their manhood don't ask women for help them with their male-specific issues, because women don't have the first-hand knowledge. They're cool about being open with other men because they have the confidence that comes from friendships built on trust.

    I've rarely seen a man victimized in a relationship because he expressed emotional honesty. Considering all the games men play in relationships, mostly to protect their feelings, the simple truth would seem preferable. Men who work to achieve their highest male self attract the kind of women who value strong men, not weak ones. If you live in integrity, you'll never have to look over your shoulder to see if the truth is catching up with you. There's great comfort in that.

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    June 3rd

    in Sports

    NBA Finals Preview & more

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    Trust Your Journey--Why We Need to be Honest

    in Lifestyle

    "Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success in life - all areas of life. The really good news is that anyone can develop both honesty and integrity." ~Zig Ziglar

    Are you honest? Honest with others? Honest with yourself? Wow, such a powerful character trait that plays a HUGE role in our lifetime. And while the degree of honesty varies amongst us we often find excuses or reasons why it was OK to be dishonest, not to tell the whole truth or lie about something. 

    Join certified life coaches Sherry Pierce and Beth Brownlee Thursday, May 14th (US), at Noon ET on Trust Your Journey Radio when they discuss Trust Your Journey--Why We Need to be Honest! Feel free to call into the show at 347-945-5813 and join in the discussion or stream live via the internet using the link below. Blessings and they look forward to hearing from you!