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    Who Am I Without You with Dr. Christina Hibbert on our Author's Alley Show

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    Knowing you’re not alone is one of the most important things when a relationship ends, because it can feel very alone. It can feel like, “No one gets how I feel right now.” You’re right: No one does understand exactly how you feel. We each have our unique experience of loss after a breakup. However, it’s also true you may be feeling many of the same things women have been feeling for years, and that can actually be freeing.

    With her new book, "Who Am I Without You" 52 ways to build self esteem by Dr. Christina Hibbert has just hit the shelves - and Christi is here sharing with me in our Authors Alley on April 8th at 10amPT/1pmET and anytime in archive on #WoMRadio - the show for #mompreneurs, the new business woman.

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    Shane Battier, King Mo, Elder Ramos and Levi Benton 2-24-15 The Roman Show

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    The Roman Show welcomes former Miami Heat player and NBA champion Shane Battier, Bellator's Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal, MMA fighter Elder Ramos and Miss May I's lead singer Levi Benton on this episode on February 24. 

    Battier will host “South Beach Battioke" to benefit The Battier Take Charge Foundation, a non-profit organization established by Shane and his wife, Heidi. The foundation awards college scholarships to underprivileged high school students in Miami, Houston and Detroit.

    Lawal will main event Bellator's 134 against Cheick Kongo. Hear what Lawal has to say about his opponent and having his fair share of action inside the pro wrestling ring. 

    Ramos will main event the Strike Off 4 iPPV. Hear Ramos talk about a family death that led him to compete in mma. 

    Benton and Miss May I come to Fort Lauderdale, Fl. March 3 to Revolution Live. Hear from Benton what fans can expect on this tour as they return to South Florida. 

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    Celtics Talk Radio episode 99 The End of the 2014/15 NBA Regular season has come

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    Thats right the 82 game regular season in the NBA has finally come to an end. The Celtics started this season as a team that was destined for the NBA lottery. The chances for that destiny being achieved went up when Danny Ainge traded Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks. Everyone thought for sure this teams destiny was a lock once Ainge traded Jeff Green. The fan's starting talking about going into tank mode for the 2nd season in a row. But instead the Celtics opted to fight in what was a weak Eastern Conference and show the rest of the NBA that they are not far from being able to compete with the NBA'S elite teams despite those teams having all-stars on their roster and Boston having none. The Celtics found themselves in the middle of a 4 team race going into the final week of the NBA regular season for the 7th and 8th spots in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics with no all-star players were in the lead of that 4 team race ahead of 3 teams that everyone thought was a lock for the NBA playoffs before the season started. The Celtics were ahead of a Brooklyn Nets team who had Joe Johnson, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez leading them in their fight for a playoff spot. They were ahead of the Miami Heat who of course did not have Chris Bosh but still had Dwayne Wade, Luol Deng and added Goran Dragic at the trade deadline. They were also ahead of the team that has been one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference the last few seasons along with Miami which is the Indiana Pacers and yet the Pacers had Roy HIbbert and George Hill virtually all season. The Celtics with no Rondo, no Green and while having no Jared Sullinger managed to catch and pass those 3 teams and have the edge going into the final week. So now we will discuss how did the final week end. Did the Celtics do what many thought was impossible and get to the NBA playoffs if so who will they face or are they headed to the lottery again. We recap the season with Adam Lowenstein

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    Wrapping up WoMMarch on The Mompreneur Model with Dori DeCarlo

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    Tune in on March 26th as we wrap up #WoMMarch with our final anniversary party show! Joining me are WoMRadio past guests Diane Trone, Donna Cravotta, Patty Farmer, Linda J. Alexander, Debbie Barth, and Kathy Shimmield. Also joining us, Nancy Mueller who interviewed me this past year along with show sponsors Dr. Christina Hibbert, Nicole Borota and well...you never know.  All I can say is that we are going to have a blast celebrating our anniversary month and hope you'll join is and have some fun.

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    Joyce Villeneuve "Finding Forgiveness in God's Words" in our Author's Alley

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    Joyce L. Villeneuve is here in our Author's Alley with "Finding Forgiveness in God's Word" her new book available at Amazon.com. I am happy to be sharing her once again here on Word of Mom Radio, Wednesday January 14th at 10amPT/1pmET and ANYTIME in archive - so don't worry if you miss the live show!

    Joyce is a senior marketing and communications consultant and successful entrepreneur in the advertising, photography and public relations fields. Joyce was recently as an Honored Member of the Stanford Who's Who Black Book of Influential Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. She was inducted as a "Woman of Excellence" into the National Association of Professional and Executive Women, and also inducted into Who's Who for Business Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs and Joyce and her husband, Martin, live in Colorado, with their three children.

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    Award Winning Author Dr. Christina Hibbert on The Mompreneur Model Show

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    Dr.Christina Hibbert is the author of the Amazon Bestseller, This is How We Grow. Dr. Christina is joining me on The Mompreneur Model Show on July 24 at 10amPT/1pmET here on Word of Mom Radio - the show for Mompreneurs, the NEW business woman. 

    A Clinical Psychologist, she is the founder of the Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition, a 501(c)3 non-profit that educates woman, families and providers on perinatal mental health. Dr. Hibbert is a dynamic and engaging speaker, author, psychologist and more.  Look for Dr. Hibbert’s next book on the topic of Self-Esteem after a Breakup, with New Harbinger Publications, to be released March 2015. 

    Mostly, though, “Christi” is a happily married mother, trying to keep up with 6 energetic children! The lessons and insights she shares come not only from her experiences as a psychologist but from her varied experiences in life, her motto being, “Learn. Then teach.” Called “The Singing Psychologist,” Christi is a singer-songwriter in her free time and often shares a song or two in her speaking engagements.

    Give us a call at 646 595 3163.

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    Jennifer Bronsnick on The Mompreneur Model with Dori DeCarlo

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    Jennifer Bronsnick is not a typical psychotherapist.  She has over 10 years of experience as a clinical social worker, has training in CBT, psychoanalysis, and mindfulness based therapies.  Adding to her toolbox Jennifer is also certified as Life Coach and Human Design Specialist.  She has been trained in the power of our personal energies and the impact they have on our lives.  In her work with clients she uncovers their unique energy blueprint and teaches you how to live and make decisions that are in full alignment with your authentic self.  It is her intention to support families to raise their level of spiritual conscious, end daily suffering and find the joy in being alive.

    I'm thrilled to be sharing her here on Word of Mom Radio Thursday, December 4th at 10amPT / 1pmET and live on your time in archive. Give us a call at 646 595 3163 and ve part of the conversation.

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    Modern Combat Masters Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant and Co-Host Hanshi Daniel Vena are proud to present our special guest Peter Lawson to the program.

    Peter Lawson, B.B.A. is a martial arts aficionado whose expertise are in the following disciplines: Seido Karate, Sanucus Ryu Jiujitsu and Brazilian Jiujitsu. In addition, Mr. Lawson studies Iaijitsu and Kenjitsu (earning a black belt in both arts) under Soke Cary Nemeroff, and Tuidi Jitsu/Kyushu Jitsu under Sensei Luis Morales. Moreover, he is a student of Gun Defense under Captain Robert Hibbert and is a member of Ollinville’s Practical Shooting Team (U.S.P.S.A.). The preceding describes the eclectic background of Peter Lawson with the common thread of duty, dedication and devotion to excellence – to the arts – the martial arts. The common thread that runs through 5 of the black belts he earned via his 30 years plus experience.

    Peter Lawson started his experiential journey in the world of martial arts at the age of 11 years old in Jamaica, West Indies. Under the tutelage of Sensei Errol Lyn, he studied Seido Karate after which he became 2nd Belt Karate Champion of Jamaica in 1982. Eventually, at the tender age of 15 years old, he returned to New York City to attend college. In N.Y.C., World Seido Karate founder Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura promoted Mr. Lawson to his first black belt on October 4, 1987 after a grueling 2 hour sparring session (the final installment of a 2 week test). Later, he earned a 2nd place at the World Seido Karate Invitational Tournament, Middle Weight Division – Black belt. The late great Seido Karate Senior Instructor Master William Oliver trained and greatly influenced Mr. Lawson, especially, at the legendary “WAR” nights (Friday nights).

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    Frank Vogel Needs to Start Luis Scola over Roy Hibbert

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    At a certain point, the Indiana Pacers need to give up on Roy Hibbert as their starting center.

    That point is now.

    The All-Star center (can you believe we have to call him that?) laid another egg Thursday night in the Atlanta-Indiana series, shooting 2-for-9 with just two rebounds, none on the offensive end, in the Pacers 98-85 defeat as they fell behind 2-1 in the best-of-7 series.

    If you look at Hiobbert's game log, it is both stunning and atrocious. The 7-foot-2 center has not scored in double figures in seven consecutive games, and it has been 15 games (and 26 of 27) since he reached double figures in rebounding.

    Memo to Frank Vogel: Give him a towel and tell him to waive it.

    The best move Vogel can make right now is sitting Hibbert in favor of Luis Scola, who is perfectly capable of playing center because that's the position he plays for the Argentine national team every summer. He is an accomplished low-post scorer, and since the Pacers gave up a bushel of assets to get him (Gerald Green, Miles Plumlee and a No. 1 pick), it is worth the gamble to put him in a role that he has manned for most of his career. He did score 20 points in just 17 minutes against the Hawks.

    Furthermore, it might be time for a little more C.J. Watson, especially after George Hill went 1-for-11 in the Game 3 loss.

    These were a couple of the topics of dicussion today as I went on the air in Indianapolis with Michael Grady and Joe Staysniak on 1070 The Fan in Indinapolis.

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    Celtics Talk Radio episode 84 games 2 through 6

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    After beating the Brooklyn Nets in their season opener the Boston Celtic's played 5 playoff caliber teams in 8 days as they took on Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets down in Houston then after having a day off took on Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. Then 2 nights later they took on the defending atlantic division champs Toronto Raptors. Then 2 nights laters they took on Roy Hibbert and the Indiana Pacers then the very next night it was the the Chicago Bulls. Out of those games the games vs the Rockets, Mavs, and Bulls were on the road while the games vs the Raptors and Pacers were at the TD Garden. The Celtics Talk Crew will be joined by JOHN KARALIS to discuss the Celtic's performance's over the last week and where they stand after the first week and a half.