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  • Everything w/Kathy B, Tyrone Mitchell, Terri Matthews, Billy Ray Wheelock

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for our Wednesday Night Segments.

    At 6, Join our Resident Financial Advisor Tyrone Mitchell as he discusses another much needed topic of, The True Color of Welfare - Who "Really" Benefits from Welfare Reform. Tune in as Tyrone shares what Welfare Reform Is, What It Does & Who is Benefitting from it.

    7:15 Terri Matthews

    Join us at 7:15 for World News as Host Ami Smith welcomes Founder of the Organization, Jaden's Voice, Terri Matthews into the studo to share her amazing story, how the Organization is supporting families and people directly impacted by autism and how we can get involved.

    8:15 Billy Ray Wheelock

     Join us for The Great Griot as Host K. LaShea welcomes special guest, Billy Ray Wheelock into the studio to share his amazing story.

    Billy is one of the Obama 8 that was granted clemency based on his drug crime.  Billy's sentence was handed down by a Texas court in 1993, during the heyday of the war on drugs. Billy was convicted & given Life in prison for selling 99.64 grams (a little more than 3 ounces) of crack cocaine and walked free after serving 21 years of a life sentence after President Obama shortened the sentences of Billy and 7 other men and women serving long prison terms for cocaine-related crimes.

    You definitely want to be a part of the conversation tonight.  Call in at, 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    #164 On a Different Note with guest Donny Hartman 07/29/2015 LIVE | UTLRadio

    in Business

    On this show hosts Peter Lamont, Esq. and Bob Hughes discuss business and legal issues related to the music industry. Today's show features Donny Hartman. During the states Rock & Roll heyday Donny was blazing the guitar hero trail with Dick Wagner and the Frost. The Frost was one of, if not the most popular and visible groups in the Midwest, playing every major festival and venue. Donny has also been inducted into the Detroit Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Donny's website: http://www.donnyhartman.com/

    Today's show is sponsored by Norada Real Estate Investments. They help take the guesswork out of real estate investing. By researching top real estate growth markets and structuring complete turnkey real estate investments, they help you succeed by minimizing risk and maximizing profitability. www.noradarealestate.com

    For more info or to contact UTLRadio:
    Web: www.UTLRadio.com
    Legal: www.Peterlamontesq.com
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/pjlamont1
    Twitter: @pjllaw
    Tel. (973) 949-3770
    E-mail: Info@utlradio.com

    Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

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    April Deep Aries Presents: Johnny Britt, formerly of Jazz/r&b duo Impromp2

    in Entertainment

    April Deep Aries Presents!  (Los Angeles) – Vocalist, trumpeter, songwriter, and producer Johnny Britt – Founder and Lead Singer of the former Motown Group “Impromp2” -- has signed with Guion Partners for Worldwide Representation as he prepares for his debut solo album, “Feels So Good,”!  IMPROMP2 was my favorite group in the 90's and 2000's!

    Johnny’s contemporary release, “Feels So Good,” is a collection of eleven dynamic songs that brings a refreshing revival of old-school soul to the R&B scene. The CD is a soulful journey that hearkens back to the heyday of brilliant music with an updated groove, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Soul, and a little bit of Reggae flavor.

    Known for his uplifting and positive lyrics, Johnny’s debut as a solo artist and his previous recordings on Motown Records with “IMPROMP2” are recognized internationally.

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    Milling About with Rain Pryor

    in Entertainment

    What do you do when you're born to legendary comedian Richard Pryor and white Jewish go-go dancer Shelley Bonus in Los Angeles, California, spending your formative years navigating what it's like to be Black and Jewish? You write a show about it! Rain Pryor joins host Robin Milling for a backstage chat about her one-woman show, Fried Chicken & Latkes, now playing at the National Black Theater in Harlem, New York.

    On stage Rain tells poignant tales of her childhood, growing up in Beverly Hills in the heyday of the 60s and 70s, expertly weaving in the voices of her mother, her Bubby, her father's grandmother, and her dad. There was the time when she was five and someone called her the 'N' word, and all through her teenage years valley girls bullied her just because she looked different. She tells Robin, 'Growing up in Beverly Hills there weren't kids like me. I think I just wanted to feel normal. It wasn't like I wanted to be white. I didn't want to be black. I just wanted to be OK to be me and it wasn't. I was bullied when kids would chase me down the street throwing rocks at me; that's bullying. It felt like I was running for my life through Beverly Hills! And I literally hid in bushes.'

    And then there are the stories of her famous father who had Miles Davis play her a lullaby to send her to dreamland, and when she first realized his comic genius. Father and daughter relationships can be tricky after divorce, but Rain also had to deal with sometimes coming second to her dad's fame and career. She tells Robin how his presence is still strongly felt even 10 years after his death, and dedicates the show to his memory.

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    Are we at L'AMOUR tonight?

    in Rock Music

    Our show tonight could have taken place 25 or 30 years ago at the Brooklyn Rock Palace L'AMOURS. Donnie Tranchina, whose band DECEIVER, frequented this Metal Mecca during its heyday and Thrsday Night he graces the airwaves of "Hard Rock N Sports". We will talk to Donnie about the "Golden Age" of Metal and Where metal is today, locally and Universally as well. Donnie is also the Editor in Chief of Rock Show Magazine so we will ask Donnie how he came up with the idea ofor the magazine and where it is headed in the future. 

    John Brullo, Lead Singer of the famous Island Band, NO MORE TEARS, is also coming on to talk about todays  Rock scene. That man can bring the noise, so I am really looking forward to talking to John.

    And if that wasn't enough, Executive Show Producer Joe Gansas has also gotten the Inventor of the Lollipop Guitar, Roy Jones to come on and give us the story of this very popular guitar and hopefully I can get Roy to talk a little Soprts as well.

    And of Course I want to touch on a variety of Sports Topics, Rangers Lose Game 7, will David Wright ever come back?, Cavs vs Golden State, etc.. I just hope we have time to get to all of these topics during the 2 hour live broadcast.

    Well if you wanted to hear some Metal talk, then tune into blogtalkradio.com this coming Thursday at 6:30 pm est to hear my interview will all of my guests and I would love it if you all called in (347) 826-9934 and talked to them as well.


    Keep on Rockin!!!


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    Why Facebook Shouldn't Be The Only Place You Market Your Music?

    in Music

    Live Tonight from 8pm -10pm Est
    Tonight's Topic: Why Facebook Shouldn't Be The Only Place You Market Your Music?

    Facebook is most definitely an excellent place to promote your music. However, as musician marketeers you can't be a one trick pony. Don't forget MySpace and Napster also had its heyday, where are they now?

    Call in tonight share your tips and advice, as it pertains to business of Music !

    UPLOAD your Mp3 at www.hiphopnational.com

    To listen in call: 213.559.2995 Show Date: 5/5/2015

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    English Defence League Radio ~ Remembering ALL Genocide

    in Politics Conservative

    Holocaust Remembrance Day and acknowledging Global Genocide... Are we headed for the Final Crusade?

    Kel has a birthday... (oops...) Tim's Alma-ducks and Mo the Lucky Pig have a heyday...

    Welcome to The English Defence League Radio Show with your Host, Geoff Mitchell, and Co-Host/Producer ~ and Wingman ~  Kel Fritzi. Dave Milner, Sue & Prof, and Tim Burton round out the Panel with their erudite insights.

    The English Defence Radio Show is the place where we aren’t afraid to discuss the issues that the newspapers, TV and radio won’t touch. This is the place where you will hear the honest truths, and can join in discussions about the facts, not the polished and anonymous half-truth that the authorities and MSM publish to throw you into a state of complacency.

    This Radio Show is the Official Program for the English Defence League, so you will find the same honesty and direct approach that you have come to expect from us. EDL supporters, this is your platform, the show is your voice.

    Come and join us, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 8:30PM GMT, 3:30PM EST. Your voice is welcome too. 


    EDL You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EDLNoSurrenderChanne

    Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage

    "All That is necessary for Evil to Prevail Is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmond Burke

  • John Carver Show - Dr. C. M. Ward - Only Believe & Symptoms of Salvation

    in Self Help

    For 25 years, from 1953 to 1978, Dr. Ward was host of Revivaltime, the flagship weekly radio broadcast of the Assemblies of God. During its heydayRevivaltime was heard on hundreds of stations via the ABC radio network, and the program received from 12,000 to 15,000 letters each month from listeners around the world, including notes of appreciation from such well-known individuals as President Lyndon Johnson and Queen Juliana of Holland.

    Thousands of listeners across the earth considered C.M. Ward their pastor, and many in the radio industry of the 1950s placed Revivaltime second in popularity only to Hour of Decision, the weekly radio program of the young evangelist Billy Graham.

    In this show I just read the words of Dr. Ward.  I cannot match his style of teaching and preaching.

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    Third Eye Cinema Week 88 (Sun. Dec. 7) - Robert Sall of W.E.T. and Work of Art

    in Entertainment

    Next time on Third Eye Cinema: we talk the Swedish AOR revival with Robert Sall of W.E.T. and Work of Art!

    Coming straight out of a nation known best for SAAB, ABBA, classic Sunlight Studios style death metal and a viciously aggressive black metal scene, Robert Sall and company have spearheaded what's becoming something of a local scene in classic late 70's-mid 80's melodic AOR rock!

    Joined by likeminded acts such as State of Salazar, Adrenaline Rush and the various Frontiers Records projects Sall and fellow W.E.T. compatriot Erik Martenson are either responsible for or involved with, Work of Art arose from a music conservatory background to produce some of the richest and most musically complex yet satisfying ear candy released since the heyday of inspirations like Journey, Styx, Kansas, Foreigner and...did he really say Toto?

    Please join us as we delve into the history and mystery behind the rise of the one and only Robert Sall, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

    Week 88 (Sun. Dec. 7) - Robert Sall of W.E.T. and Work of Art


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    Are Protests Over Police Brutality Helping or Hurting The Cause

    in News

    Suddenly, it feels like the 1960s again, with swirling movements for social justice finding inspiration and a powerful common denominator in the struggle for black equality.

    Multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-class, and multi-generational Americans have swarmed the streets in vast numbers to not only protest against racial injustice but to expose systemic oppression that has been an open secret since the heyday of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    The decision by a Staten Island, New York, grand jury not to indict Police Officer Daniel Pantoleo in the choking death of Eric Garner came nine days after Ferguson, Missouri, erupted into an open rebellion following another grand jury’s decision not to indict former police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, a black teenager.

    While violence engulfed parts of downtown Ferguson, 170 cities staged largely peaceful demonstrations both in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and in demand of a vision of social justice that far surpasses the imagination of most contemporary politicians and pundits.

    Thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets on Wednesday and Thursday nights to express outrage against the political system that allowed a black man to be choked to death while screaming, “I can’t breathe!”

    Across the country this movement has been spreading with protesters stopping traffic on highways and busy streets. Here in Baltimore protesters attempted to shutdown the annual Christmas tree lighting in downtown Baltimore. Do events like this help or hurt the cause

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    30JK SATURDAY -- Bumper Morgan!

    in Entertainment

    Stay Tuned! Fans of radio definitely know who BUMPER MORGAN is! Those who were from Milwaukee especally know his voice from HOT 102 (102.1 WLUM) in its heyday ("...crankin' out 50,000 watts atop of Brew City... more jams than the Marquette Interchange!")

    Check him out on a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of "30JK" this Saturday @ 3pm CT/1pm PT over BlogTalkRadio -- 347-857-2310... www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE; see ya then! BlogTalkRadio..."where it's ALWAYS good to talk!"

    See ya on the Flipside! And KEEP IT OLD SCHOOL, BABY!!! ;)

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