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  • CUTV News Radio spotlights Susanne Helms of Sacred Soul Sanctuary

    in Health

    Winston, MO – We’ve been conditioned to believe the doctor is always right, but there isn’t a doctor in this world that has ever healed anyone. A doctor might give our immune system a nudge, but in the end, it’s our body’s innate ability to heal itself that must be activated.

    Susanne Helms is a registered nurse and the founder of Sacred Soul Sanctuary, a holistic health practice. Susanne helps people dealing with chronic pain and illness to heal naturally with her signature integrative healing system.

    “Sacred Soul Sanctuary is a place people can come and feel safe and learn to heal themselves,” says Susanne. “That healing begins with a transformational journey to take control of your health and life.”

    With 18 years as a registered nurse, Susanne brings a wealth experience to her practice. She believes people are naturally able to heal their pain or disease by empowering their body’s own natural abilities.

    “I’ve been in the healing profession for a long time,” says Susanne. “Sacred Soul Sanctuary exists so I can do the things I can’t do as a medical nurse. I get to play more."

    In sessions, Susanne uses her intuitive clairvoyant energetic healing abilities as well as non-threatening emotional healing modalities to release pain and disease from the body. In addition, Susanne will incorporate Crystal Healing to help to bring your body back into the alignment and resonance of health.

    “Crystal Healing is all about vibration,” says Susanne. “Crystals use both the vibration of their color and the vibration of their particular chemical makeup. It changes how you feel about yourself and how you interact with the world through vibration.”

    For more information on Sacred Soul Sanctuary, visit www.sacredsoulsanctuary.com

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    PWTorch Livecast - Pat McNeill talks live w/"Hurricane" Helms

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill hosts the Thursday Livecast interviewing former WWE/WCW wrestler "Hurricane" Shane Helms, who is now working behind-the-scenes in TNA. Call in live or email questions to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.

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    Your15Minutes Radio with Special Guest Andrea Helms

    in Goals

    Join us as we speak with Sunday Best Andrea Helms as she discuss her ministry and her music.  Follow  the conversation @your15minradio.

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    Interview With Natural Bodybuilder and Coach ERIC HELMS - Podcast #318

    in Fitness

    Contest prep coach, natural bodybuilder, and writer ERIC HELMS talks about his tremendous dedication to the bodybuilding and fitness world, what he expects from the people he gets ready for bodybuilding contests, the current state of natural bodybuilding, and much more.

    Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, Mass Machine Nutrition supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers his expert advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level. 

    Get the "The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader" 11-hour audio seminar program and workbooks FREE by clicking HERE.

    This podcast is brought to you in part by Skip La Cour Coaching. Exclusive, next level, one-on-one life coaching that will give you the sense control and direction you need to succeed at the highest level. One-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, Skip La Cour will help you channel all of your hard work, discipline, and abilities to build a life filled confidence, passion, and purpose. Set up a free coaching session to see if this exclusive, next level, one-on-one coaching program is right for you by sending Skip an email at skip@skiplacourcoaching.com.

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    Ken Jeong From ABC's Dr. Ken And The Hangover

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Ken Jeong From ABC's Dr. Ken And The Hangover.


    Dr. Ken Park on ABC’s “Dr. Ken”

     Ken Jeong, known for his scene stealing abilities, has established himself as one of today’s comedic stars.  In May of 2009, Jeong appeared as the Asian-mobster “Mr. Chow” in the sleeper-hit comedy “The Hangover,” also starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis. The film was the highest-grossing R-rated comedy to date, with over $467 million worldwide. Jeong reprised his role of “Mr. Chow” in the summer blockbuster, “The Hangover 2.” Following up on the success of “The Hangover,” the much anticipated sequel surpassed expectations in every way, already grossing almost $600 million dollars and beating “The Hangover,” while setting box office records for R-rated films. He was then seen in the 3rd installment of “The Hangover 3,” which showcased his meatiest performance to date. The film went on to gross almost $400 million worldwide.

     Since his feature film debut playing the doctor in “Knocked Up” in 2007, Jeong has gone on to a number of memorable roles in a series of successful comedies. Directed, written and produced by Judd Apatow, Jeong’s first film grossed $219 million at the worldwide box office.  The year 2008 saw Jeong with his first major role as the villain in “Role Models.” Taking on the role of “King Argotron,” Jeong acted opposite Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. The film went on to gross over $90 million worldwide. 

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    Episode 329: J.D. Helms

    in Sports

    Wichita State fan, J.D. Helms debuts on the show to talk about the Shockers run to the Final Four, their chances versus Louisville, and the Missouri Valley without Creighton.

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    Interview with Cindy Helm for Outside Inside

    in Books

    As a child, did you ever think all of your friends had forgotten about you? Did it ever feel like your friends were deliberately avoiding you or were out doing something totally awesome without you? 

    This is exactly where Birdie finds himself one day in this beautifully produced picture book, Outside Inside. When Birdie does not see his friends around, he decides to look for them. Just when Birdie is about to give up and go back to his nest, his friends surprise him. They open up, invite him inside and reveal what they had been up to all along.
    Outside Inside is a simple and clever story about the joy of friendship and giving. Using 35 easy words and 26 pages of vivid illustrations, it is geared toward the youngest of readers, but the catchy story is attention grabbing for adults as well. The adults will appreciate the deeper double meaning as Birdie's change of heart corresponds with the action around the outside and inside settings.

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    NOPR welcomes Sandy Helms of Ancient Spirits 02 21 2015

    in Spirituality

    No Ordinary Psychic Radio and it's hostess Rubbizfire & The Celtic Psychic Cassandra Larsen are pleased to welcome Sandy Helms of Ancient Spirits.  This is her 1st time being our special guest. We will have a Q & A  session and ofcourse take callers with 1 FREE QUESTION starting at 10 minutes after.

    She is Psychic, Tarot reader and witch located in Northern, CA. Tune in and join us in conversation. Check out  Sandy at her website .      www.ancientspiritstarot.com

    Check NOPR out at    www.NOPR.Info 

    Call in number (323)843-6064 when your pulled on the air you will be announced by your area code. Please state your name, location, zodiac sign and your 1 question, 




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    PWKGW Ric Savage/Shane Helms

    in Sports

    PWKGW sits down with Hurricane Shane Helms as we catch back up with him since our coverage of Chin Lock for Chuck Show, of course we will get in depth into his career and his time in WWE WCW and now back on the Independent scene Also Ric Savage from Savage Family Diggers will be back with us for his big show His Return back to the ring. Tune in Wednesday 8pm call in 347-308-8308 

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    Shane Helms coming to Rope2Rope Radio!

    in Wrestling

    Shane Helms will make his debut on R2R next week and we hope you will all tune in to this great interview.

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    PWTorch Livecast - Pat McNeill's Interview Wednesday w/Hurricane Helms

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill hosts Interview Wednesday with a special guest each week. This week, "Hurricane" Shane Helms joins McNeill for a live interview. Call in to talk with Helms or email questions to pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com.