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    Showing Up for Yourself: HAWAH and Gangaji

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    HAWAH: The Poetry of Yoga Vol. 2
    HAWAH is an artist, author, educator, and non-profit leader. He has authored 5 books, produced 3 documentary films and 2 musical CDs; he is the creator/ editor of “The Poetry of Yoga” book anthology. 
    The Poetry of Yoga (2 volume anthology set) offers poetry from 19 countries and 300+ yogi poets! A Contemporary vista capturing the heart of yoga in the 21st Century and reflecting on the landscape and breath of human experience.
    Gangaji shares a simple message –This is an invitation to shift your allegiance from the activities of your mind to the eternal presence of your being. A teacher and author, she shares her direct experience of the essential message she received from Papaji and offers it to all who want to discover a true and lasting fulfillment.

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    African Global Super Center Convention

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    International Business convention brings delegates from across the globe, we highlight the major events and also talk to delegation leaders from Nigeria, Liberia and the AGSC management team.

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    The Poetry of Yoga on NOWTIME Presents

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    On November 11, 2011 (11.11.11), The Poetry Of Yoga, a contemporary anthology compiled and edited by yogi and spoken word poet HawaH will officially release. This anticipated first volume distills 324 pages of heart-wrenching poetry from over 1,500 pages of submissions originating from 16 different countries.  

    The Poetry Of Yoga serves to expand the literary tradition of yoga to include the cultural perspective of the 21st century; This pioneering anthology brings together living poetic voices to share their existential expressions. 
    Tune in and hear poetry read live from contributing yogi(ni) poets, including Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Sianna Sherman, Alanna Kaivalya, and Doug Swenson. As we discuss with them their connection to both yoga and poetry.

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    Africa RAINMAKER MAJEK FASHEK and Prisoners Of Conscience Nigeria's Superstar MAJEK is a legendary REggae/HipHop Icon LIVE On channels Bob Marley's message on "LIVE TOGETHER" AFRICA WORLD UNITY and 1LOVE LIVE ON AIR TODAY chats about recent tour in 9ja Hip hop legends w Busta Rymes Jay Z Beyonce on AXXESS WORLD show with Princess Angelinah
    Special guest from NIGERIA MAJEK FASHEK "Live Together" New Album Release PArty Concert Tour 2010 "LIVE TOGETHER" 2010 Axxess World Top 10 Music and Entertainment Buzz 3 Big Shows.Majek Fashek Album Release Parties/CD Launching
    Ike Enwereuzor invited you · Share · Public event

    Thursday at 19:30 - Friday at 14:00
    Location Club Odobro, 132 Essex Ave, Orange, New Jersey (732)877-7202 or (973)676-4100
    Created by:
    Ike Enwereuzor
    More info Thurs Aug 26- Odabro Lounge, 132 Essex Ave, Orange, New Jersey
    Sat. Aug 28- Marcus Garvey Center, 5105 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY
    Sat Sept 10- Buka Lounge, 946 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY
    For tickets & more info call: (973)676-4100 or (732)877-7202, (973)666-7853 or (347)444-0072; African Concert and African/World News Current events Welcome to our programme, we welcome your calls and participation. Call in with requests or comments. Guest call-in number: (347) 326-9241 AFRICA in our hearts!!


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  • Cara Backup kontak BBM

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    Cara BackUp PIN Contacts BlackBerry Messenger – Berikut kami berikan tutorial untuk backup PIN contacts BlackBerry Messenger anda.Cara BackUp BlackBerry Messenger

    Buka aplikasi BBM anda

    Klik menu BB, pilih Options

    Akan muncul menu “back up” dan restore

    Klik BackUp – ada pilihan backup “remotely” atau backup locally

    Back up remotely, daftarkan salah satu / semua email anda yang ada di BlackBerry Device anda ke server RIM

    Back up Locally, pilih save ke Device atau ke memory card anda.

    1. BackUp BlackBerry Messenger Remotely Klik Backup Remotely dan akan ke halaman dengan keterangan berikut:

    “Remote Backup is a feature that automatically backs up changes to your BlackBerry Messenger contact list, profile, and group membership to a BlackBerry Messenger server. If you register at least one of the following email addresses with BlackBerry Messenger, you can recover your contact list if you ever lose, switch or transfer your device.”

    Cara Backup kontak BBM

    Back up remotely adalah fitur BlackBerry Messenger yang akan secara otomatis back up semua pin contact BlackBerry Messenger anda termasuk profile anda, BBM groups ke server BlackBerry Messenger. Anda bisa gunakan fitur back up remotely dengan daftarkan salah satu alamat email yang anda gunakan di BlackBerry Device anda.

    Dengan back up remotely, anda bisa restore contacts anda jika aplikasi BBM anda terhapus atau pada saat anda ganti BlackBerry Device ke PIN / Device baru. Anda hanya perlu daftarkan kembali email tersebut kepada BlackBerry Device