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    YORUBA, HAUSA & IBO - Who's the best looking??

    in Entertainment

    Listeners call in to answer what tribe they think is the best looking in Nigeria

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    Usool ul Wilaayah with Amir Khalil Abdullahi (Part #4)

    in Islam

    Foundations of Protected Friendship with Allah written by Shehu Uthman Dan Fodiyo will be taught by Amir Khalil Abdullahi.




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    BIAFRA PAST AND PRESENT (Learning from the past is the way forward)

    in Radio

    A people without a past have no tomorrow and a people without history will never have a story to tell.

    Biafra History help us to decode know we got to where we now at present and to help shape our tomorrow as we March towards the un-negotiable, inevitable freedom and emancipation of Biafra as an Independent Nation.

     Today 21/07/2014 Highlight


    Threat Hausa people in East as kings and queens or risk losing all your investment worth N41tr, in the north. The pain of not learning from history and the price of freedom is Biafra people biggest fear and ransom for their freedom.

    Biafra people should relocate now before it is too late, the history that is about to play out.

    What is the way out and your role as a Biafran towards this task to avert this calamity. 

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    C.D. - By the "Book": Boko Haram - Forbidden Transgression

    in Current Events

    Given the recent events in Nigeria, due to the actions of the Nigerian group known as Boko Haraam,we at Critical Discourse have taken it upon ourselves to bring this to the table.

    SInce heir inception,some sources stating as far back as 1995,they've been associated with wanton acts of viloence and carnage, But it was the recent abduction of schools girls from the town of Chibok, that has really caused the world to take serious notice, and demand justice.

    Notwithstanding the historic dynamics and tensions, much of tribal, that have plauged Nigeria since colonial days, this present crisis brings to the table, the reaction, attitudes and frankly, examination of doctrine of Muslims / Al-Islam.

    It is our desire for this show, to clarify what Al-Islam says about such acts; needless to say, they are unacceptable and outright haraam (forbidden).

    This crisis opens up the discussion on a number of sensitive issues around the status and dignity of women in and out of Al-Islam, so that the case be made,that their security, dignity and protection are held sacred.

    This should prove to be a most engaging and informative airing of Critical Discourse.

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    The Northern Nigerian Crisis: An independent Perspective.

    in Blogs

    The Northern Nigerian Crisis: An independent Perspective.
    Join us as we discuss the current crisis in Nigeria's North with native resident and independent journalist Dr. Aliyu Tilde. We will examine the accuracy or inaccuracy of media reports fed through reuters and Associated Press. We will also discuss what solutions are in place to end the current conflict.
    Tune in. 

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    Epiphany's House Presents Nuwamba!

    in Poetry

    As the year rounds near,I am as always commited to bringing you sounds to uplift your heart...your soul...your spirit..Nuwamba indeed does this...
    Nuwamba, whose name means November in the Nigerian language Hausa, is an extraordinarily innovative singer and songwriter of great depth and passion. His heart-crafted songs touch on a multiplicity of issues often overlooked by the modern music world and offers listeners an acoustic picture of life, love and the prospects of liberation from lifes challenges. Nuwamba Soul and R&B artist Nuwamba is an adventurous artist in more ways than one. First off, Nuwamba always demands originality from himself. Music that is patterned after the template laid by another is not speaking from the soul, the source of all great music. Nuwamba is unafraid to try new things while still capturing soulful sounds that make listeners come forth and stick around. He is also adventurous in the realm of the mind. He prefers music that elevates the soul and sends it shooting off into the cosmos.

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    AWT2010 9ja WorldHappy Dance MusicDBanj Wande Coldplay PSquare 9ja Eminem Rihanna

    in Entertainment

    AFRICA/ World Happy New Year's Rockin Eve 2011 DBanj Wande Bracket PSquare ENYA Eminem Senegal Mali Lagos/Abuja PArty P-Square Bracket Soweto Gospel Choir COLDPLAY "Christmas Lights" Happy Holidays great New Year hear new holiday song,AKON w Michael Jackson(RIP) Happy Kwanza Hanukkah, Joyeux Noel and a prosperous healthy NEW Year Feliz Annos Madrid BArcelona Spain, Basilica Rome ITALY , Zurich Dublin Ireland , Zurich Geneva Switzerland, Lagos Abuja ABA Enugu Calabar Owerri Ondo State Delta State Nigeria Hear in this show some gospel praises acapella songs from the Igbo Yoruba Hausa Efik and South African children's choir and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, P SQUARE BRACKET DBANJ Ebenezer Obey, Carlos Baute Marta Sanchez ENYA Miriam Makeba Beyonce in Zurich, DBanj w Wande Coal, so magical and spiritually uplifting... OMGMadrid Barcelona Spain UK Sydney Australia New York Laguna Beach USA Hear an exclusive COLDPLAY song "Christmas
    Lights" it is simply Beautiful magnifique and the children of Africa
    celebrate life and love at Christmas! "We Are The World 2010 Haiti rememberedPlease Download this Holiday show FREE!!! Princess Angelinah ADAKU your Host and Producer of Axxess World and friends here at Blogtalkradio wish everyone a Joyous Happy Holiday season ,Feliz Navidad,
    ...just a suggestion of kindness..if u have food or shelter pls share a little of your comfort with
    someone in need..wishing u all peace and jo...y and luv for the holidayz
    Thanks Merci! Grazie Dalu E se o xxoxo Princess AnAfrican Concert and African/World News Current events Welcome to our programme, we welcome your calls and participation. Call in with requests or comments. Guest call-in number: (347) 326-9241 Featuring World Artist Beautiful Senegalese vocalist Titi, Youssou Ndour, Hugo Nyame- Pardon Madame- Cameroon, Reggae Traditional, African Senegal, Online Radio Broadcast, NNEKA
    Axxess World
    HAITI in our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    World Music Princess Angelinah ADAKU

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    Early African States, a New Christian Orientation, and the Middle Passage

    in History

    The History of Black Americans and the Black Church #14

    Our Scripture verse for today is 1 Peter 2:9-10 which reads: "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light; Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy."

    Our History of Black Americans and the Black Church quote for today is from Lee June, a professor at Michigan State University and the author of the book, "Yet With A Steady Beat: The Black Church through a Psychological and Biblical Lens." He said, "Within the Black community and the 'Black Church' the person who is a pastor is often more revered for preaching than for pastoring. As noted by Hamilton, preaching is one of the qualities that is most desirable and reinforced. I believe that this overemphasis on preaching has often led many pastors to neglect the 'shepherding' and leadership aspects of their roles. An additional widespread belief about preaching is that it is an activity to be geared toward believers and within a church setting. Speaking in contrast to this belief, Douglas in The New Bible Dictionary indicated that preaching in the early church was an activity geared toward nonbelievers."

    Our first topic for today is a continuation of our look at the earliest African states from the book, "From Slavery to Freedom" by John Hope Franklin. We are going to look at the Hausa states.

    The Afno, or Hausa, people are said to have had seven original states, the best known of which were Kano, Zaria, and Katsina. The Hausa states occupied roughly the area that today is northern Nigeria. Each kingdom retained its identity, with Kano emerging into the limelight for a while, then yielding to Katsina, and so on...

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    Recipes to accelerate your nonprofit career

    in Jobs

    Please join me today when I speak with Molly Mattessich who manages the online communities for the National Peace Corps Association, including Africa Rural Connect and Peace Corps Connect. From 2002-2004, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, where she initiated a market clean-up venture, educated villagers on how to prevent water and food-borne illnesses, and became fluent in Bambara and Malinké.

    Molly has been cited in the Washington Post, US News & World Report, Business Week, The Seattle Times, The Daily Nation (Kenya) and The Christian Science Monitor for her work on Africa Rural Connect, an online collaboration space where Peace Corps Volunteers, the African Diaspora, and others discuss rural agricultural development initiatives. Her interviews have been broadcast across the African continent on Voice of America in English, Hausa, and Swahili.

    She presented Africa Rural Connect to Africa Gathering, a community of technology innovators and social entrepreneurs with ties to Africa, in London, England (October 2009) and Nairobi, Kenya (December 2009).

    Molly earned a degree in Psychology from Wellesley College. She is Co-Chair of the Wellesley Women in Nonprofits network in Washington, DC, and currently serves as Treasurer of her alumnae class. She has served as Vice-President, Special Events Director, and New Members Director for the NPCA member group RPCV/W, the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, DC.

    She previously worked as the Marketing Coordinator for Van Ness Feldman, P.C., an energy and environmental law and policy firm in Washington, DC, during which time she served as Co-Chair of the Capitol Chapter Future Leaders Roundtable of the Legal Marketing Association. Learn more at www.AfricaRuralConnect.org and