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    4/20/16: Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel on Hassan Whiteside, Game 2 Preview

    in Basketball

    Earnest Christian is joined by Dave Hyde, Columnist of the Sun-Sentinal to discuss Hassan Whiteside and his enigmatic personality, Game 1 impressions, the maturation of the rookies Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson, his opinion on Erik Spoelstra and Game 2 analysis.

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    in Politics Progressive


    Basomyi, Banyarwanda, bavandimwe, bana bacu, nshuti,

    Nshimishijwe no kubagezaho igitabo nabandikiye cyitwa « Rwanda : Igicumbi cy’ikinyoma”.

    Ubwicanyi ndengakamere bwa jenoside yo muli 1994 bwaje tureba kandi buba tubibona. Nibwo bwicanyi bubi cyane bwaranze ikinyejana cya makumyabiri.

    By’umwihariko, mbabazwa no kuba nari mfite amakuru menshi namenye kubw’akazi nakoraga, nkagira ibimenyetso byerekanaga ko igihugu kigiye gusenyuka, hakiyongeraho amakuru nabonye igihugu kirimo gisenyuka, n’andi menshi cyane nakusanyije kimaze gusenyuka. Ibi mbibonamo umutwaro undemereye cyane numva ngomba gusangiza abakiri bato kugira ngo mbabere isomo ryabafasha kutazagwa mu mitego twe bakuru twaguyemo.

    Nari gushimishwa no kugira ububasha bwo kuba narabihagaritse, cyangwa narabibujije kubaho. Abari babifitiye ubushobozi ntabyo bakoze kubera impamvu ndashobora kumenya, impamvu ziri hejuru y’ubushobozi bwanjye.

    Ku giti cyanjye ndasaba imbabazi ababa barababajwe n’inyandiko zanjye cyangwa ibikorwa byanjye.

    Ngo udakora ntakosa. Nakomeje kwibaza kenshi impamvu abantu batinya kwemera ko bakosheje ngo bibe byabafasha gusaba imbabazi. Twe twakuriye mu bwanditsi no mu bushakashatsi ni kenshi twisanga mu makosa, ni kenshi twakoreshejwe amakosa tutabizi.

    Muri iki gitabo, nahisemo gutanga ubuhamya bwerekana aho numva nakosheje ntabizi. Mbaye mbisabiye imbabazi.

    Hassan Ngeze

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    Dr. Anthony Hassan, Director of Cohn Veterans Network, joins host Jim Fausone

    in Military

    Dr. Anthony Hassan, discusses the Cohn Veterans Network Mission and funding. Cohen Veterans Network is a privately funded organization that will open 25 mental health clinics for veterans and family members. All 25 locations will offer their services free of charge. 

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    Dividing Israel, the OIC Summit & Prince Hassan bin Talal

    in Christianity

    Tonight starting @8:00 PM CST on Prophecy Quake, we are going to look at the renewed push by world leaders to divide the land of Israel to create a Palestinian State. In the last few days, news agencies have revealed a coordinated effort to push Israel to divide their land as end-time Bible prophecy foretold. From Obama to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Summit taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia, the pressure against Israel is global. We will look at the prophecies and the main players in this end-time scenario. We will also look at the #1 candidate to be the Antichrist and his role in all of this. Don't miss this show. To listen by phone call 347-884-8566 and we may go LIVE on Periscope as well.

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    NOI Series: Richard Hassan, NOI Pioneer (since 1949) in Philly Mosque No. 12

    in Culture

    The Allah Team Radio presents: The History of the NOI Series

    Interview with RICHARD HASSAN 
    (NOI Pioneer since 1949) 

    The Historical Origins of Philly Mosque No. 12 & Atlanta Mosque No. 15 

    In 1949, after being in prison with the Hon. Elijah Muhammad in Washington, DC, a barber named Mr. Charlie X Simms, returned to his barbershop in Philadelphia where he started teaching a group of youth, among them Jeremiah Shabazz, Karriem Muhammad and Richard Hassan. From there these NOI Pioneers would start the beginning of Muhammad's Mosque No. 12.

    As young brothers, Richard Hassan, Jeremiah Shabazz and others established and moved in "The FOI House". The Hon. Elijah Muhammad sent Min. Malcolm X (and subsequently Capt. Yusef Shah) to live with them in the FOI House and establish Malcolm's first Ministry as Philadelphia became a training ground for other NOI greats including Min. Louis Farrakhan, Imam W.D. Mohammed and Min. James Shabazz. 

    Bro. Richard Hassan will walk us through his first-hand experiences as a part of this inner circle, the history of Mosque #12, and how Min. Malcolm, Min. Jeremiah, Min. James X, himself and others established Mosque #15 in Atlanta in the Deep South.

    Join us to hear the testimony of this Great NOI Pioneer about his powerful experiences!

    co-hosts Wakeel Allah and Understanding Allah

    THUR 2/11/16 at 8pm EST
    Call in# 646-595-4289

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    Plum Luv Foods Season 3 Episode 17 Hassan Musselmani from Hells Kitchen SE 15

    in Food

    On this episode we talk to Hells Kitchen season 15 chef Hassan (Hass) Musselmani. Hass is a very cool down to earth guy, and looks to be a great chef. We talk Hells Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey and more. Hass has a very cool pop up dining series and is making plans for a food truck. We also give away another pair of shoes from our friends over at Shoes for Crews, talk tipping, catering and more on this episode! Find Hass on twitter @HMusselmani and on Instagram @chef_hassan_hk15 and check out www.chefhassandetroit.com

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    HQ Overtime: Raptors vs. Heat, Game 1

    in Basketball

    John Gaudes is joined by Raptors HQ's Dan Grant to discuss an absurd and crazy Game 1 between the Raptors and Heat in the Eastern Conference Semi Finals. They talk about Kyle Lowry's ridiculous half-court heave, the Dragic/Wade problem, Hassan Whiteside and much more. Make sure to listen to HQ Overtime immediately following every Raptors playoff game. 

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    BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio May 4

    in Sports

    On this Wednesday edition of BangTheBook Radio, we'll get over the Hump Day blues with some Hoops Day excitement. The second installment of Cole Ryan's Betting the Buckets will take a look at what's going on in the NBA Playoffs and feature some picks and analysis for the upcoming games on Wednesday night and Thursday night. The Buckets Brigade is definitely excited about the second round and that comes through on this segment. Wes Reynolds joins us for some golf betting analysis on the Trophee Hassan II on the European Tour and the Wells Fargo Championship on the PGA Tour side. Host Adam Burke chats NHL playoffs and MLB to finish up the show.

    0:00-13:20 - Host Adam Burke talks NHL playoffs

    13:20-23:00 - Cole Ryan's Betting the Buckets

    23:00-31:00 - Burke's MLB thoughts for May 4

    31:00-1:00:00 - Wes Reynolds, golf betting picks

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    Charlotte Hornets NBA Playoffs Round 1: Hornets Hustle Beats Miami Muscle

    in Basketball

    Games 3 and 4 were dramatically different in score and style and that played right into the hands of the Charlotte Hornets. They used aggressive rim attacks and opportunistic defense to counter the adjustments the Miami Heat made to take away the three point line and dominate the paint.

    Now the series shifts back to Miami where the biggest question will be how Miami reacts to having their defense shredded by Charlotte's Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin. Will they back off their pressure defense and will the three ball return to the Hornets arsenal of offensive weapons? Listen for our analysis of Game 4 and our preview of a pivotal Game 5.


    Nata Edwards from WFNZ and the Mic Check Podcast joins with his thoughts on some controversial comments by local product turned Heat star Hassan Whiteside after Game 4
    For the first time, the NBA is publicly releasing "Hustle Stats" exclusively for the 2016 NBA Playoffs. We'll tell you what stats they are keeping and how the Hornets have fared so far in this series.
    Sources tell us local Miami grocers are selling out of tin foil. A select group of Heat fans are breaking out conspiracies to explain away two straight losses. We explain why they are fools.

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin will submit a document in Geneva, Switzerland to bring the Syria War to and end which would include Israel release of the Golan Heights to Syria. Also the death toll in the Ecuador Quake of 7.8 has risen to 272 people and 2,000 injured. Also 4 "Strong" earthquakes hit Chile 5.6, Japan 5.3, Vanuatu 5.9, and Ecuador 5.1 in one hour this morning as the earth continues to reel and rock. Also a "Super Volcano" is waking up in North Korea and causing Kim Jong Un to work with Western Scientist as fears continue to rise. Also many wealthy people are fleeing many cities as Apocalyptic Signs are taking place around the world. Also NASA says there is 72 new Asteriods are now near Earth objects and 8 of them could approach the Earth. Also another Tunnel was found from Gaza to Israel. Also Iran President Hassan Rouhani has vowed to defend Islamic Nations against Israel at all cost. These events and much more including bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. 

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    The View Up Here asks what now for the NDP post-convention

    in Politics

    Last weekend, the NDP Convention came and went through Edmonton like a tornado. The expected 800 delegates turned out to be over 1,700 strong. Storm winds were in the air from Thursday, when the New Democrat Youth Council put forward a resolution for Tom Mulcair to resign as leader. The vote was 48-48 with 10 abstentions. The forecast was looking turbulent.

    As the workshops and committees went about their work, nominees for Executive Council campaigned amongst the delegates. After five complex and difficult years, Rebecca Blaikie was stepping down as President. National Directors had already moved on since last October. The very visible support for Marit Stiles as new President was accurate as she was successful, winning the post.

    Speeches from CLC President Hassan Yussuff, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and party icon Stephen Lewis concentrated the storm winds with very differing messages to the crowd. The resolution over whether the Leap Manifesto would simply be sent to riding level for research and comment turned into a spinning vortex fed with copious amounts of hot air. Who knew reading a document was so blasphemous? As Sunday dawned, nothing was guaranteed. Every resolution in the emergency plenary session seemed a matter of survival. Then the storm touched down. Delegates voted for a leadership convention 52% to 48%. A resolution was passed allowing up to 24 months to replace Tom Mulcair.

    Interviews with outgoing President Rebecca Blaikie, MP's Nathan Cullen and Peter Julian from the convention floor, and an extended sit-down discussion with MP Niki Ashton are featured in this episode. The View Up Here thanks them for taking the time to speak to our listeners. Reflections on the convention from the host will also be heard.

    Join us in the chat room or call in and give your views. Especially if you were there. The future is now for the NDP, by necessity.