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    Hack to the Future: Why Hackerspaces Are Spark Plugs for Your Broadband Economy

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    Every community needs a hackerspace or two. This hot trend can easily add a low-cost, high-impact spark to a struggling neighborhood, or accelerate the economic impact of your broadband network. The hackerspace movement can even provide a pathway to affordable health insurance.

    Gina Lujan, Founder of HackerLab in Sacramento, CA, explains how to easily start and maintain a viable hackerspace. You don't need much: an empty building or office space, electricity, some paint, a few tables and chairs - and a decent Internet connection, the faster the better. Invite people with good ideas, a dream and basic tech skills to bring their laptops. 

    Gina outlines the key to success, some do's and don't's, strategies for funding and why letting the members run the show is the secret sauce that's making hackerspaces a winner across the U.S. She also lays out the basics for making hackerspaces a major element of broadband adoption strategies, and lets listeners know about a program that enables hackerspace participants to get lop-of-the-line healthcare at affordable rates.   

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    It's the beginning of a new work week! That means it's Monday, for those of you who are unemployed. Join Vince and guest Kim Jong-un as they discuss the issues of the day.
    In recent days Vince and his #AntiBaconSec forces formed a coalition with pirates and devils to launch coordinated attacks on Ninjatown and forced most ninjas into exile. MyWhiteNinja and MyBlackNinja have gone into hiding as a result.
    Kim Jung-un will provide analysis of the conflict and offer suggestions on how the ninjas can be defeated.
    Earlier today Vince visited a Silicon Valley hackerspace called Hacker Dojo in Mountain View and he will share his experience there.
    Apple has released a new iPhone with finger print scanning technology used to unlock phones. However one can set the device to be unlocked with other body parts as well. We'll investigate! 
    Also, recently Canadian correspondant N1K NAK successfully trolled a Christian Arab talk radio show simply by saying "How about them Jews?" We'll review the tape and access the butthurt.

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    StartUPTalk Radio 1: Dan Dascalescu, CIO Blueseed @dandv

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    Dan Dascalescu @dandv Discusses The Need For Visa-free Technology Incubators And Why Seasteading Is A Viable Solution @blueseedproject
    Dan says, "Blueseed solves the serious problem of US work visas by enabling startup entrepreneurs from around the world to start or scale their venture in close proximity to Silicon Valley, on a ship anchored 30 minutes by ferry from shore, in international waters outside the jurisdiction of the United States. We are also creating a unique coworking/hackerspace on the ship, with 1000 of the world's top entrepreneurs living, working and playing together. The Global Product Management Talk and StartUPTalk Radio are exciting opportunities to spread the word to entrepreneurs and engage with product professionals who experience the problems that Blueseed is solving."  http://www.blueseed.com
    Resources: http://bit.ly/xBWWGw