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    The Catch Episode #19 with Os Guinness

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    We are excited to have Os Guinness join us on the show.

    Os Guinness is an author and social critic. Great-great grandson of Arthur Guinness, the Dublin brewer, he was born in China in World War II where both his parents and grandparents were medical missionaries – his grandfather having had the privilege of treating the Empress Dowager, the Last Emperor and the Imperial family. A survivor of the terrible Henan famine of 1943, in which five million died in three months, including his two brothers, Os was a witness to the climax of the Chinese revolution in 1949 and the beginning of the reign of terror under Mao Tse Tung. He was expelled with many other foreigners in 1951 and returned to Europe where he was educated in England. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of London and his D.Phil in the social sciences from Oriel College, Oxford.

    Os has written or edited thirty books on a wide range of themes, including The American Hour, Time for Truth, The Call, Invitation to the Classics, Long Journey Home, Unspeakable, and A Case for Civility. His latest book is A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future, published by InterVarsity Press in August, 2012.

    Read more, click here.

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    Guinness World Record Holder Kevin Taylor and the Wisdom of Success

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    Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t give medals out to just anyone still Kevin Taylor of Warren, MI has 3 of them to his credit.  This Martial arts instructor has founded his own school, tours the world giving demonstrations of his prowess in speed brick breaking to audiences in the United States, Japan, Turkey and Italy as well as having appeared on America’s Got Talent (2008), The Steve Harvey Show (2013) and was invited to be included in Ripley’s Believe it or Not: Dare to Look (2014).  Kevin is a gentle man who is father to 3 year old Luke and goes out of his way to make sure that everyone he comes in contact with understands that they can overcome any fear and bring out their true strength with the proper encouragement and instruction.  His work with students of all ages has earned him respect and he has trained many a champion in his dojo.  Today we are going to learn more about him and get his thoughts on the topic of The Wisdom of Success.  www.kevintaylorentertainment.com. As always we give many thanks to the ‘crew’ that helps make this show a success and they are award-winning artist, David Martinka www.redbellymusic.com who composed and performs our theme song and business coach extraordinaire, Minesh Baxi who invites EVERYONE to his website: www.thegoalsecret.com  I encourage you to FOLLOW all the shows on my network here at www.blogtalkradio.com/perspectivepower

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    Julie Bergman of The Gecko Ranch & Marcia Mc Guinness Of golden Gate Geckos

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    Join us for a fun evening of Gecko conversation. I am joined by Julie Bergman of www.geckoranch.com and Marcia Mc Guinness of Golden Gate Geckos is my co host. Julie Bergman is one of the pioneers of Leopard Gecko morph making going back 2 decades. She is also the former president of the Global Gecko Association and author of several gecko related books and counltess articles. Julie works with many species of geckos but her true love is Phelsuma species (Day Geckos). You can check out her work at www.geckoranch.com.

    Please like and follow the Gecko Nation radio Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GeckoNationRadio 

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    Golf Talk Live - with special guests: Kelly Murray & Gary Occhino

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    Welcome to “Golf Talk Live!

    Join me this week as I welcome my special guests:

    Kelly Murray - Professional Golfer, Teacher & Entertainer

    A golf professional with more than 34 years of experience competing and performing. In the last 34 years, he's traveled to more than 25 countries, competed in over 100 national opens, won 3 international opens, and entertained thousands of golfers. In 1990, he set a Guinness World Record by hitting a golf ball 684.8 yards with a wooden driver.

    Also joining me this week:

    Gary Occhino – PGA Teaching Professional - #1 Bestselling Author, Mind-Technique Synergy Inventor & USA JuniorGolfTeam Coach.

    Gary coaches the USA Junior Golf Team, is a #1 Bestselling Author and is the leading authority on Mind-Technique Synergy (MTS). His students have used MTS to win hundreds of events at the national junior, state, collegiate and club levels.

    MTS combines the newest golf techniques with specialized, proprietary mind skills. This unique synergy is what makes you a powerful, consistent, free golfer who shoots lower scores. Gary invented Mind Technique Synergy (MTS), because traditional golf lessons basically don’t work. He says, “Good people out there deserve the best, so I re-defined golf instruction into a progressive, modern style that yields tremendous results for you, the golfer.”

    Golf Talk Live is available for download on iTunes, and at Stitcher.com.

    Join me Thursday evenings at 6PM CST right here on www.blogtalkradio.com/golftalklive.

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    "Romanism And The Reformation" Author H. Grattan Guinness

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    The Goal of this Broadcast is to point you to the Book: "Romanism and the Reformation"  by H. Grattan Guinness written in 1867. Being read by Tom Friess of Inquisition Update on First Amendment Radio.  You also can go to a web page were you can download the book, download the audio files if you so choose.  Gratten sees the great apostasy in 1867 and it is in full bloom today.

    Here is the link to Book review and download page.  Click here

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    Brian Casting- American Family

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    Isabella McNally She sells Mary Kay we will be talking about that and the new trailer is out Fifty Shades Of Grey hear my comments on this maybe we explore how to break Guinness World Records or try one.

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    Interview w/ The @AlienActor , Bill Blair !

    in Movies

    Bill is now the Guinness World record holder in the category 'most special effect make-up characters portrayed in a career' the new record number set May 6, 2011 is 202.

    Born and raised in Kent Ohio, Bill graduated Kent State University, in 1977 with a degree in Telecommunications. But during college, Bill realized that he wanted something else. He embarked on a music career, and in the early 1980's he toured, as the leader of a band called Expression. 

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Stephanie Munoz, Brian Carter, Wendy Ida

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    Wendy Ida also known as “America’s #1 Expert on Looking Good Naked after 40”is an internationally recognized Best Selling Author, Speaker, Life Reinvention Strategist, Fitness Expert & TV Host. Wendy is a two-time Guinness World Record Holder and 8-time award winning National Fitness Champion

    Brian Carter 15-year digital marketing veteran and popular social media speaker (with clients like NBC, Microsoft and PrideStaff) who delivers practical takeaways, entertainment and motivation. His Brian Carter Group is a boutique agency with world-class expertise using digital/social marketing and advertising to boost profits for growth-minded businesses

    Stephanie Munoz Marketing Manager for Phoenix Comicon and Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest. She focus on social media and our online presence. She started as a volunteer and have recently started working for the convention full time

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    Celebrity Talk - Marti Melville with KEVIN DU TOIT

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    Kevin Du Toit, speaks out about his experience in front of the camera on Discovery Channel's newest reality series, Tethered.  Listen in as Kevin discusses his experience in front of the camera, his success as an iconic realtor with beach-front properties along the California coast, and glamorous stories behind the scenes of some of Hollywood's biggest movies.  

    Learn more about Tethered:  http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/tethered.   


    A little more about Kevin Du Toit - Kevin’s film career began in the late 90’s for Roger Corman. In 1998, he Directed “Bug Night,” winning awards and placing him in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS 2002.  That year Kevin joined Steven Spielberg’s new Film Studio, DreamWorks SKG.  Among many of the industry accomplishments, Kevin contributed to film as director/producer winning awards and bringing attention to many of his short films and indie productions.  Kevin spent eight months in Editorial on director John Moore’s, “Flight of the Phoenix” (20th Century Fox) starring Dennis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson (Transformers). 

    *This episode was pre-recorded.

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    World's Fastest Reader!!!!!!!

    in Spirituality


    Connect with me-emonya_love@yahoo.com

    Howard Berg is widely acclaimed as the World’s Fastest Reader. His accomplishments have been recognized in The Guinness Book of World Records, recorded in major newspapers across America, and demonstrated on more than 600 radio and television programs nationwide.

    Realizing while a college student that he had never been taught how to learn, Howard Berg pioneered a revolutionary reading system that incorporates powerful psychological methods as well as traditional mechanical techniques. The result is increased speed with dramatically enhanced comprehension and retention.

    These methods have enabled Howard Berg to read over 25,000 words per minute and write more than 100 words per minute. He is also known for advanced problem-solving strategies.

    Trained in psychology, Mr. Berg served for 10 years as an officer in an electrical construction corporation and for 10 years as an educator. For the past 18 years, he has been a highly acclaimed and greatly demanded speaker at schools, corporations, and government facilities, motivating and teaching individuals how to reach their true potentials.

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    Acclaimed actor Bill Blair stops by Conversations LIVE

    in Entertainment

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes acclaimed actor Bill Blair to Conversations LIVE to discuss his amazing journey as part of some of television's biggest science fiction shows and has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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