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    Gaia Sophia Dreaming ~ Living in the Heart

    in Spirituality

    Aloha ~ Fly with us on a Magical Mystical Wave  as we connect in the Heart and Share ~ We Love hearing from you ~ tune in dive deep explore expand create and have fun while Living in the Heart ~ Dreaming Truth into Reality ~ Harmony of Being ~ Freedom Life ~ Wisdom Goddesses ~ Gaia Sophia ~ Kali Ma ~ Awareness ~ Imagination ~ All Is Self ~ Self Is All ~ Heart Soul Essence ~ Eternal Now ~ Beyond Limiting Mental Constructs and Belief Systems ~ Transcending Linear Time and Space ~ Releasing All Fears ~ True Divine Source ~ Living in the Core of Creation ~ One Heart One Love ~ Lokahi ~ Much Gratitude ~ Mike ~ gaiasophiadreaming.org ~ subscribe to www.youtube.com/user/GaiaSophiaDreaming ~ Tune In: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gaiasophiadreaming ~ 4 am Hawaii Dreamtime Monday Wednesday Friday ~  6 am Pacific ~ 9 am Eastern ~ 3 pm Europe ~ 730 pm Goa Dreamtime


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    "Living A Life Of Gratitude"

    in Women


    This is the season to express your gratitude! Sometimes we get so caught up with life that we forget to simply reflect on the things we have and express our gratitude. I know it's the day before Turkey Day, but make sure you tune in to hear a dynamic speaker inspire us to live a life of gratitude!!  

    We are excited to bring you Dr. Stacie NC Grant!

    Meet Dr.Stacie Nc Grant, Empowerment Specialist & Event Strategist Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant is living her divine calling to LEAD, TEACH and INSPIRE! Described as “God’s Designer Original”, she ignites her audiences with her captivating smile, intoxicating humor and boundless energy.

    As an Empowerment Specialist, Dr. Grant is a highly sought after inspirational speaker, trainer, life coach and mistress-of-ceremonies. The strategic focus of Dr. Grant’s Empowerment platform is executed through her Destiny Designers University®, Life Skills, Leadership and Professional Development training that will produce spiritual, mental, physical and financial balance in our lives. Her work empowers individuals to create behavioral shifts in their productivity that will enable them to identify and purge the distractions in their lives so they can use what God has already given them to take immediate ACTION on their goals and dreams. This work is supported through her media platform, workshop series, conference and upcoming book release. She has hosted the popular Monday Mid-Day Motivation show entitled “Create Your Own Luck with Stacie N.C. Grant” and the TV Pilot “Stacie NC Grant Live”.



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    Attitude of Gratitude Everyday and Guidance from the Angels

    in Spirituality

    Join Tina the day before Thanksgiving to connect to gratitiude.  The month of November is always centered around gratitude, but how do we keep this throughout the year?  Share in the conversation to strengthen this spiritual connection to live your best possible life. Phone lines will be open to discuss gratitude and for Angel Intuitive Readings. 


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    "CleftCast" ... When It's Tough To Be Thankful

    in Health

    First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all "CleftCast" listeners! Thanksgiving, obviously, is a holiday where giving thanks for what we all have in life is emphasized (far beyond those Christmas and holiday sales commercials on TV and radio). Yet it can be tough to feel or even be thankful if or when a child or young adult is going through serious complications -- either medically or emotionally -- because of their cleft or craniofacial anomaly. On this week's "CleftCast," host Joe Rutland talks a little about his own experiences with Thanksgivings gone by and offers a few words of encouragement for those not feeling that spice of gratitiude and joy on this holiday. Download "CleftCast" at iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. Every minute counts ... and you are loved.

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    The Secrets of Prayer

    in Spirituality

    When we pray we are connecting to a source of creative energy greater than ourselves.  Understanding the secrets of successful prayer as practiced by individuals such as King David and even Jesus, can mean all the difference in how our prayers are answered.. 

    Prayer opens us to opportunities, experiences and a deeper connection to life. Within prayer there are messages that hold codes and energies that raise our understanding and open us to greater beliefs.  Through prayer we can experience gratitiude and greatfulness and gain an awareness that we are much greater than just a physical being, where we can gain an understanding of our connectiveness to God.

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    Giving Thanks equals Gratitiude

    in Spirituality

    Join Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm and Rev. Debb Hartsorn for prayer and meditaion. A spiritual and metaphysical forurm for preperation for ascension.

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    What are YOU Grateful for Today?

    in Lifestyle

    What are you GRATEFUL for TODAY?  I Agree with the following statement: "When you Know Better, You Do Better". . .

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    The Gratitude Attitude

    in Self Help

    With Thanksgiving fast approaching, Janet and Laura challenge listeners to foster a gratitude attitude for the entire month! How can gratitude enhance your life? What limiting beliefs are holding you back--keeping you living a life less than what you imagined? Let them infuse you with the truly transformative power of gratitude with some tricks and tools from Laura's TeleCourse by the same name. Additionally the Tarot Bitches will take some questions pertaining to topic, so call in or join in chat!

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    Dove Style Magazine Inspires With Lisa Dove Washington

    in Lifestyle

    Empower, enlighten, and inspire are the words that grace the cover of Dove Style Magazine's website. Lisa Dove Washington is the publisher and founder of this influential magazine that offers Career, Health, Fashion, Entertainment, and Family to name a few.   Lisa will reflect on her humble beginnings and what ignited this passion to enlighten others on having a well-balanced life and appreciate the blessing that surround us daily.  Chime in and join us live on out chat!

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    Expressions of gratitiude

    in Spirituality

    Minister Marrian discusses gratitude and opens the lines for callers and listeners JOIN THE discussion tonight  646-378-1155

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    Nic Askew - Soul Biographies

    in Film

    Soul Biographies is about being truly seen. For when we are, the world changes. 
    Nic Askew's films are of the courageous, and for the courageous. It's an act of bravery, and of immense trust to sit in front of such a revealing camera not knowing what might come. For the courageous - it's a similar act of bravery to pay attention to another who is most likely to challenge your world. 
    Nic's black and whiteHuman Portraits examine the depth of qualities such as happiness, purpose, loss, loneliness, courage, and gratitiude. And the more worldly subjects such as transformation in leadership, education, healthcare, business and poverty. 
    New human portraits are emailed out to a large, loyal, curious and influential tribe each Monday since 2005. 

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