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    Conscious Youth Global Network: Artistic Expression

    in Youth

    Listen in to Conscious Youth Global Network Radio as we discuss, "Artistic Expression: Why is it important ? ", along with CYGN Youth Council Member and guest host Nayali Lopez-Spears, we explore the perspectives of two incredible artists of Mixed-Media and Hip-Hop. Energy Ausar and Image (aka Ryan) gives us a bold and introspective view into how society contributes to the inspiration behind the art. 

    Image R. Bolton is a mixed media artist who has spent over 7 years sharing his gifts by teaching art to children in urban schools across Los Angeles, utilizing “upcycled” materials actively in the curriculum. Currently, Image is attending Otis School of Art and Design to expand his craft, while creating art, growing his business, and experiencing more life. His business is Perpetual Design Labs, which a creative contracting company also known as a design house.

    NnerG Asar is a 'self-styled hood dignitary. The Tall graceful brother is a Tutsi descendant who grew up here in America. He is a independent scholar, teacher, community activist, author, musician and dedicated husband and father. NnerG (pronounced Energy) currently runs the "House of Annu" Research Center and Society for the Remembrance of the Legacy of the Earths first Civilizers...Anu. He is also a charted formal International Member of the AKF (Afrakan Kingdoms Federation head by Her Imperial Majesty Queen of Sheba II) He can be contacted at: 310-988-3659 or thehouseofannu@yahoo.com. 

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    Youth and Peer Pressure

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    Join Eric Komoroff (www.communityofunity.org) and Dr. Jason Stein (iRyze.com) in a discussion about today's youth and helping them deal with peer pressure. From what they want to wear, which technology they ask permission to use, or what activities they want to be part of, our children's behavior is many times a reflection of the influences and pressures that come from their peer group. How to balance these with parental controls, which battles to choice, and when to draw the line are some of what will be discussed in this episode. 

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    Meet Light of Christ Youth Ministry

    in Christianity

    Light of Christ Chuch in Northeastern Pennsylvania is a truly special house of worship.  We are radically devoted to Christ, irrevocably committed to one another and relentlessly dedicated to reaching the children of God.  In this introductory radio show, come meet our Senior Pastor, Patricia Lee and hear of the many ministries that are changng lives by spreading the word of our Lord.  Brought to you by the Youth Ministry, our radio hosts Anthony & Julia will speak with our Pastor to share the unique and wonderful programs at our church and our vision for the future.


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    Conscious Youth Global Network: Conscious Lifestyles

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    Listen in as two dynamic youth, Malcolm Concept, a producer, and SYOR (pronounced Sire), rap artist, share their perspective on what today's youth are up against in their attempt to live conscious lifestyles. In addition to the interview, SYOR performs live in the studio with a track produced by Concept! Hear what these creative youth have to say on Conscious Youth Global Network network Radio.

    Malcolm concept is a EDM hip-hop artist, producer, and DJ from Los Angeles, California. He has collaborate and produced with notable Indy artist such as G-Easy and has produced material for one of Kanye West's artist Big Sean. Concept has created a EDM demo titled "Welcome to Future" and also has a collection of songs that he has recorded.

    SYOR aka Shaping Your Own Reality, is from the streets of Los Angeles, CA.  At the age of 24 he has and is shaping a brand new sound for the west coast genre and the rest of the world to enjoy. His latest work, "SUBS UP Vol. 1" is coming soon.   Check out SYOR at wingedsubmarine.com, and Concept on YouTube at: tydanproductions.

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    Youth and Graduating High School

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    Join co-hosts Dr Jason Stein (iRyse.com) and Eric Komoroff (www.communityofunity.org) as they explore the developmental markers for adolescents becoming adults.What are the signs that a child is becoming an adult? Is graduation from high school just a rite of passage or does it really signify something more important? Turning 18 is the mythical age of freedom, but in reality there is a significant increase in responsibility. These are just a few points which will be discussed in this episode.

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    Youth and Forming Good Habits

    in Parents

    Join Eric Komoroff (www.communityofunity.org) and Dr. Jason Stein (iRyze.com) in a discussion about today's youth and helping them form good habits. Habits can help or hinder success in school and in life. Forming positive habits will more likely result in getting more sleep, maintaining better health and weight, managing the obsessions with their devices, or finishing homework and studying for tests more successfully. 

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    Grassroots Activism

    in Education

    Join us as we welcome "Spook" Martez Files and "Nat Turner" Divine Mind Friday as we discuss Grassroots Activism. This is one show you dont wanna miss....We dont do mediocre shows.......These brothers gonna be bringing that fire !

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    Economic Collapse A Growing Global Threat with Todd Bubba Horwitz

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    PLEASE SHARE Episode #317: Renouned Economist Todd Bubba Horwitz will walk us through the maze of the current global recession.

    Todd began his trading career in 1980 at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He traded in many pits including BMY, IBM, and many other equities. Todd was one of the original traders in the OEX and is a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exhange.

    Todd then continued to trade electronically while developing other businesses including manufacturing and marketing products for chain stores: Walmart, Sears and many others.

    From 2002 – present day, Todd is a member of Chicago Board of Trade.

    He joined CWS trading in 2004 as managing director and CFO. CWS is a boutique proprietary trading firm that specializes in index, futures, options and spreading. Todd Bubba Horwitz was recently honored as the opening bell ringer at the New York Stock Exchange. www.averagejoeoptions.com 

    Listen and learn from this lively, high energy, entertaining informative show on how to protect your portfolio and aquire peace of mind during current threats to our econonmy.  

    Call in ask questions: (646) 652-4667

    When: 4:00 PM (Pacific) Saturday, May 16, 2015.

    Voices of Global Freedom archives:



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    Youth and Raising an Atypical Child

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    Join co-hosts Eric Komoroff (www.communityofunity.org) and Dr. Jason Stein (iRyze.com) as they discuss the important issue of raising the atypical child. The hosts will be joined by Rita Eichenstein, PhD, who was penned a guide for parents who are struggling with their ‘atypical’ child; be it ADHD, Autism, a learning disability or any other diagnosis.  Dr. Eichenstein, a clinical psychologist, notes that the tendency to just focus on the child’s well being is only half the journey; because much of the child’s ultimate mental well being rests largely on the well-being of the parents and she provides tools and understanding to help parents work through the often discouraging process of raising a child with any type of difference.  If you are a parent who wants help in coping with the challenges of raising an atypical child, or a professional who wants to get a better idea of how better to understand the parents of the children they work with, listen to these childcare experts talk about the issues.

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